Herder Streaming "Feet Eager To Run To Evil" Track Online

Dutch band Herder has posted the song “Feet Eager To Run To Evil” online, which is taken from the upcoming “Horror Vacui” 12″ to be released on Reflections Records on November 13th, 2012. The song can be heard below, and pre-orders are available online at this location. Reflections Records also comments:

“The possible survivors of the smoldering crater that the Herder debut album left after impact, are now completely finished off with a furious death stab to the neck. No mercy, no positivity, no sobriety. Only the strong will be left standing, the rest will have their throats ripped out.

“Filth ridden bass, crushing triple guitars, thunderous hammering drums and genuinely pissed off vocals lay down the soundtrack for prison shanking, bar brawls, heavy smoking and lizard night drives at high speed! Lock up your wives, daughters, and well, your dogs too just to be sure. ‘Horror Vacui’ is the new weapon against human morale and it fucking destroys! FOAD – HERDER IS HARDER!”

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