Silent Planet Releases “Understanding Love As Loss” Video

Christian metalcore group Silent Planet aims to illuminate the truth behind depression and anxiety, and the weight it places on the individual and those who love them, with new video “Understanding Love As Loss.”

Lyricist/vocalist Garrett Russell details personal experiences, while touching on the stories of a few of history’s greatest creative minds, including Sylvia Plath, Ernest Hemingway, Virginia Woolf and David Foster Wallace.

“They all committed suicide in the midst of great work,” Garrett told, “I have come to find that people struggling with depression generally have a unique angle of perceiving others – one that can be quite full of insight.”

The crucial message of “Understanding Love As Loss” is one that hits home for Russell, who previously worked as a therapist on his college campus. Having dealt with suicidal ideations himself and working closely with students struggling as well, the message is close to Russell’s heart.

“As a therapist, I saw a lot of students who dealt with depression and there’s no easy answer.” Russell explains, “Life is full of loss and it’s not easy, but I do believe if people can talk about what they’re going through that there’s hope.”

When asked what it really means to ‘understand love as loss’ he remarked, “I’ve understood that truly loving someone involves giving up part of yourself and allowing them into the sacred space of your self. In both the happy and sad endings of loving someone, I’ve begun to see that Love and Loss aren’t at odds, but are mutually inclusive.”

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