Russian Baths Premiere New Song “What’s Your Basement” From Upcoming New Album “Penance”

Brooklyn-based noise outfit Russian Baths premiere a new song entitled “What’s Your Basement”, taken from their upcoming new album “Penance”, which will see release on February 23 through Good Eye Records.

Check out now “What’s Your Basement” below.

States the band about the Josef Fritzl-themed song:

“There was a man in Amstetten [Austria] who hid a family with his daughter in a basement for 24 years,” Russian Baths offer about the track. “He said he always knew it wasn’t right, but allowed it to become a normal occurrence. Rationalization is very problematic.”

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Russian Baths Premiere New Song “What’s Your Basement” From Upcoming New Album “Penance”

Brooklyn-based noise outfit Russian Baths premiere a new song entitled “What’s Your Basement”, taken from their upcoming new album “Penance”, which will see release on February 23 through Good Eye Records.

Check out now “What’s Your Basement” below.

States the band about the Josef Fritzl-themed song:

“There was a man in Amstetten [Austria] who hid a family with his daughter in a basement for 24 years,” Russian Baths offer about the track. “He said he always knew it wasn’t right, but allowed it to become a normal occurrence. Rationalization is very problematic.”

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Corrosion Of Conformity Reveals New Album “No Cross No Crown” Details, Posts New Song “Cast The First Stone”

American heavy metal veterans Corrosion Of Conformity has announced that they will be releasing a new studio album, “No Cross No Crown” on January 12th next year through Nuclear Blast Records. This will mark their first album with frontman Pepper Keenan since the 2005 release, “In the Arms of God” and will contain no less than fifteen tracks, the first of which, “Cast The First Stone” can be heard below and will be available as a free download when the album is pre-ordered.

The tracklisting for “No Cross No Crown” is as follows:

1. Novus Deus
2. The Luddite
3. Cast The First Stone
4. No Cross
5. Wolf Named Crow
6. Little Man
7. Matre’s Diem
8. Forgive Me
9. Nothing Left To Say
10. Sacred Isolation
11. Old Disaster
12. E.L.M.
13. No Cross No Crown
14. A Quest To Believe (A Call To The Void)
15. Son And Daughter

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New Album “Dawn Of Aquarius” Announced By Arrayan Path, New Single Available

Cypriot epic power metal act Arrayan Path returns with its sixth album “Dawn of Aquarius” just a little over a year since the band’s last offering “Chronicles of Light.” “Dawn of Aquarius” is out on November 17th in CD and digital formats via Pitch Black Records. A limited collector’s edition will be announced shortly. Pre-orders are available via the PBR Online Store or Bandcamp.

Check out the first single – the album’s title track via a lyric video available in the player below.

This album is as full as it gets, not only because of its thirteen tracks, but also because it includes everything that has always distinguished this band masterfully blended together creating a remarkable musical variety – from galloping fast and epic, to dark and doomy, exotic melodies and soaring epic vocals! It’s also one that reveals a somewhat darker side to the band, mainly due to the album’s central theme.

In the words of Nicholas Leptos (Warlord), the band’s frontman and driving force: “This album is 13 mantras honoring mother goddess Kali and explores all aspects of Hindu history and mythology in regards to the black Madonna – Kali. The album’s full name is actually ‘Dawn of Aquarius: Maha Kali Stuti’ and this is an album as varied as Kali’s many faces and traits.”

On this album, the band added some traditional folk instruments such as the oud and yaylin tambur. However, make no mistake – this is 100% Arrayan Path, complete with the catchy choruses and melodies and the band’s unique blend of 80s and 90s heavy metal.

The album was mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni at Domination Studio and featuring guest vocal appearances by Andreas Paraschos (BLYND) and George Eracleous (ONEIRISM).

