Graveworm Reveals “Ascending Hate” Album Details

Italian dark metal outfit Graveworm will release new studio album “Ascending Hate” on June 19th (EU) / July 7th (US).

“Ascending Hate” marks the band’s return three and a half years after “Fragments Of Death,” with the new album to be available as a CD, digipak (including sticker), limited white vinyl, and a limited metal box. AFM Records comments:

“Graveworm is one of the leading extreme metal acts in Europe. In the 18 years of their history so far, the Italian dark metallers have not only achieved to deliver quality music constantly, they have released classics if the genre (just think back to 2003’s ‘Engraved In Black’). It’s exactly this very special mixture of symphonic black metal elements, gothic and thrash, that makes Graveworm sound so unique.

“And even in their nineteenth year of history, the band doesn’t fail to surprise: even though Graveworm are known for delivering quality sound – only few would have expected the band to return that energetic, strong and powerful. Songs such as ‘Buried Alive’ or ‘Blood Torture Death’ sound very fresh, are bursting of power and come up with strong melodies. This immensely high quality level is kept up over the whole playing time of ‘Ascending Hate,’ which closes with a very Gravewormish cover version of the Bon Jovi hymn ‘Runaway’ (available as bonus track on the Digipak version).”

The track listing is as follows:

01. The Death Heritage
02. Buried Alive
03. Blood Torture Death
04. To The Empire Of Madness
05. Downfall Of Heavens
06. Stillborn
07. Liars To The Lions
08. Rise Again
09. Son Of Lies
10. Nocturnal Hymns Part II (Death’s Anthem)
Bonus track on Digipak: Runaway (Bon Jovi cover)

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