New Single And Video Clip “Your Life Deleted” Posted By Endrah

Brazilian death metal/hardcore act Endrah issued the new single “Your Life Deleted” via a music video clip you can check out in the player below.

The band commented: “It is with great satisfaction that we present to you our new single ‘Your Life Deleted.’ Produced by Tiago Guest, this song marks a new era of the band with the debut of drummer Henrique Pucci, former member of the bands Paura and Project46.”

Check out the clip here:

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Nocturnal Graves To Reissue Debut Album, “Satan’s Cross”

Australian death metal band Nocturnal Graves, featuring current and former members of Denouncement Pyre, Destroyer 666, Toxic Holocaust, and more, announced the reissue of their debut album, “Satan’s Cross.” The new edition of “Satan’s Cross” features cover art from renowned painter Paolo Girardi (Inquisition, Hierophant, and many more) and the album’s 5 track pre-production demos.

The deluxe reissue of “Satan’s Cross” will be released on CD and a limited LP + 10″ mini LP set on December 8. Pre-orders are available at the Season of Mist E-Shop.

The expanded track listing for “Satan’s Cross” is as follows:

1. Aggressive Exterminator
2. Rotten Cremation
3. Skullthrone
4. Whore of Sodom
5. Nocturnal Maniac
6. When the Demons Feast
7. The Pestilence Crucified
8. Satan’s Cross
9. Nocturnal Maniac (demo)
10. Whore of Sodom (demo)
11. Skullthrone (demo)
12. Rotten Cremation (demo)
13. When the Demons Feast (demo)

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Lyric Video For New Song “Headshot” Posted By Torchia

Finnish melodic death metal act Torchia released a lyric video for the new song “Headhot.” The song appears on the debut album “Of Curses and Grief,” which is set to drop on October 27th via Concorde Music Company.

The track listing for “Of Curses and Grief” is:

2. Face Of Hate
3. Shame
4. Fury (see video clip here)
5. My Land Shall Burn
6. Headshot
7. Ending Beginning
8. Light My Path
9. Wish For More
10. Dark And Cold

Check out “Headshot” here:

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New Music Video “In The Name Of Love” Posted By Lloth

Greek melodic black metal act Lloth issued a new video clip for the song “In the Name of Love (Sacrifice).” The song appears on the debut album “Athanati,” which was issued via Sleaszy Rider Records back on August 10th.

“In the Name Of Love (Sacrifice)” features guest vocals by Efthimis Karadimas (Nightfall, The Slayerking). Check it out here:

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Debut Album “Escatology” Streaming In Full From Pile Of Excrements

Greek death/thrash act Pile Of Excrements is streaming the debut album “Escatology” in full over at No Clean Singing at this location, or just simply in the player below. The album shits out on October 23rd via Memento Mori.

Hailing from Athens, Greece, Pile of Excrements was crapped into existence when drummer Shit Eater (Necrovorous, Embrace of Thorns, Chainsaw) joined forces with guitar/bass-player and vocalist Necropervert (Nightbreed, Chainsaw) with the vile intention of delighting the listener with the aural equivalent of the nauseating stench of one hundred drains clogged with foul-smelling turds and urine. And as the title of their debut album promises, “Escatology” is exactly that!

Pile of Excrements pile high the punk rockin’ hooks so crucial to early death metal – that is, the original template laid out by the aforementioned masters – and keep the crush coming. It’s 15 almost-anthems in a tight ‘n’ taut 40 minutes, but it’s not all short/sharp/shocked: on the six-minute “Cult of the Unibrow,” the duo go relatively epic whilst keeping the emphasis on the filth…where it should be!

The track listing for the album is:

1. Bowel Rampage
2. Miasma Cuming Embalming Fluids
3. Made in Chernobyl
4. Hooker with a Hook
5. Graveyard Delicatessen
6. Leper Orgy
7. Escatology
8. Silent but Deadly
9. Yellow Front, Brown Back
10. Minestrone
11. Cult of the Unibrow
12. Skourkos the Polluter
13. Buttfucked by Giant Cockroach
14. Human Compost
15. Tourette Aggressor

Check out the album here:

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New Song “The Stream” Available From Paragon Collapse

Iasi, Romania based ensemble Paragon Collapse released the new song “The Stream.” The song will appear on the debut full-length album “The Dawning,” which is coming soon in collaboration with Loud Rage Music. The release date, artwork and full track list are yet to be announced and more information is expected soon.

