Kilmore Premiere Music Video For “Dark Matter” From Debut Album “Call of the Void”

Kilmore release new music video for their single “Dark Matter” from full-length debut album, Call of the Void. They again worked with director, Crystal Porter (Yarmouth,NS) to create the dark atmosphere for this video, filmed in Hatchet Lake, NS.

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Malacoda To Release “Ritualis Aeterna” Via Rockshots Records

Canadian horror inspired symphonic power metallers Malacoda have signed a multi-album deal with Rockshots Records. Their latest EP “Ritualis Aeterna”, will be re-released and distributed worldwide on January 19, 2018.

Malacoda’s followup to their self-titled debut, the band explores darker and more symphonic territories with Ritualis Aeterna. All songs deal with an aspect of horror in some form, whether it be horror as a timeless form of entertainment, or dealing with horrors in every day life, the short EP touches a wide range of content. Keyboard virtuoso Jonah Weingarten (Pyramaze) has joined forces with the band, adding a new potent weapon to the band’s sonic arsenal. “Ritualis Aeterna” is a mix of the band’s existing blend of melody and crunch but with an added dose of dark atmosphere“.

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The Unknown Releasing Single-Song Album “In Search Of The Unknown”

“In Search Of The Unknown” is the very first full-length album from Iranian doom metal band The Unknown.

It presents one 40 minute long song for a new style of dark music that adds orchestral instrumentals to dark atmosphere and post-doom. A trailer is available below, and “In Search Of The Unknown” will drop via Club Infernto on May 31st.

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Abyssal Premieres New Track “I Am The Alpha And The Omega”

Enigmatic U.K. blackened death trio Abyssal is streaming the new track titled “I Am The Alpha And The Omega” taken from their upcoming 7-track album “Antikatastaseis” below. The new effort is set to drop on June 23 via Profound Lore Records .

States Profound Lore Records about “Antikatastaseis”:

“With Antikatastaseis, Abyssal have taken things to a much more notable level of grandeur. With a more refined sound and production, Antikatastaseis takes the band’s level of dark atmosphere, ambience, and abstract death metal technicality to a sonic plateau even more massive and monolithic. A bit different than the previous full-lengths, while not forsaking the sheer brutality and darkness, Antikatastaseis brings more clarity and melody to the Abyssal sound with the addition of even more experimental dark ambient noise-like segues, while heightening the sense of abstraction and technicality even more.”

“Antikatastaseis” tracklist:
01. I Am The Alpha And The Omega
02. The Cornucopian
03. Veil Of Transcendence
04. Telomeric Erosion
05. A Casual Landscape
06. Chrysalis
07. Delere Auctorem Rerum Ut Universum Infinitum Noscas

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