Harakiri Auditioning Singers

HARAKIRI has begun auditioning replacements for
singer Matt Reese, who left the band in January. The group has
issued the following update:

“The search for a new vocalist is on. We’ve started the audition
process. We have some good candidates for sure. We’re hoping to
wrap this up fairly soon so if anyone out there, who hasn’t
contacted us already, is still interested in trying out get with us
asap. Or if you inquired about it but we didn’t get back to you,
message us again. Things were getting hectic there for a second and
I am afraid some emails may have been missed.

We are steadily progressing on the writing of the songs for the new
album (musically that is). We pretty much finished up another new
one yesterday. We’re anxious to get all this done and hit the
studio and play some shows.

Anyway, we’re alive and trying to push this forward as fast as we
can. Once a vocalist is decided upon we’ll throw up a demo track

Harakiri Auditioning Singers

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