Loathfinder Streaming New EP “The Great Tired Ones”

The blackened doom newcomers from Loathfinder are presenting their debut EP “The Great Tired Ones” online today ahead of its official release at the end of April through Godz o War Productions.

“The Great Tired Ones” was mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg at Satanic Audio (Azarath, Thaw, Blaze of Perdition etc.). The stunning cover artwork was done by Robert A. von Ritter (Outre, Diabolizer, Witchmaster etc.) while the design and colours originated by Maciej Kamuda (Nekrofilth, Kingdom, Ectovoid).

Loathfinder will perform the band’s first ever live show on May 6th, 2017. The concert will be in support of German act Antlers at Kawiarnia Naukowa in Cracow, Poland and will also feature Silesian act Forge of Clouds as well as Rosk from Warsaw.

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Lacerta Announces New Self-Titled Album

Birthed in 2005, prior to the more-recent explosion of tech death, Lacerta paved the way for later-era tech death bands such as Beyond Creation and Archspire, finally releasing a debut effort entitled “Mind Processor” in 2010.

The album, produced by Psycroptic guitarist Joe Haley, combined brutality and brains, with over-arching sci fi themes as the perfect narrative to the clinical-yet-complex compositions.

In the time it would take an astronaut to circle the earth 38,000 times, Lacerta wrote and recorded that debut effort, toured with the likes of Psycroptic and Dreadnaught, and wrote and recorded a brand new sophomore effort.

This latest self-titled album contains eight tracks of death metal architecture that will certainly go on to inform a whole new journey of tech death into the furthest reaches of space. “Lacerta” will drop April 14th via CDN Records and features the following track listing:

1. Pillars Of Deceit
2. Grotesque Design
3. Hell To Pay
4. Incubation Of Tyrants
5. Void Of Shadows
6. Gargantua
7. Molecular Residue
8. Ambiguous Forms

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Godz Of War Productions Inks Deal With Loathfinder, Debut EP Details Revealed

Godz Ov War Productions is proud to present the blackened doom catacombs of Loathfinder’s debut EP, “The Great Tired Ones.” The EP will be released exclusively on CD in April 2017 (exact date TBA). The band is streaming the new song “Genetic Gloom” in the player below.

Mix and mastering for the EP were performed by Haldor Grunberg and Satanic Audio (Azarath, Thaw, Blaze Of Perdition). The cover artwork (shown below) was created by Robert A. von Ritter (Outre, Diabolizer, Witchmaster), with the design and colors by Maciej Kamuda (Nekrofilth, Kingdom, Ectovoid).

The track listing is as follows:

I. Genetic Gloom
II. Feast on my Entrails
III. Scents of Regression
IV. The Great Tired Ones

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Aevum Streaming Full New “Dischronia” Album

Hailing from Turin, Italy the 8-member symphonic metal band Aevum is now streaming brand new album “Dischronia” online in full. The album was release March 17th, 2017 via Maple Metal Records and can be heard below.

Comments the band: “We are glad and completely committed to share our music through the free streaming Thanks to Maple Metal Records that supports our project. Thanks to Alpha Omega Management that help us to spread our music and show around the world.”

New album “Dischronia” was recorded and produced at Aurora Recording Studio by Hannodamalj Production. The album was mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni (Vision Divine, Ancient Bards, ElvenKing) at Domination Studio, in the Republic of San Marino. Cover art was handled by Erick Vaghi (OneBlindEye Design).

1. Sturm Und Drang
2. Death Of The Virgin
3. The Vitruvian Condition
4. Winterreise
5. Beltade
6. Inner Fire
7. The Elements
8. Memento Mori
9. Lord Of Dreams
10. Inferno Blu
11. Sleeping Venus Tarantella
12. Aremu Rindineddha (Bonus Track)
13. The Elements (Eng Version – Bonus Track)

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Homewrecker Premieres New Video For “Prophet Liar” From Latest EP “Extinction By Design”

Homewrecker premieres a new music video for “Prophet Liar”, taken from the band’s latest EP “Extinction By Design”, out in stores now via Good Fight Entertainment. The clip features footage shot by hate5six.com and was edited by Dalton Edwards.

Check out now “Prophet Liar” below.

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New Album “Elliptic Orbits” Announced By Trilateral

Multi-dimensional progressive metal act Trilateral announced the new release “Elliptic Orbits.” The album drops independently on March 11th. A preview clip can be viewed in the player below.

