HeadCrusher Releases New Lyric Video & Announces Texas-Colombia Tour Dates

Austin, TX-based metal quintet HeadCrusher has released a lyric video for its new single “Eternal Butchery”, just in time to hit the road for dates in Texas and the band’s native Colombia.

Check out now “Eternal Butchery” below.

Dates for the “Death Comes with Silence Tour 2017” are as follows:

July 12 San Antonio, TX @ The Limelight
July 14 Bryan, TX @ Grand Stafford Theater
July 15 San Angelo, TX @ Deadhorse
July 19 Bogota, COL @ Salas De Eventos Subte
July 21 Pereira, COL @ Ozbar
July 22 Medellin, COL @ Barnaby Jones
July 23 Armenia, COL @ Bolera Las Palmas
July 28 Austin, TX @Come and Take It Live

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Impalers Releases “Styx Demon: The Master Of Death”

Today marks the official release of “Styx Demon: The Master Of Death,” a new EP from Danish thrash squad Impalers.

The EP comprises new tracks “Megalodon” and “Styx Demon” along with a killer version of Misfits’ “Death Comes Ripping” and Iron Maiden’s “Prowler.” Check out an art video for the “Styx Demon” single below. Impalers front man Soren Crawack also comments:

“This series of EPs effectively serve the function of bridging the gap in-between full-length albums and critically provide the band with a platform to show where are musically at a certain point in time, as we continually evolve our sound. We had so much fun jamming on the songs that inspired us to play music in the first place and we hope our fans enjoy the EP as much as we did recording it.”

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Impalers Releasing “STyx Demon: The Master Of Death” EP

Danish thrash group Impalers is set to release a new EP entitled “Styx Demon: The Master Of Death” via Evil EyE Records. The EP comprises new tracks, “Megalodon” and “Styx Demon,” in addition to a killer cover version of Misfits “Death Comes Ripping” and Iron Maiden’s “Prowler.”

“Styx Demon” will be released worldwide on the 16th of January 2017. Impalers frontman Soren Crawack comments:

“This series of EPs effectively serve the function of bridging the gap in between full-length albums and critically provide the band with a platform to show where are musically at a certain point in time, as we continually evolve our sound. We had so much fun jamming on the songs that inspired us to play music in the first place and we hope our fans enjoy the EP as much as we did recording it.”

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Watch Classic Misfits Lineup Perform First Show Since 1983 With Ex-Slayer Drummer Dave Lombardo At Denver Riot Fest

Below you can watch the classic Misfits lineup of singer Glenn Danzig (61), bassist Jerry Only (57) and guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein (51) perform the track “Bullet”, during their first show together since 1983 at the “Denver Riot Fest” past Sunday, September 4th, 2016. They were joined by ex-Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo and Joan Jett guitarist Acey Slade.

Said Danzig at one point during the show addressing the crowd: “About 40 years ago, Jerry and I got onstage in New York and we shocked the whole fucking punk scene who didn’t know what the fuck to make of us. We didn’t look like anybody. We didn’t sound like anybody. We were angry, pissed-off and we dressed all in fucking black and we were always getting into fights and shitloads of fucking trouble every night. That’s pretty much what punk was back then, getting fucked up and fucking people up. At least in New York City, it was.”

Misfits Setlist, Denver Riot Fest:

Death Comes Ripping
20 Eyes
I Turned Into a Martian
Where Eagles Dare
Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?
All Hell Breaks Loose
Hybrid Moments
Teenagers From Mars
London Dungeon
Earth A.D.
Green Hell
Horror Business
We Are 138
Hollywood Babylon
Who Killed Marilyn
Die, Die My Darling
Astro Zombies
Last Caress

Night of the Living Dead

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Artillery launches video for second single, “Live by the Scythe”, online

– March 7th, 2016 –

Danish power-thrash metallers Artillery are set to unleash their new album, Penalty By Perception, on March 25th worldwide via Metal Blade Records. In anticipation of this release, the band has now launched a video for the second single, “Live By The Scythe“! To watch the clip – and to pre-order the record in various formats – please visit: metalblade.com/artillery

Artillery comments: “It was great fun to record the video for ‘Live by the Scythe’ on Fyn in Denmark. The filming was done in an old castle – Hindsgavl castle – in the forest, and in a school near Hesselager.The story behind the video is about death, fate, the meaning and acceptance of life and death. The video was done by M&M Production who also did the video for ‘Legions’.”

For another preview of Penalty By Perception, be sure to check out the first single, “In Defiance Of Conformity“, here: metalblade.com/artillery

Written over the course of the last two years, Artillery‘s seventh full-length draws from their classic albums like Fear of Tomorrow (1985) and By Inheritance (1990), as well as When Death Comes (2009) and Legions (2013). Having recorded at Medley Studios and bringing Soren Andersen on board as the producer, Artillery achieved the sound that they were aiming for: “We worked really hard together to get this amazing sound. I feel the band have come up with some great songs,” asserts guitarist Michael Stutzer. “The best musical performance in the history of Artillery. Can’t wait to hear the fans’ reactions!”

