Blackwolfgoat Streaming New Track “Notausgang”

Progressive drone project Blackwolfgoat is the solo vessel of guitarist Darryl Shepard (Black Pyramid, The Scimitar, Hackman, Milligram, Roadsaw) specializing in looped guitar movements, building and layering upon each other to create compositions of dense distortion and delicate lines, as well as purely ambient pieces.

Shepard’s Blackwolfgoat will unleash a brand new full-length entitled “Drone Maintenance” on August 26th via Small Stone. As a precursor to its unveiling, Cvlt Nation is currently streaming second track, “Notausgang.” Give it a listen below.

Comments Shepard: “‘Notausgang’ is a psychedelic guitar freak-out, definitely different from anything Blackwolfgoat has done before. It was inspired by bands like Guru Guru and Ash Ra Tempel, German bands from the late ‘60s and early ‘70s who had lots of crazy guitar stuff going on in their songs. And Jimi Hendrix too, there’s definitely some Hendrix influence in there as well. It’s basically just a straight up guitar freak-out.”

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Chuck Billy Talks About New LP "The Dark Roots Of Earth"

Lithium Magazine conducted a recent interview with vocalist Chuck Billy about the upcoming Testament LP “The Dark Roots of Earth.” When asked about the record, Billy stated: “We’re actually in the studio recording, we came out just [to play at the Heavy T.O. festival in Toronto, Ontario, Canada] and then we’re going right back Monday to finish. Right now we’re at the point where all the drums are done and all the rhythm guitars are done. Next week we’re going to start bass, vocals and lead guitar.”

Billy went on to say that the album will contain ten songs. When asked about what can be expected, Billy said “[w]ith this one we kind of wrote, I wouldn’t say a ballad, but something a little slower; we’ve got one of those on this record. Eric’s [Peterson, guitar] always written some really strong ballads for the band, or whatever you want to call them. There’s some other stuff, there’s definitely some songs that are the fastest we’ve ever played, there’s some mid-tempo, there’s a little bit of everything on there. It’s definitely Testament, but we never try to do the same record twice. There are some good hooks on it.”

Billy also commented on the writing process on the new LP, stating “[t]his year Alex came in and worked with Eric for weeks all day, all night arranging, contributing parts and he’s on a lot more on this record. I think Eric felt like he was writing “The New Order” record, because Alex is really good at taking what Eric’s doing and interpreting it to what he does, too. It seemed to work. It’s going to be a good record and it’s going to be a different record.”

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