Terror Debut New Song & Music Video “Spirit Of Sacrifice”

A new official music video for Terror‘s new track called “Spirit Of Sacrifice” has debuted online. The single is taken from the group’s seventh studio release “Total Retaliation“, out September 28th via Pure Noise.

Comments vocalist Scott Vogel of it:

“This is Terror 2018. This is who we are and how we live. This is our definition of Hardcore and the way we see this world for better and for worse.”

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Wolfheart Posts New Music Video “The Saw” Online

Finnish melodic death metal outfit Woifheart has posted a new video online for the song, “The Saw.” You can check it out below. The video is the second to come from their forthcoming fourth album, “Constellation of the Black Light,” which is scheduled to be released on September 28th through Napalm Records, following the previous single, “Breakwater.”

Tuomas Saukkonen about the video:
“Wanting to beat somebody up with brass knuckles attached to a sword covered with your own teeth you just pulled without a blink of an eye just to make it hurt more…that is the definition of Finnish SISU (will power strong as the iron mined from the bedrock of north.)”

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New Album “Terminal” Announced By Divinity Compromised, Title Song Available For Streaming

Chicago progressive metal act Divinity Compromised – featuring The Skull guitarist Lothar Keller on vocals – will release the sophomore album “Terminal” independently on July 28, 2017. The album is the follow up to the debut 2013 debut “A World Torn.”

The band released the opening and title track “Terminal,” which you can hear in the player below. The song features a guest appearance from Witch Mountain/Helion Prime vocalist Kayla Dixon.

“Terminal” features the following track listing:

1. Terminal
2. Shelter in Place
3. My Escape
4. The Definition of Insanity
5. The Last Refugee
6. Free to Speak
7. Legacy
8. The Fall of Æstoria
9. Saving Grace

Check out “Terminal” here:

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Merrimack Wields “Apophatic Weaponry” With New Song Stream

Merrimack is today revealing the first sinister song taken from forthcoming fifth full-length album “Omegaphilia,” which will be released on June 9th, 2017 via Season Of Mist. The pitch-black track “Apophatic Weaponry” can be heard below.

Merrimack comments: “For this song, as on the whole album, we wanted to come back to something more rooted in the 90’s. With a less complex structure, and a sound not as modern and claustrophobic as on our latest albums, ‘Apophatic Weaponry’ still has our characteristic moody atmosphere with some crawling mid-tempos riffs. This is especially noticeable on the second half of the track.

“Our lyrics are dealing with the special connection between beings and their faith, even though it is constructed on a void trying to fill in another vacant space of nothingness. The divine cannot be observed, demonstrated, except by its consequences. In the end, this is the definition of faith as opposed to reason. This concept of negative theology is a mystical approach towards the divine that attempts to describe it through the impossibility of describing it. Eckhart. Jacob Böhme and most of the German mystics tried to increase their faith with such notions.”

1. Cauterizing Cosmos
2. The Falsified Son
3. Apophatic Weaponry
4. Gutters of Pain
5. Sights in the Abysmal Lure
6. Cesspool Coronation
7. At the Vanguard of Deception

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Monolithe Releasing New Album “Zeta Reticuli”

Monolithe continues a fascinating musical journey with new album “Zeta Reticuli,” which is part two of the “Epsilon Aurigae” series and is due to drop July 8th via Debemur Morti Productions. The label comments:

“On this new colossal opus, the band – more powerful than ever – transposes the bold, exploratory approach of greats such as Magma or Univers Zero into the mystical universe of cosmic heavy music. ‘Zeta Reticuli’ is a monster: a stellar explosion of sound and emotion powered by a massive groove and avalanches of overwhelming riffs.

“Simultaneously epic, grandiose, melodic and deadly heavy, ‘Zeta Reticuli’ expands the definition of doom metal in a sublime refinement and reinvention of Monlithe’s history. Mesmerizing and fascinating from beginning to end, this brilliant new album is undoubtedly the magnum opus of this incredibly unique band.”

1. Ecumenopolis
2. TMA-1
3. The Barren Depths

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Numenorean Announces New Album “Home”

Numenorean’s forthcoming full-length debut, “Home,” will be released on July 22nd by Season of Mist.