A familiar, yet modern thrash attack, Penalty By Perception delivers the band’s signature riffing, with powerful drumming and melodic singing – and promises to be a new fan favorite in the Danish quintet’s storied career! See below for the track-listing.

Penalty By Perception track-listing:
1. In Defiance Of Conformity
2. Live By The Scythe
3. Penalty By Perception
4. Mercy Of Ignorance
5. Rites Of War
6. Sin Of Innocence
7. When The Magic Is Gone
8. Cosmic Brain
9. Deity Machine
10. Path Of The Atheist
11. Welcome To The Mind Factory
12. Liberty Of Defeat (bonus track)

Artillery line-up:
Michael Bastholm Dahl – vocals
Michael Stutzer – guitars
Morten Stutzer – guitars
Peter Thorslund – bass
Josua Madsen – drums

Artillery online:

Buy iTunes Artist Page Artist News


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Death Comes Pale Posts Full “World Grave” Album Online

Death Comes Pale has a new album out now via Deepsend Records titled “World Grave.” You can now hear all the tracks online via the player below. The track listing is:

1. World Grave 06:16
2. Transgression 04:53
3. Spawn of the Scorned 03:43
4. From the Lips of the Dead 04:55
5. With a Foot in the Grave 05:52
6. The Purification Process 04:32
7. Modern Enslavement 04:30
8. Fury of Vengeance (An Ode to Bitterness) 03:27
9. Pulse of Existence 04:01
10. Silent Genocide 06:53
11. Where the Broken Resides (Bonus Track) 04:08

World Grave by Death Comes Pale

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Aphonic Threnody Releases “Meditation On Earth” Music Video

Aphonic Threnody has a new music video out now for “Meditation on Earth,” which can be seen below.

The video features a performance by dancer and actress Judit Ruiz Onandi (with choreography by Jelena Kostic) filmed on location in the Dutch countryside, where Ms. Onandi spent considerable time writhing in the black sands.

Aphonic Threnody is an international project and extreme doom collective founded by Riccardo
(Gallow God & Dea Marica) and Roberto (URNA & Dea Marica) around the end of 2012.

Following the “First Funeral” EP release in 2013, the band began working on the following full-length album “When Death Comes,” which included guest spots by Greg Chandler (Esoteric) and Josh Moran (Vacant Eyes). Now new material is in the works to be released in 2015. In the meantime, check out the new video below.

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Debut Album “The Enemy Within” Detailed By Mindwars

Mindwars released further details for the upcoming debut release “The Enemy Within.” The album is now set to drop on October 27th via Punishment 18 Records. The album’s track listing can be found below.

Mindwars was created in the Fall of 2013 by the desire of two individuals who wanted to bring the sound of metal from the 1980’s to the current power of 2014. Mike Alvord, formerly of Holy Terror, and Roby Vitari, formerly of Jester Beast, met by chance in 1989 when Holy Terror was touring Europe in support of the classic 1988 release “Mind Wars.” Roby, originally from Southern Italy in the region of Calabria, discovered that he had similar roots as Mike, being that his grandparents are from the same region. Approximately 25 years later, Mike and Roby reconnected through the internet and discussed creating something musically that they both believe has been lost. The result is Mindwars, an 80s rebirth of speed/thrash metal with influences ranging from Black Sabbath to NWOBHM to Soundgarden.

The track listing for “The Enemy Within”

1. Upside Down
2. Death Comes Twice
3. Final Battle
4. Masters Of War
5. Chaos
6. Crash
7. Speed Kills
8. Retrobution
9. Lost
10. Time In The Machine
11. Walking Alone

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Primal Fear Posts Graspop 2014 Drum Cam Footage

Primal Fear has released drum cam footage from the Graspop Metal Meeting 2014.

Check out video of the song “Delivering The Black” in the player provided below.

You can also see Primal Fear’s previously released official video clip for the song “When Death Comes Knocking” over at this location.

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Morbus Chron Posts New Song “It Stretches In The Hollow”

As a first glimpse into Morbus Chron’s new album, “Sweven,” the band has launched the song “It Stretches In The Hollow” today. Check it out below, thanks to the fine folks over at Stereogum.com.

“Sweven” will be released on February 24th in Europe and on March 4th in North America via Century Media Records. Fans can pre-order the album right here. To promote “Sweven”, Morbus Chron will join forces with Necrowretch for a short trek (see tour dates below), then head to Gothenburg to perform at Truckstop Alaska with label-mates Miasmal and Vampire. On that special night, death and darkness will be omnipresent.

On tour with NECROWRETCH
March 22 — Stockholm (SE) — Pussy A-Go-Go
March 23 — Oslo (NO) — Revolver
March 24 — Copenhagen (DK) — KB18
March 25 — Berlin (DE) — Blackland
March 26 — Hamburg (DE) — Hafenklang
March 27 — Arnhem (NL) — Willemeen
March 28 — Brussels (BE) — DNA Club
March 29 — Colmar (FR) — Le Grillen

“Death Comes Ripping!” showcase with MIASMAL and VAMPIRE
April 5 — Gothenburg (SE) — Truckstop Alaska

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