Cadaveric Fumes Releasing “The Forsaken Triptych 2012 – 2016”

Today, Blood Harvest Records announces October 31st as the international release date for Cadaveric Fumes’ “The Forsaken Triptych 2012-2016” CD.

This special collection compiles all of the band’s recorded material to date, including 2012’s “Macabre Exaltation” demo (which Blood Harvest released on 12″ vinyl in 2013), 2014’s “Entwined in Sepulchral Darkness” split 12″ with Demonic Oath, and this year’s “Dimensions Obscure” release.

1. Macabre Exaltation
2. Vault of the Haunted Mist
3. Gravecrusher
4. Unspeakable Visions
5. Knowledge of the Ancient Ones
6. Aeon Of Scorn
7. Dreadful Remembrance
8. A Crepuscular Journey
9. Extatic Extirpation
10. Where Darkness Reigns Pristine
11. Swallowed Into Eternity

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Cadaveric Fumes Releasing New Album “Dimensions Obscure”

Always on the hunt for the freshest, most diseased sounds in death metal, Blood Harvest Records is proud to present Cadaveric Fumes’ debut mini-album, “Dimensions Obscure,” on May 2nd.

With a previous split release with Demonic Oath in 2014, Cadaveric Fumes showed that a French death metal uprising was at hand, and now with “Dimensions Obscure,” the group makes good on that bountiful potential. The track listing is as follows:

1. Crepuscular Journey
2. Extatic Extirpation
3. Where Darkness Reigns Pristine + Swallowed Into Eternity

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