“Home” was recorded by Numenorean vocalist/guitarist Byron Lemley and Alex Kurth in Calgary, and mixed as well as mastered by Josh Schroeder (Ghost Bath, Battlecross, KING 810) at Random Awesome! Recording Studios in Michigan.

Regarding “Home,” guitarist / vocalist Byron Lemley comments on behalf of the band: “This album is an exploration and journey into some of the deepest human emotions we have. While it does offer hope and solace along the way, it ultimately never recovers.”

Engineer Josh Schroeder adds: “Numenorean’s sound reminds me of a dark, distant memory of falling from a great height. I am always looking to challenge the way I approach records, and no better way than to work with artists like NumenoreanN who are challenging the definition of black metal.”

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Violence In Ascension Signs With Unable Records

Violence In Ascension just issued the following announcement about working on a new album and signing with Unable Records:

“2015 has been a year of preparing the new album by writing the tracks as well as the lyrics. Equally we did not fall short of traveling and playing shows both locally and up and down I-95 with some terrific bands. With any band, we made some business changes along the way for what we felt was in the best interests of the project. There are several things still being worked out administratively for us and we will release that moving forward.

“Regarding Unable Records, we are extremely excited to be working with them and have laid out some recording dates to get started. So for 2016, we kick off a show Jan 1 at Bar XIII and in studio Jan 2 at 0x1 Sound Studio in Cherry Hill. Other dates are also secured. We cant express enough our gratitude for Unable Music Group and our fans who continue to believe in us. We have many things to share in 2016 and hope to see you all.”

Unable Records also issued this press release: “In the ultimate case of saving-the-best-for-last, Unable Records has rocked the American metal scene on the final day of the year. Violence in Ascension, the veteran metal band also known as VIA, has just inked a one album deal with Unable Records, a division of the Unable Music Group. The agreement calls for a full-length album, likely consisting of 10 brand new original songs, to be released later in 2016.

“VIA, who recently adopted their long-form name Violence in Ascension, are a well established staple in the East Coast metal scene. Since early 2012, VIA has released both an EP and a full-length album; the latter (From the Ashes – 2014) while signed to the North Carolina heavy metal label Dark Harvest Records. During that time the band has played a relentless show schedule, hitting stages from South Carolina to New York And as far west as Ohio, where they played the main stage for fans at Cleveland’s famed Rockapalooza. VIA has shared the stage with notable bands such as Texas in July, Attack! Attack! and The Devil Wears Prada.

“For the crew at Unable Records, VIA represents a breath of fresh air; a band that not only packs an unbelievable amount of raw talent, but backs it up with unmatched dedication and persistence. They are the definition of what it means to never give up, and Unable Records is proud to now call them part of the family. The new album, and the extensive tour schedule that will undoubtedly follow, will embody that heart, that dedication, that character. Metal fans should expect nothing short of a masterpiece – a masterpiece that exudes energy, confidence, charisma and attitude.

“If speed is any indication of the excitement behind this project, Unable Records and VIA must be through the roof. Fans won’t have long to wait for results, as the band’s tracking sessions have already been booked – for January 2016! The album will be recorded, mixed and produced by the well known engineer/producer Jason Ruch, at Unable Music Group’s 0x1 Sound Studio in Cherry Hill, NJ. Mastering will be performed by James Forbes (Metal Blade, Roadrunner, Warner Bros., Sony) of Vortex Music Productions in Clearwater, FL. The album will be released, distributed and promoted worldwide by Unable Records, in both digital and CD formats. Metal fans the world over are about to learn about struggle, sacrifice and perseverance – about Violence in Ascension. In mid-2016, VIA will ascend.”

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Chris Broderick Discusses Leaving Megadeth, Forming Act Of Defiance

In a new interview with Guitar World, Chris Broderick discusses leaving Megadeth behind (along with Shawn Drover) and forming new band Act of Defiance. Excerpts from the interview follow.

GW: Was there a dress code in Megadeth?