The track listing and artwork can be found here:

1. Equilibrium
2. The Flower Born of Itself
3. Dark Daughter of the Snake
4. The Hundred Names of Kali Ma
5. So it Shall be Written
6. She Who is Primordial Wisdom
7. Dawn of Aquarius
8. Cremation Grounds
9. Empress (Reality of all the Threes)
10. Lotus Eyes
11. The Eleventh Mantra
12. Guardian Angel
13. Garland of Skulls

Check out “Dawn of Aquarius” here:

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Tim Lambesis Reportedly Released From Prison

Back in 2014, former As I Lay Dying member Tim Lambesis was sentenced to six years in prison for attempting to hire an undercover police officer to kill his wife.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed by any official sources at this point, multiple sites are reporting that Lambesis has now been released from prison.

The source for his info comes from George Lynch on Eddie Trunk’s Show from the Monsters of Rock Cruise. During the interview, Lynch discussed his religion debates with Tim Lambesis and stated Tim has been released and has a book and record label deal.

You can hear the interview segment below, and a transcript follows:

I had every freaking argument out there, and he just was able to really kind of battle every argument, ’cause he had every counter-argument prepared in his mind; he had studied so hard. And as silly as his argument was, and as much as it didn’t really hold water when you thought about it — it was all fallacious arguments — but…

Anyways, he just got out of jail for attempting to kill his wife. Now I’m not saying this as an indictment against anything. All I’m saying is, there is a guy who could argue Christianity beyond anybody I’ve ever spoken to in my life; I had these very heated debates with this guy… He had a beautiful wife; they had adopted three Cambodian children. And then he discovered cocaine, strippers, heroin and steroids. He went completely off the rails, abandoned his family, his wife threatened to divorce him, he hired an off-duty cop to kill her.

He recently got out of jail. He destroyed his band. They don’t have a pot to piss in now; they’re all struggling. [They are] a great band. I know them very well because, actually, the guitar player was my daughter’s fiancé. And, actually, the drummer [Jordan Mancino] played in another project I had ways back, Souls Of We. So, anyways, he’s out, he’s got a mega record deal, he’s got a book deal, everything’s lined up for him. I mean, he’s gonna skate through life. Everybody else is suffering. His wife is living in fear, his children are living in fear. His band doesn’t have a pot to piss in.

Following the arrest and band implosion, Tim’s former bandmates went on to form Wovenwar, and have since released two albums: a self-titled debut and 2016 sophomore output “Honor Is Dead.”

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The Obsessed Streaming New Track “Razor Wire”

Maryland doom group The Obsessed will unleash “Sacred,” the band’s first studio album in over twenty years, this coming April 7th via Relapse Records. Check out new song “Razor Wire” below.

Guitarist Scott “Wino” Weinrich comments on the new album: “I can honestly say, I think this is the best sounding recording of my career, and I am excited to release it on Relapse. This song ‘Razor Wire,’ I have been carrying around the title concept and main riff in my pocket for a couple years. The full song was born after applying real life experiences, with a little wishful thinking! Fuck control.”

1. Sodden Jackal
2. Punk Crusher
3. Sacred
4. Haywire
5. Perseverance Of Futility
6. It’s Only Money
7. Cold Blood
8. Stranger Things
9. Razor Wire
10. My Daughter My Son
11. Be The Night
12. Interlude
13. On So Long (Bonus)
14. Crossroader Blues (Bonus)

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Magnum Releasing “The Valley Of Tears – The Ballads”

Renowned not only for powerful rock songs but also for countless moving ballads, the British rock icons from Magnum are set to surprise fans with a very special release at the very beginning of the coming year.

“The Valley Of Tears – The Ballads” has been scheduled for release on January 6th, 2017 (US/Canada: January 20th, 2017), an album featuring ten of the band’s most accomplished ballads, all of them re-mastered and in parts even newly re-recorded and remixed.

Guitarist, composer and producer Tony Clarkin comments: “The release of this album was originally inspired by my daughter. A few months ago she asked me: ´Magnum have so many beautiful quiet numbers, why don’t you put together a compilation highlighting some of the most powerful tracks?` Olly Hahn of Steamhammer/SPV was immediately taken by the concept, so I set down to work on it.”

