Gutslit Premiere New Animated Music Video “From One Ear To Another”

Brutal death grinders GUTSLIT release a gnarly animated music video in the graphic novel style of Frank Miller, with plenty of blood and guts. The band teamed up with design & animation specialists at Improper.TV to create the unique and stunning video streaming below.

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Buckshot Facelift Premieres New Video For “Don’t Hang From the Pipes” From Upcoming New Album “Ulcer Island”

New York/Long Island-based death grinders Buckshot Facelift premiere a new video for “Don’t Hang From the Pipes”, taken from their 4th album “Ulcer Island”, out in stores now through Paragon Records.

Check out now “Don’t Hang From the Pipes” below.

Catch them live on the following dates and locations below:

May 5th @ Century in Philadelphia, PA
May 6th @ Riffhouse Pub in Chesapeake, VA
May 7th @ Hartleys in NJ
May 27th @ Wild Fest at AMH in Amityville, Long Island
June 16th @ Shakers Pub in Oakdale, Long Island

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Coathanger Abortion Streaming New Track “Media Mindsnare”

Tennessee death grinders Coathanger Abortion are back with an all new oozing discharge of southern styled brutality out now via Comatose Music.

Today you can also hear a new track from the “Observations of Humanity” release – check out
“Media Mindsnare” below, courtesy of

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Coathanger Abortion Issuing “Observations Of Humanity”

Tennessee death grinders Coathanger Abortion are back with an all new oozing discharge of southern styled brutality. “Observations of Humanity” will drop on June 2nd via Comatose Music, with the label having this to say about Coathanger Abortion:

“Formed in 2000, they have been very active over the years, creating wide spread disorder and blazing a moonshine fueled path of destruction on the road with five US tours, one Canadian tour, plus many festival appearances.

“Coathanger Abortion spent the past six years building up to ‘Observations of Humanity’, the impressive follow up to 2009’s ‘Dying Breed’. This new album stays true to their time tested formula of catchy songs with a raw and old school vibe reminiscent of the 1990’s.”

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Kaliya Streaming New Music Video “The Exiled”

The Texas death grinders of Kaliya are streaming a new video for “The Exiled” from Kaliya self titled full length which was released earlier this month on March 3, 2015.

Check out now “The Exiled” below.

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Kaliya Streaming New Song “Left For Dead”

Texas death grinders Kaliya will be releasing a new self titled album on March 3rd. The recording was done by Garry Brents and mastered by Proscriptor of Absu.

In anticipation of the new effort Kaliya offers you a first taste of it with the track titled “Left For Dead” streaming below.

Explains guitarist Ben on the story behind “Left For Dead”:

“Literal Meaning: Tyler (vocalist) works at a restaurant/bar and this elderly alcoholic woman would come in as a regular with bruises and cuts on her from her being home by herself, drunk and falling down frequently. One of these falls ended up killing her and he just thought it was a gross story that would fit with some gross sounding music. Symbolic Meaning: Basically how things like substance abuse can lead people to a state of isolation and despair that eventually kills them. People can self medicate and push others away to the point that they are literally “Left for Dead”. I don’t consider our band to have a real “message” and we certainly aren’t preaching but we’ve had friends go through this stuff and it made for a cool set of lyrics.”

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Drap Inks Deal With Xtreem Music

The Swedish crust/death grinders in Drap just inked a deal with Xtreem Music for the CD release of their debut album “En Naturlig Död” (“A Natural Death”) that was self-released earlier this year by the band on vinyl format. Xtreem Music comments:

“Hailing from Sundsvall (Sweden), Drap is a band that blends elements of crust, death, grind and even black to create their own style. There you can find such varied influences from bands like Skitsystem, Doom, Portal, Disfear, and even Deathspell Omega. In ‘En Naturlig Död’ you’ll get 11 songs, one of them being a bonus track not featured on the first vinyl edition.”

1. Preparat
2. Avsked
3. Förstörd
4. Häktad
5. Horblod
6. Nekad Till Vård
7. Vedergällning
8. Höstmörker
9. Ett Hopplöst Fall
10. En Naturlig Död
11. Min Förlorade Värld (bonus track)

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Infected Flesh Streaming Title Track From Album

Doing their part to make the world a louder and more brutal place, has posted a stream of the title track from Spanish metallers Infected Flesh’s new and third album “Concentric Circles of Disembowelment.” Visit this location to listen to the stream.

The Catalonian death grinders Infected Flesh started out in 1997, releasing the album
“Anthropophagical Devourment” a few years later and dissolving the band. Six years later, a second album was issued on Hecatombe Records. By 2010, Seth van de Loo, drummer for Dutch brutal death metal act Severe Torture, started collaborating with Infected Flesh. It was he who recorded the drums for a two track demo, and just a few weeks later the band signed a deal with the North American brutal label Comatose Music for the release of the third full length album.


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Gruesome Stuff Relish Releasing New Album In January

Spanish death grinders Gruesome Stuff Relish signed with Germany’s FDA Rekotz earlier in the year and the trio plans to drop a new album entitled “Sempiternal Death Grind” on January 25th, 2013 on CD, vinyl LP and digital formats. If you’re in the neighborhood, catch Gruesome Stuff Relish at the Bloodshed Festival in Holland this coming weekend. For details visit the festival’s website. Below is the tracklisting and cover art for the upcoming release “Sempiternal Death Grind.”

1. A Date With Fulci
2. Desecrated
3. Deadlicious Feast
4. S.O.S.
5. They Are The Plague
6. End Is Near
7. They Follow Your Scent
8. Became A Zombie
9. Gruesome Stuff Relish
10. Sex Drugs & Grind
11. In Death We Breath
12. Scratching The Violet Velvet


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