Recently, the band issued the first single “The Endless Dream,” which is available over here. Check out “The Stream” here:

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Details Of Debut Album Posted By Boson, New Single “Mass Of The Phoenix” Streaming

Minneapolis bred sludge-metal band Boson will release the debut full-length album “Domain of Ember” on November 3rd via Anxious & Angry Records. Today, the band has partnered with to premiere the album’s first new track, “Mass of the Phoenix,” which you can check out at this location, or simply follow the article down to its climax and explode to the new song in the player there.

Guitarist/Vocalist, Jim Adolphson talks about the new song: “This song was one of the last tracks that we worked on before entering into the studio and by far had some of the most intense energy when writing it. It took a few months to come to what became the final draft of “Mass of the Phoenix” because we kept running into roadblocks in matching the vibe of the main riff. Once the final version came to be, it seemed like the lyrical content just kind of presented itself in a weird way to me. I have always been pulled in by occultism, especially occult rituals that required death and mutilation.

“I was reading ‘The Book of Lies’ at the time and came across this ritual that involved the participant eating what was called ‘The Cake of Light.’ The cake included bodily fluids and required the participant to cut their chest and use their own blood as one of the ingredients. From a lyrical standpoint, I used the ritual as sort of a meditation of releasing negative emotions in the darkest and most vile way possible. This particular ritual seemed to be the most appropriate vessel.

“When it came time to decide on possible vocal ideas, Chase Mason from Gatecreeper came to mind immediately. His voice is so fucking nasty and heavy sounding that I felt he would be the perfect fit to tie up the end of the song as a layer alongside my voice. He nailed the part, and absolutely made the ending so much heavier than I could have done by myself. ‘Mass of the Phoenix’ is one of the tracks I am most proud of on ‘Domain of Ember.’”

With “Domain Of Ember,” Boson has made its entry into the metal scene armed with massive, sludging-riffs and searing, intense vocals. Melding elements of atmospheric post-metal, doom-metal and hardcore, the band wields a monstrous sound that finds a unique balance between melody and cacophony.

Adolphson adds: “We started Boson so we could play loud, heavy music and have fun doing it. We wanted to find ways to come up with music that made you want to get stoned and bang your head a little bit without trying too hard to be difficult and cerebral.”

Boson will be performing a hometown show in Minneapolis at Eagles Club 34 on October 20th along with Blue Ox, Senior Fellows and Circadian Ritual.

The track listing for the debut release is:

1. Shadowlands
2. Mass of the Phoenix
3. Echo of the Mute Stars
4. Heaven’s Black Corners
5. Eye of the Augur
6. Prayer of Ash

Check out “Mass of the Phoenix” here:

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Lyric Video For New Single “Pokerface” Posted By Stagma

Heavy rock collaboration Stagma issued a lyric video for the debut single “Pokerface,” which you can check out in the player below. “Pokerface” will be made available on October 16th from digital stores worldwide.

Stagma was formed in late 2015 by composer/guitarist Alexandre Santos (Scar For Life) and features lead singer Rob Mancini (Scar For Life, Boneyard Dog), bassist Joe Petro (Heaven and Earth), lead guitarist Neil Fraser (Ten/Rage of Angels), and drummers Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath/Dio) and Patrick Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen/W.A.S.P.). “Pokerface” will be featured on the upcoming debut self-titled debut album.

The hotly-anticipated debut album will also feature guest drummer Simon Wright (AC/DC, Dio, Queensrÿche) on a specially composed bonus track and an electronic introduction from gaming legend Jeroen Tel (Maniacs of Noise).

More information on the album is expected soon. Check out “Pokerface” here:

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Debut Album “Devil Inspired Chants” Announced By Devilpriest

Silesian newcomers Devilpriest will be releasing the debut album “Devil Inspired Chants” through Pagan Records on November 10th on digital, vinyl and CD formats. The band has issued the first single “Awaken in the Presence of Satan,” which you can worship in the player at the bottom.

“Devil Inspired Chants” consists of 8 devil-inspired tracks, paying homage to the old-school sound of 90s death and black metal.

The track listing reads as follows:

1. Withstand The Holy Ghost
2. Maelstorm Of Frenetic Catharsis
3. We Swear
4. Sacred Orgy
5. Awaken In The Presence Of Satan
6. Into The Murky Distance
7. Upon The Blasting Winds
8. Baptised In Excrement

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New Song “Merciless Extermination” Streaming From Cruentator

Italian aggressive thrash metal band Cruentator released the new single “Merciless Extermination.” The song appears on the debut album “Ain’t War Hell?,” which is targeted to drop on January 10, 2018 via Xtreem Music.

The track listing for the album is:

1. Evil is Prowling Around
2. Tyrants of the Wasteland
3. Barbaric Assault
4. Merciless Extermination
5. The Nightstalker
6. Marching Into a Minefield
7. The Shining Hate
8. Cluster Terror

Check out the song here:

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