Wintersun Debuts New Lyric Video “Awaken From the Dark Slumber” From Brand New Album “The Forest Seasons”

Finnish symphonic/melodic black metal act Wintersun debuts a new lyric video for “Awaken From the Dark Slumber”, taken from the band’s brand new album “The Forest Seasons”, which was released on July 21, 2017 via Nuclear Blast.

Check out now “Awaken From the Dark Slumber” below.

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Venom Inc. Debuts New Song “Avé Satanas” From Upcoming New Album “Avé”

Venom Inc. debuts a new song entitled “Avé Satanas”, taken from the upcoming new album “Avé”, which will arrive in stores August 11th through Nuclear Blast.

Check out now “Avé Satanas” below.

Comments the band’s vocalist/bassist Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan:

“This is the salute to you all… from our dark hearts to your good black souls… the earth is ours and Lucifer walks with us. We hail our master, we hail our Lord! We present ourselves to you… AVE SATANAS! Welcome to hell you sons (and daughters) of SATAN!”

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Trailer Clip For New Album “The Forest Seasons” Posted By Wintersun

Finnish symphonic/melodic black metal act Wintersun issued a trailer for the upcoming new album “The Forest Seasons.” The album is expected to drop on July 21st via Nuclear Blast Records.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Awaken from the Dark Slumber (Spring)

Part I: “The Dark Slumber”
Part II: “The Awakening”

2. The Forest That Weeps (Summer)
3. Eternal Darkness (Autumn)

Part I: “Haunting Darkness”
Part II: “The Call of the Dark Dream”
Part III: “Beyond the Infinite Universe”
Part IV: “Death”

4. Loneliness (Winter)

Check out the preview here:

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Odraedir Releases “Legends Of The Dark Times” Album

Four years after the “Troll Cave” EP, Czech pagan metal band Odraedir now releases full-length debut album “Legends of the Dark Times.”

Check out the song “Path Of The Wolf” below, revolving around the story of Geralt of Rivia, the main character from famous fantasy cycle The Witcher, written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkovski. The full track listing is:

01. The Legend Now Begins…
02. Heroes of the Dark Times
03. Brave Souls
04. The Dawn of Oden´s Horde
05. Beowulf and Grendel
06. Beowulf and the Dragon
07. Pagan Forest
08. Choir of Swords
09. In the Name of Thor
10. Legends Ain´t Be Forgotten
11. Path of the Wolf (bonus track)

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Tombs reveals details for new album, ‘The Grand Annihilation’

– April 13th, 2017 –

Launches new single, “Cold”, online

On June 16th, Brooklyn’s Tombs will release their fourth full-length, The Grand Annihilation, via Metal Blade Records. Produced once again by Erik Rutan (Cannibal Corpse, Soilent Green, Belphegor, Hate Eternal), The Grand Annihilation remains rooted in the blackened, post-metallic sound that the band has become known for since 2007′s self-titled EP, while also being their most experimental record to-date. For a preview of the album, the first single, “Cold”, can be streamed at: – where The Grand Annihilation can also be pre-ordered in the following formats:

–Digipak CD
–180g black vinyl
–dark olive-marbled vinyl (limited to 400 copies – EU exclusive)
–ivory/grey-marbled vinyl (limited to 200 copies – EU exclusive)
–orange/brown-marbled vinyl (limited to 100 copies – EU exclusive)
–gray/green-marbled vinyl (limited to 200 copies – US exclusive)
* exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available!

