Silent Planet Releasing New Album “The Night God Slept”

Silent Planet will release “The Night God Slept” via Solid State Records on November 10th. Garrett Russell, vocalist of the Los Angeles based sextet, comments:

“There is a constant discussion between those who study theosophy (the philosophy dealing with the nature of divinity) about if there is a God, how can God allow so much evil to happen? Writers throughout time have suggested, in poetic terms, that the state of universal chaos and moral entropy leaves us only to assume that God may have simply ‘fallen asleep.'”

Lyrically, Russell (a self-professed history nerd who holds a Master’s Degree in clinical psychology) acts like a theosophist who seeks to understand the bonds that unite humanity and the divine. On “The Night God Slept” and the previously released “Lastsleep (1944-1946)” EP the main lyrical thrust is songs told through the eyes of women protagonists throughout history.

Spanning from the dawn of time (“First Mother Lillith”) to the bombing of Hiroshima Japan (“Darkstrand Hibakusha”) to the modern day crisis of Sex trafficking in America (“XX City Grave”), the validity of these tales are reinforced by Russell’s choice to add source footnotes that further the literary experience of the album by citing historical and literary references.

Speaking on this direction Russell says, “We see a lot of cultural misogyny in music, certainly in heavy music. Women in heavy music are caught in a binary – they are either written as a ‘good’ moral, ideal woman or a ‘bad’ sinful, tempting woman – but almost never written from their own perspective. What links all of the women in our songs is that they ultimately have to make difficult decisions under the systemic oppression of their coercive ruling forces. Forces which include government, authority figures and the society they live in.”

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