New And Final Album Announced By Thy Serpent’s Cult

On October 27th, Ordo MCM is proud to present the third and final album of Thy Serpent’s Cult, “Supremacy of Chaos.”

Hailing from the cult metal hotbed of Chile, Thy Serpent’s Cult have been a veritable force of nature for nearly 10 years. Forming in 2008, and now gracefully bowing out on a high note, the quartet has skillfully crafted a scorching firestorm of a sound lo these many years, marrying the sulfurous atmosphere of ancient South American black metal to the jackhammering militancy of classic Krisiun, Deicide, and Angelcorpse. Thy Serpent’s Cult released the second album in 2014 under the banner of Ordo MCM. Fittingly titled “Sedition, Sorcery and Blasphemy,” it was a whirlwind of darkness and dread, and was suitably hailed in the underground.

But now, sensing the end was nigh, Thy Serpent’s Cult unleash the foulest and most dread energies with “Supremacy of Chaos.” Once again fittingly titled, “Supremacy of Chaos” reaps a hellish harvest of tornado-torn death metal, deeply and diabolically suffused with a tangibly occult aura. Here, Thy Serpent’s Cult span all their trademark traits – martial surge, swirling vortex, boiling pressure – and send them deeper into the bowels of Hell. The title “Supremacy of Chaos” is telling, in that the band do indeed hail the supreme powers of chaos; and yet, in other ways, their songwriting is strict and finessed and hardly a chaotic thing. Nevertheless, with a production that ably balances the blood-red raw and robustly professional, Thy Serpent’s Cult smother the senses with an overwhelming onslaught, thereby instilling a sensation of imminent chaos.

And as its last notes ring out, “Supremacy of Chaos” seals the coffin on Thy Serpent’s Cult and preserves a legacy that will remain untarnished. Hail the old gods!

In the leadup to the album’s release, a special lyric video for “Into the Depths of Hell” can be viewed below. Cover and track listing are as follows:

1. Supremacy of Chaos
2. Diabolic Force
3. The Goddess of the Lust
4. Into the Depths of Hell
5. Pedophilac Priest
6. Apocalyptic Horse of War
7. Endless Hate
8. Satanic Rites of Blood
9. Real of Satan
10. Necrophago
11. Leviathan

Check out “Into the Depths of Hell” here:

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Possession Announces “Anneliese” EP

Iron Bonehead Productions – in cooperation with Invictus Productions – set April 12th as the international release date for Possession’s “Anneliese.” The following press release was issued about the album:

“Following on from last year’s critically acclaimed ‘His Best Deceit’ demo, Belgian black/death cult Possession returns with a highly anticipated 7″ EP, cryptically titled Anneliese. Fans and critics worldwide thrilled to the feral, bloodlusting violence across His Best Deceit, but here on the two-song Anneliese 7”, Possession boldly prove that their diabolic force extends into more haunting realms.

“No less hysteric, the reined-in thrust on these two tracks pounds ‘n’ plods into the most fucked-up dungeon mortal ears will hear. Less a statement of ‘heavy metal’ and more a ritual of unspeakable horror, Anneliese shows that POSSESSION are just beginning to stoke the hellfires of immortality…”

The track listing is as follows:

Side A – Anneliese
Side B – Apparition

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