Prezir Debuts Full-Album Stream Of Brand New EP “Contempt”

Milwaukee’s Prezir debuts the full-album stream of the band’s brand new EP “Contempt”, out now via Bandcamp. Featuring guitarist/bassist Rory Heikkila (Shroud of Despondency), vocalist/lyricist Luka Djordjevic (Khazaddum), and drummer Brian Serzynski (Pigs Blood), “Contempt” is an iniquitous and undeniably feral blend of death, black, and thrash metal with influences inclusive of early Emperor, early Enslaved, Grand Belial’s Key, Arghoslent, Morbid Angel, Deicide, and Destroyer 666.

Check out now “Contempt” in its entirety below.

Contempt by Prezir

Drums on Contempt were tracked by Dan Klein at Iron Hand Audio. Everything else as recorded and produced by the band in 2017. Mixing by Rory Heikkila.

Track Listing:

1. How God Loves
2. Devotee Decree
3. Holy Men of Putridity
4. The Legend of the Five Suns
5. Dar al-Harb
6. Serpents in the House of Ra

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Scordatura Premieres Full-Album Stream Of Brand New Album “Self-Created Abyss”

Scottish death metal unit Scordatura premieres the full-album stream of the band’s brand new album “Self-Created Abyss”, out in stores now through Gore House Productions. The album was recorded by Rory Doherty at Crushed Ruby Studios and mixed/mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studios (Sinister, Obscenity, Despondency) in Rhauderfehn, Germany. The album also includes a guest appearance by Danny Nelson (Malignancy). The cover art was created by Pär Olofsson.

Check out now “Self-Created Abyss” in its entirety below.

Self-Created Abyss by Scordatura

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Blotum Streaming “Eternal Despondency”

Swedish black metal outfit Blotum has released a demo album online titled “Eternal Despondency,” which is now available for streaming.

Give it a listen in the player below or over at Bandcamp here. The track listing is as follows:

1. Intro 02:12
2. Weaken My Essential Craving for Life 07:58
3. My Final Cry 08:36
4. Left to Rot 08:52

Eternal Despondency by Blotum

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Shroud Of Despondency Added To NYDM 5-State Spring Bash III

Wisconsin-based black metal outfit Shroud Of Despondency has been added to the NYDM 5-State Spring Bash III, which is set to take place April 6th & 7th at On The Limiter in Cudahy, WI. Shroud Of Despondency will join the likes of Cianide, Cardiac Arrest, Impaler, Blood Feast, Absconder, Burial Ritual and many more. For more info, visit this location. Shroud Of Despondency is scheduled to perform on Saturday, April 7th at 10:05 PM. Erik Stenglein from Milwaukee’s Northless will be filling in on drums for the band.


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Shroud Of Despondency Streaming "Pine"

Dark Wisconsin black metallers Shroud of Despondency will be releasing their new CD “Pine” on March 1st. The digital version is already out and may be streamed below. “Pine” consists of eleven tracks, and those who officially download the album will get a bonus disc from Shroud of Despondency titled “Cavalcade of Crows.”

Pine by Shroud of Despondency

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