The release will be supported by selected shows in the U.K. and Ireland during the run-up to Christmas and a German/Swiss trek where Tony Clarkin and Bob Catley join the “Rock Meets Classic” tour starting March 30th, 2017. Festivals for summer 2017 will also be announced shortly.

01. Dream About You (re-mastered)
02. Back in Your Arms Again (newly re-recorded)
03. The Valley of Tears (remixed, remastered)
04. Broken Wheel (newly re-recorded)
05. A Face in the Crowd (remixed, re-mastered)
06. Your Dreams Won’t Die (re-mastered)
07. Lonely Night (acoustic version, newly re-recorded)
08. The Last Frontier (remixed, re-mastered)
09. Putting Things In Place (remixed, re-mastered)
10. When The World Comes Down (new live version)

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Lamb Of God Premieres New Music Video “Embers”

Lamb Of God premieres a new music video for “Embers”, featuring a guest turn from Deftones frontman Chino Moreno. The track is from the band’s latest album “VII: Sturm Und Drang”.

Check out now “Embers” below.

Says Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton about “Embers”:

“About 12 years ago, I began writing a song that I instantly knew was special. The sinewy, meandering, groove-laden riff… the open, expansive landscape chorus… the cycling, hypnotic lead hook… they all presented themselves to me in a way that we songwriters often hope for, but rarely get to experience. It felt somehow divine, or otherwise supernatural to feel the music and energy coalescing and choosing me as their medium. It was one of the most exciting, satisfying and elusive feelings I’ve ever known.

Knowing that I was on to something special musically, I began the task of penning lyrics to this new creation. Art was imitating life. I was very newly in love with a beautiful young woman who would eventually become my wife. I yearned to let her know how deeply I felt for her, painstakingly scribbling lyrics asking my love to “take hold of my hand” and promising her she was “never alone.” The song was called “Walk With Me In Hell.” I must admit, at the time, I had absolutely no idea that my quasi-poetic notion of asking my new partner to “walk with me in Hell,” meant that she soon would.

Four years later, my wife and I found ourselves in a small corner of a neonatal intensive care unit, holding and caressing our first born infant daughter. The ambient hum of medical machinery droned in the background and a panoramic window framing the Shenandoah Mountains sprawled out in front of my new family and I. We gazed lovingly over every detail of our daughter’s face, every freckle on her skin, cataloging every sound and smell the way all new parents do. The difference was that our child had developed an infection during delivery. She was very, very sick and her prognosis hadn’t yet been determined. Later that day, our daughter Madalyn Grace Morton died in my arms. We were walking through Hell. Life was imitating art.”

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The Lion’s Daughter Posts Live Drum Video

Modern blackened metal band The Lion’s Daughter just kicked off a string of dates with InAeona. The trek sees the bands traveling throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Tennessee. A full list of confirmed tour dates can be found below.

The Lion’s Duaghter is touring in support of “Existence is Horror” and also just released a new drum playthrough video shot during the tour’s first night in St. Louis.

July 8 Chicago, IL @ Underground Lounge
July 9 Rock Island, IL @ TBA
July 10 Indianapolis, IN @ 5th Quarter
July 11 Chattanooga, TN @ JJ’s Bohemia

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The Lion’s Daughter Posts Full New Album “Existence Is Horror”

Modern blackened metal band The Lion’s Daughter is streaming forthcoming album “Existence is Horror” online in full – listen in below.

“Existence is Horror” will be released by Season of Mist on January 8th worldwide and an album release show is set for January 9th in St. Louis. at the Firebird. The show will see support from Black Fast, Fister, and Hell Night. The new album’s track listing is:

1. Phobetor
2. Mass Green Extinctus
3. Nothing Lies Ahead
4. Dog Shaped Man
5. Four Flies
6. Midnight Glass
7. The Fiction In The Dark
8. A Cursed Black End
9. They’re Already Inside
10. The Horror Of Existence

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