Trilateral is a progressive metal band with influences as diverse as their music. A trinity of adept and nonconformist musicians, the band is not easily categorized into one simple genre, but that’s exactly what keeps hungry, forward-thinking metal fans interested in their unique sound. Although they integrate various fundamental elements of multiple genres and styles, Trilateral delivers neural depth without mercy to shatter audiences’ expectations of what modern prog metal is truly capable of.

With a unique blend of brutality and jazz-fusion, the band manages to create a vast soundscape within every track that is not typically associated with metal.

“Elliptic Orbits” was engineered and produced by Jacob Goose at Avalon Studios. It was mixed by Nigel Curley at Mindscape Studios and mastered by Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Studios. The logos were created by Nate Mitic of Cosmic Creative Design and the album’s artwork was created by Tom Hilborn.

The track listing for the album is:

1. Dividers of Infinity
2. Cloud Forest
3. Airlock
4. Celestial Bodies
5. Whalefall
6. Fountainhead
7. Nomad
8. Blessed Protagonist
9. Charon
10. Darkless
11. Arbitrarium
12. Convergence

Check out the preview clip here:

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New Lyric Video “Godforsaken” Available From Jaded Heart

Hard rock act Jaded Heart issued a new lyric video for the song “Godforsaken.” The song is lifted from the band’s latest and 13th album “Guilty By Design,” which was issued last year via Massacre Records.

Check out the clip here:

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Hexa Mera Unveils New Album “Enlightenment”

Belgian modern melodic death metal group Hexa Mera will release second full-length album, “Enlightenment,” on March 31st. The album was recorded at Empyrean Studio, mixed at OceanSide Studio by Ace Zec, and mastered at Fascination Street Studios By Jens Bogren.

The artwork the follow-up to 2014’s “Human Entropy” album was created by Colin Marks from Rain Song Design and can be seen below. Hexa Mera also comments on the coming “Enlightenment” album:

“The idea to use the age of enlightenment as theme for this album was forged right after we released our debut album ‘Human Entropy.’ The world was and still is spinning out of control: Extremists became a larger threat to our civilization, human and animal rights are being violated, political correctness is censoring the truth, media focusing on sales instead of news value, and so much more…

“The world never was a utopic place, but with the information we got, it seemed to become worse. We felt fear, disappointment, but most of all, we felt anger. Because we felt powerless, the only thing we could do was to speak out, and this is exactly what this album is about.”

The official “Enlightenment” release show will take place on April 1st at the renowned Nijdrop venue in Opwijk, Belgium and the new album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Empyrean
2. Anthropic Principle
3. Inhuman
4. Divide et Impera
5. Brotherhood
6. Dare to Know
7. Union
8. Archetype of Hate
9. Godless
10. This Bleeding
11. Enlightenment

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Lo-Pan Announces “In Tensions” EP Release

Lo-Pan’s fifth release, “In Tensions,” is a new five-song EP that sees the seasoned Columbus, Ohio unit continuing a blistering trajectory of building on the infectious, riff-filled grooves of 2014 full-length, “Colossus.”

The band’s first release on Brooklyn’s Aqualamb Records, “In Tensions” also marks the next stage in the band’s ever-evolving direction – anchored by the lead single “Go West,” an optimistic, sun-kissed, open highway anthem.

Regarding the song, singer Jeff Martin elaborates, “It’s about setting out to accomplish a goal and then having that goal change along the way. And ultimately realizing the new goal was better than what you wanted in the first place.”

A perfect rallying cry for action in uncertain times, Martin continues, “it’s also about getting out and doing something…. So keep moving forward. Keeping progressing. Keep evolving.”

Lo-Pan’s “In Tensions” will be released on 10-inch vinyl limited to 500 copies and accompanied by a one-hundred-page book featuring artwork by Chris Smith of Grey Aria Design as well tour diaries, flyers, and a complete collection lyrics from previous releases. The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Go West
2. Sink Or Swim
3. Long Live The King
4. Alexis
5. Pathfinder

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Oni Posts “Barn Burner” Xylosynth Playthrough Video

Technical progressive metal band Oni recently released heavy-hitting single “Barn Burner,” and today you can watch superhuman Xylosynth player Johnny D shred through the track – with two mallets in each hand.

Johnny D explains the design and sound of his unique instrument: “Everyone is always asking me at our shows, ‘what the hell is a Xylosynth?’ so I’m glad that our fans can finally see the instrument demonstrated clearly.

“It’s definitely built and played like a xylophone, but it’s essentially a traditional synthesizer which allows me to play with a wide range of sound options. Everything from solo/lead parts to more textured stuff, like when I’m riffing with the guitars. This ‘Barn Burner’ video is a really good example of what I bring to the table in Oni.”

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