Massacre Records Inks Deal With Miracle Flair, New Album “Angels Cast Shadows” Detailed

After signing on with Massacre Records, Swiss melodic metal act Miracle Flair will release the second longplayer “Angels Cast Shadows” on October 20th worldwide.

The band intended the first release to be in the hard rock direction, however with the new album the material is decidedly heavier and more metallic. “Angels Cast Shadows” is peppered with melodic/epic/symphonic metal which shows a new and unique way. Worldwide release will be via Massacre Records.

After a soul searching journey, Miracle Flair has quietly arrived where one can only get through hard work, patience, and diligence. “Angels Cast Shadows” is a complete work in which you distinctly feel the passion and love of detail. A melting pot of international skills, it is refined by musician and producer legend Tommy Vetterli (Coroner).

The band, following the creative lead of Nicole Hartmann and Daniel Maurizi, is able to form beautiful melodies laid down upon solid guitar riffs.

The track list for the album is:

1. Angels Cast Shadows
2. Embracing The End
3. Alive
4. The Unfulfilled
5. Blessing And A Curse
6. I Am Your Truth
7. Soul Witness
8. Challenge My Faith
9. The Whole
10. Still Remaining Part
11. Worth The Flight
12. Great Spirit
13. I Am Your Truth (Acoustic)

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