When Plagues Collide Premiere Full-Album Stream Of Brand New Debut Album “Tutor of the Dying”

Belgian death metal band When Plagues Collide premiere the full-album stream of the band’s brand new debut full-length “Tutor of the Dying”, which was released November 1 via Bandcamp.

Check out now “Tutor of the Dying” in its entirety below.

Tutor Of The Dying by When Plagues Collide

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Ape to God Premiere New Song “Eviscerate” From Upcoming Debut Album “The Head Meets the Tail”

Polish death metal unit Ape to God premiere a new song entitled “Eviscerate”, taken from their upcoming debut full-length, “The Head Meets the Tail”, which will be out in stores soon via Deformeathing.

Check out now “Eviscerate” below.

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Valafar Premiere New Song “Brotherhood of the Wolf” From Upcoming Debut Album “Wolfenkind”

Valafar premiere a new song entitled “Brotherhood of the Wolf”, taken from their upcoming debut full-length, “Wolfenkind”, which is set for release on October 5 via Transcending Records.

Check out now “Brotherhood of the Wolf” below.

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Infernal Coil Premiere New Song “Crusher Of The Seed” From Upcoming New Album “Within A World Forgotten”

Boise, Idaho’s INFERNAL COIL presents their debut full-length, Within A World Forgotten, set to be unleashed through Profound Lore Records on September 14th. The label has issued the album’s first single, “Crusher Of The Seed,” streaming below:

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Cognizance Premiere New Song “The Organic Citadel” From Upcoming Debut Full-Length Album

Cognizance premiere a new song titled “The Organic Citadel”, taken from their upcoming debut full-length album, which will be out in stores later this.

Check out now “The Organic Citadel” below.

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Extremity Premiere New Song “Grave Mistake” From Upcoming New Album “Coffin Birth”

Oakland’s EXTREMITY will issue their proper debut full-length, Coffin Birth, via 20 Buck Spin in July, the label dispatching the album’s maiden single, “Grave Mistake,” streaming below.

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Northwoods Premiere New Single “City 40”

Italian hardcore act NORTHWOODS debut their new single “City 40”. The song is taken from the forthcoming debut full-length album “Wasteland”, out soon via Shove, Brigante and Mothership Records.

Listen to “City 40” below:

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Galvanizer Premiere Title Track To Upcoming Debut Album “Sanguine Vigil”

Finnish death metal outfit Galvanizer premiere the title track to their upcoming debut full-length album “Sanguine Vigil”, which will be out February 28 on CD and digital via Everlasting Spew Records. A vinyl edition will come later via Me Saco un Ojo.

Check out now “Sanguine Vigil” below.

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Five The Hierophant Premieres New Song “Queen over Phlegethon” From Upcoming New Album “Over Phlegethon”

UK psychedelic/experimental black metal trio Five The Hierophant premieres a new song entitled “Queen over Phlegethon”, taken from the upcoming debut full-length “Over Phlegethon”, which will be out in stores September 22 via Bandcamp.

Check out now “Queen over Phlegethon” below.

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Bereft Of Light Streaming Full New Album “Hoinar”

Cascadian black metal project Bereft of Light – from Romanian musician Daniel Neagoe – presents its debut full-length album, “Hoinar,” which is out now and available via Loud Rage Music. You can stream the full release below or pick up your own copy in various formats over here.

1. Uitare
2. Legamant
3. Pustiu
4. Freamat
5. Tarziu

Bereft of Light – Hoinar by Bereft of Light

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