There definitely was a dress code that he wanted to maintain for a Megadeth look. For me, with everything in this camp, I saw very early on that Dave is the owner of the company and he is the one that has the right to say how the company is presented and how it should look. The only time we had any issues was when I didn’t know a specific thing about how he wanted my appearance to be, and then I would find out as we went along. I saw it very early on as a job requirement and I felt that if the job is worth it to me then I would make those changes.

GW: Had you considered leaving the band in the past?

I was constantly weighing the positives against the negatives. I likened it to a lawyer that’s working for a firm and finally wants to break out and start his own firm or a chef that wants to open up his own restaurant. You have to deal with the corporate mannerisms from the company you’re working for. And once it gets to a point where you feel like you would be happier on your own, that’s when you finally to cut the cord. I had been thinking about what to do for a long time, but up until I decided to leave, I always felt the positives outweighed the negatives.

GW: When did that balance tip?

Not until the last quarter of 2014. I was dwelling on my lack of musical creativity in the band. Dave was getting ready to go in and do another CD and my heart just wasn’t in it because I knew I wasn’t going to have any artistic say in the definition of the album and the music. He was calling saying, “Hey, I want to get you guys down there.” The last thing I wanted to do was go down there and work on a partial CD and then say, “Hey, this isn’t for me.” It was just the right time to leave.

Act Of Defiance’s debut full-length album “Birth and The Burial” is set for an August 21st release via Metal Blade Records.

Megadeth meanwhile has continued on with Kiko Louriero (Angra) on guitars and guest drummer Chris Adler and will soon reveal full details on a new album to follow “Super Collider.”

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Preview Clip For New DVD “In The Line Of Fire” Posted By DragonForce

U.K. power metal act DragonForce released a preview clip for the upcoming debut DVD release “In the Line of Fire.” The live DVD/CD/Blu-ray release is expected July 10th via earMusic.

The DVD was shot in High Definition during the bands ultimate stage headline show at 2014’s Loud Park Festival at the Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo, Japan. It features nine camera angles to capture the raw energy of their show and instrumental dexterity for which they are rightly celebrated worldwide.

Guitarist Herman Li explains: “We always held the opinion that if we ever did a DVD we wanted to do it properly. Now, having released six studio albums we thought we had a great cross section of material to pick from and we knew the facilities at Loud Park made it a great place to film a show. Everything just came together and we’re very pleased with the results and hope the fans will be also”.

The track listing below features a mixture of new songs from the latest album “Maximum Overload” mixed in with foot stomping anthems and lightning fast shred-fests from previous releases.

1. Fury of the Storm
2. Three Hammers (streaming here)
3. Black Winter Night
4. Tomorrow’s Kings
5. Seasons
6. Symphony of the Night
7. Cry Thunder
8. Ring of Fire
9. Through the Fire and the Flames
10. Valley of the Damned

Check out the clip here:

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Black Cilice Releasing New Album “Mysteries”

Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present the third LP of Black Cilice, titled “Mysteries,” which will drop January 30th, 2015. Iron Bonehead comments:

“Truly embodying the definition of ‘underground,’ Portugal’s Black Cilice has lurked in the shadows the past five years – or perhaps even longer, as the one-man band’s history is as mysterious as he is elusive – releasing a slew of demos and splits, all eventually culminating in two impossibly-rare albums.

“Dedicated to the ancient ways, Black Cilice has now teamed up with Iron Bonehead, who’s long maintained the vinyl aesthetic, to release arguably the man’s best record, Mysteries. A wave of rawness greets the wary listener, surging second-wave black metal to the bone, but underneath those layers of filth ‘n’ fatalism lies a melancholic majesty that’s truly a splendor to behold. Some could even qualify Mysteries as ‘beautiful’ – if that beauty was bespoiled for centuries in a cold, cobwebbed castle.

“Intractably black metal, we find here that ‘purism’ need not be shorthand for a dearth of ideas: Black Cilice twists the anachronisms of classic black metal into ageless, endlessly spellbinding forms, each undulating wave lapping back against the other to utterly hypnotizing effect. Medieval madness awaits within these otherworldly Mysteries…”

1. To Become
2. Into Morbid Trance
3. The Truth
4. Ceremonial Energy
5. A Prayer from Beyond
6. From the Long Forgotten Past

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