Tombs front-man Mike Hill is not a man interested in appeasing his existing audience or modifying the music he makes in the hope of luring in a broader one. Letting the songs come as and when inspiration hits him is integral to Hill’s process, and this accounts in part for The Grand Annihilation‘s diversity. The blasting, scathing yet melodic black metal savagery of opener “Black Sun Horizon” and “Way Of The Storm” are very much built to destroy, while wielding a poignancy that is undeniable – both of which stand in strong contrast to the uncomfortable post-punk squall of “Underneath” that showcases Hill’s Nick Cave/Ian Curtis-esque singing voice, while the likes of the throbbing “Saturnalian” and unnerving tribal thunder of “Walk With Me In Nightmares” stand in categories all of their own. While every track on The Grand Annihilation stands separate from those around it, it is still a cohesive collection, and at no point do the stylistic twists and turns undermine its coherence. “If you’ve been following Tombs, you probably know to expect the unexpected, and I always strive to present a full range of emotion on everything with the band’s name on it,” Hill explains. “That said, this is a very dark and introspective record that digs deep into the common ideas of mortality, infinity and cosmic mysteries. The lyrics on the new record are a celebration of freedom through embracing the dark side. Once you realize that you follow the dark path – the path of the individual – there is a certain feeling of liberation that accompanies it.”

The Grand Annihilation track-listing
1. Black Sun Horizon
2. Cold
3. Old Wounds
4. November Wolves
5. Underneath
6. Way of the Storm
7. Shadows at the End of the World
8. Walk with Me in Nightmares
9. Saturnalian
10. Temple of Mars

Tombs online:

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Horrid Streams New Track “The Black March”

Today, old-school death metal crew Horrid premieres the opening track “The Black March,” taken from the band’s fifth album, “Beyond the Dark Border,” which is set for international release on June 1st via Dunkelheit Produktionen. The upcoming album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. The Black March
2. Cursed Dunes
3. Blood Painted Walls
4. The Eyes Of Terror
5. The Statement
6. Sacrilegious Fornication
7. Missing End
8. Demonic Challenge
9. Beyond The Black Border

Beyond The Dark Border by HORRID

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Details Of New Album “The End Of The World” Issued By Black Hawk

German traditional metal act Black Hawk announced the first details of the upcoming sixth studio album entitled “The End of the World.” The album is set to drop on May 19th via Pure Underground Records, a division of Pure Steel Records.

The album’s track listing and album artwork can be viewed here:

1. Return of the Dragon (Intro)
2. Streets of Terror
3. Killing for Religion
4. What A World
5. Ruler of the Dark
6. The End of the World
7. Scream in the Night
8. Legacy of Rock
9. Just Like in Paradise
10. Dancing With My Demons
11. Dragonride ’17

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Burning Posts “Nightmares” Music Video

Holland’s old school metal outfit Burning just launched a brand new music video for the “Nightmares” track, which can be seen in the palyer provided below.

In 2014 the newly formed group launched first single “Something is Lurking in the Dark,” which has been viewed over 100,000 times on YouTube. In April of 2016 the debut Burning album “Nightmwares” was then released worldwide, and now its time for a music video for the title track. Check out the horror mini-movie below.

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New Video Clip “Can’t Be Afraid Of The Dark” Issued By Chrome Molly

U.K. act Chrome Molly issued a new video clip for “Can’t Be Afraid of the Dark.” The song is taken from the band’s latest album “Hoodoo Voodoo,” which is out today (January 27th) via earMusic.

The track listing for “Hoodoo Voodoo” is:

1. In the Beginning
2. Can’t Be Afraid of the Dark
3. Some Kind of Voodoo
4. Pillars of Creation (Albion)
5. Now That Those Days Have Gone
6. Indestructible
7. Save Me
8. Rock for You
9. Feeling Pressurised
10. Dial “F” for Freakshow

Check out the clip here:

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New Video Clip “Apprentice Of Death” Issued By Mors Principium Est

Finnish based melodic death metal act Mors Principium Est issued a video clip for the new song “Apprentice of Death.” The song is the second track released from the band’s upcoming new album “Embers of a Dying World.”

“Embers of a Dying World” drops in Europe and the U.S. on February 10th via AFM Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. Genesis
2. Reclaim the Sun (see video clip here)
3. Masquerade
4. Into the Dark
5. The Drowning
6. Death Is the Beginning
7. The Ghost
8. In Torment
9. Agnus Dei
10. The Colours of the Cosmos
11. Apprentice of Death

Check out the video here:

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