Knightmare Working On New Album To Release In 2015

After the success of debut album “In Death’s Shadow” back in 2012 and the recent recruitment of new drummer Dave Allen, Melbourne atmospheric metal band Knightmare has commenced writing and recording for a follow-up album, set for release through Metalapolis records in 2015. Knightmare comments:

“The upcoming album will retain the sweeping soundscape of the first whilst introducing a heavier, more powerful sound that will appeal to fans of both traditional and brutal metal alike. In 2015, Knightmare will once again produce an album that can be enjoyed both for its endless detail as well as the chunky metal riffs at its forefront.

“In 2014, ‘In Death’s Shadow’ was described as ‘the soundtrack to Scandinavian killing fields’ and a ‘widescreen vision of their conception.’ The new album will see this standard not only met but built upon.”

Further info on the release next year is still forthcoming.

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