Hautajaisyo Releases “Unohdetut” Single

From the depths of Finnish melancholy and death worship comes Hautajaisyö (“funeral night”), which just released a new single titled “Unohdetut” (“the forgotten”). You can stream the new release below, and the track listing is as follows:

01. Unohdetut
02. Kuusikymmentäkaksi (Timo Rautiainen & Trio Niskalaukaus cover)

Finnish fans can also catch Hautajaisyö live on these upcoming spring dates:

Cave Bar, Iisalmi, Finland 03.03.2017
Fubar, Tallinn, Estonia 13.04.2017

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Death Worship Premieres Full-Album Stream Of Debut EP “Extermination Mass”

Death Worship premieres the full-album stream of the band’s long-awaited debut EP “Extermination Mass”, out in stores via Nuclear War Now!. The EP features members of Conqueror, Blasphemy, and Revenge: guitarist/bassist/vocalist Ryan Förster, backing vocalist Gerry Joseph Buhl, and drummer J. Read.

Check out now “Extermination Mass” in its entirety below.

Extermination Mass by Death Worship

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Engulfed Reveals New Album “Engulfed In Obscurity”

Engulfed has announced the release of debut full-length album “Engulfed In Obscurity,” due out in February. The album will feature nine tracks and cover artwork by Nick Keller. Hellthrasher Productions comments:

“The arts of death worship and devilry are being executed once more in the madness-filled streets of Kadiköy. Engulfed, the notorious death metal quartet known for their putrid smelling 2012 EP, ‘Through The Eternal Damnation’ are back with their first full-length ‘Engulfed in Obscurity.’

“Containing members from other honourable Turkish metal desecrators such as Decaying Purity, Burial Invocation, and Diabolizer, this manifestation of infernal perversions and glorification of death itself will be unleashed in February 2017 by Hellthrasher Productions on CD format, followed by vinyl version to be released by Blood Harvest Records in April/May 2017.”

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Teloch Vovin Streaming New Song “Vena Cava”

A devastating new hymn from NYC black metal coven Teloch Vovin and the “Further Down The Tunnel” EP has been launched online as the record nears release on the Fall Equinox.

Check out the song “Vena Cava” below. Teloch Vovin, a band that doesn’t understand how capitalization works in the slightest, also comments:

“When the Torrential wave of Hell Slams, Hammering thru the Absurdity. Down thru the Flesh, Down thru the Spirit. Vena Cava–OverFlowing Life’s Ink… These Lines speak volumes about the Inspiration behind the song. The Flesh as a Prison for the Spirit, the Absurdity of Life itself and the Anxiety, Depression, Rage and Hopelessness Experienced thru this Absurdity. It also relates to the Death Worship behind the Band. The Desire for Death’s Embrace and the Negation of Being.”

To hear more from the grammar challenged outfit, check out the “Adoration/Vexation” track at this location.

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Kafirun Streaming New EP “Death Worship”

Hailing from Canada, Kafirun’s “Death Worship” EP is the reflection of hate and darkness that dwells in man’s heart. Out now in digital format, you can hear the tracks below or download your own copy at Bandcamp here. The following press release was also issued about the EP:

“Eternal glorification of the ever devouring darkness and death, dissolution of the soul and life!!! Spiritual death and re-creation of the self over god’s image. There are no keyboards. There are no flutes. There are no abrupt digressions into other styles of music. There’s no fusion with folk or trip-hop or other non-metal. There aren’t any operatic vocals, or angelic female vocals – no sung vocals at all, in fact.

“On ‘Death Worship,’ atmosphere comes first, and to generate it the band seems to draw from every aesthetic resource available within their chosen discipline, rapidly shifting between mid-paced guitar churning, blasting tremolo and a few slower segments as the situation demands. Religion hating, true black metal from start to finish.”

The track listing is as follows:

1. Beyond The Flesh Vessel
2. Killer Of All Man
3. Thousand Spears

Death Worship by KAFIRUN

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Morgengrau Streaming Title Track From “Extrinsic Pathway”

DeathMetal.Org has posted an exclusive premier of the title track off of “Extrinsic Pathway” from Austin, TX-based traditional death metal foursome Morgengrau. With just under a week left until the album’s April 2nd release through Blind God Records, listen to the title cut at this location.

Since its inception in 2010, Morgengrau has established itself as a formidable live act, garnering particular attention due to being fronted by former Ignitor frontwoman, Erika (Tandy) Morgengrau, and ex-Manifestation drummer Reba Carls. Both women are well known in the Texas scene for their fierce performances, with Erika having fronted several other well-known bands of various genres, including Autumn Tears. The band focuses conceptually on death worship in all its forms: war, occultism, and horror.

 photo jpegbase647437583f590343fe_zps703b77d6.jpg

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