Corpse Garden Premiere Pre-Release Full-Album Stream Of Upcoming New Album “IAO 269”

Costa Rica’s Corpse Garden premiere the pre-release full-album stream of the band’s upcoming new album “IAO 269”, which will be out in stores on November 24th via Godz Ov War.

Check out now “IAO 269” in its entirety below.

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New Details On “IAO 269” Posted By Corpse Garden

Latin American death metal act, Corpse Garden released new details on the upcoming third album “IAO 269.” The album has been set for release on November 24th via Godz ov War Productions and will be available as a CD, vinyl, cassette and digital download.

The artwork and track listing can be found here:

1. Aeon of Horus
2. Death Hex
3. Ain Soph Hur
4. Selenomatic Ecstacies (song streaming here)
5. La Muerte: Principo y Redención
6. IAO 269
7. The Elevenfold Vibration
8. Expanding the Vision Call
9. Loathing

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New Album “IAO 269” Announced By Corpose Garden

Latin American death metal act, Corpse Garden, will be releasing the third album “IAO 269” in November 2017 via Godz ov War Productions on CD, vinyl, cassette and digitally (exact date TBA). Check out the new track “Selenomantic Ecstasies” in the player at the bottom.

“IAO 269” follows up conceptually on the previous album, “Entheogen” (2015), and takes the band into a brand new and bolder, experimental – and even trance-like – direction.

Guitarist Federico Gutiérrez comments on what influenced this direction: “music is always a response from whatever we are feeling at the moment of its creation. It is an extension of our feelings and emotions”. The album was heavily influenced by the music the band members were listening to during the creation process of the album: krautrock, 70s and 80s post-punk and ambient music among others.

“When we were crafting the music, it became more obvious that the concept of the album would be a continuation of the concept on Entheogen: It’s the harness of knowledge through the occult and realizing its power and the abilities it descends upon one’s hands”.

“IAO 269” was produced by Colin Marston and Corpse Garden. It was recorded, mixed and mastered in January 2017 by Colin Marston at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves Studio, Queens, New York.

Stay tuned for more information on the album. In the meantime, check out the new song “Selenomantic Ecstasies” here:

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Corpse Garden Streaming “Portal To The Oneiric”

With just under one month to go until the release of second album “Entheogen,” Corpse Garden has teamed up with Zero Tolerance Magazine for a stream of second single “Portal to the Oneiric.” Give it a listen below.

“Entheogen,” which is set for a joint release this May 15th via both Satanath Records and RTM Productions, is the Costa Rican band’s second release and follow-up to 2012’s “Burnt By the Light.” With an extensive line-up change in 2013 the band now offers something completely different with this album. Vocalist Felipe Tencio comments on what fans can expect musically:

“Death metal with black metal influences combined with experimentation. We use effects and additional musical instruments (mellotron, ebow) to create ambientations and atmospheres. Entheogen is by far a more elaborate, complex and dynamic album in terms of musicianship, concept and song structures.”

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Corpse Garden Posts New Song “Suspended Over The Abyss”

“Completely different” is what fans both old and new can expect on Corpse Garden’s upcoming release “Entheogen,” says vocalist Felipe Tencio.

The Costa Rica based five-piece steeped with death metal roots recently announced “Entheogen,” the band’s second album, will be released on May 15th through both Russia’s Satanath Records and Germany’s RTM Productions, with North American distribution through Sevared Records.

Felipe goes on to elaborate, “This album is dark, dense and aggressive. However, there are certain parts of it which focus mainly on psychedelic, hypnotizing passages that help build the atmosphere we want to create. We were immensely influenced by 70’s progressive rock bands for this album so it’s a more experimental approach to death/black metal.”

You can judge for yourselves on what to expect as “Corpse Garden” has unveiled the first single from the album entitled “Suspended Over The Abyss.” Listen in below.

Suspended Over The Abyss by Corpse Garden

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Corpse Garden Announces New Album “Entheogen”

Corpse Garden, the five-piece death metal outfit from Costa Rica, is proud to announce that second album “Entheogen” will be released this May 15th through both Russian label Satanath Records and German label RTM Productions.

The title “Entheogen” refers to a chemical substance that is often used in religious or spiritual practices to aim for transcendence. Vocalist Felipe Tencio elaborates further:

“We think [Entheogen] is what really describes the music and the sound we accomplished with this album as well as it being an analogy for the transformation the band suffered, and the lyrical concept. The lyrics go through each one of the seven operations of alchemical transformation and Carl Jung’s studies on Individuation.”

Satanath Records Owner Aleksey had this to say on the label’s newest signing: “I like this young and talented band. Their music is mysterious and meets all the canons of the style that I love. The album spews out energetic and technical death metal with a delicious bass in the spirit of old school death metal. Yet Corpse Garden do not fixate on the [old school vibe] and thereby retain their originality. Verdict: It is impossible not to release!”

The “Entheogen” artwork was designed by Alexander L.Brown [BNB Illustration and Design]. The track listing is as follows:

1. The Quantum Rapture
2. In the Womb of Chaos
3. Portal to the Oneiric
4. The Arrival of Saturn
5. Suspended Over the Abyss
6. Evoking a Dead Sun
7. Sulphur
8. Neux Ex Machina
9. The First Incarnation
10. A Balance of Opposites
11. The Emerald Vision
12. Red Pulvis Solaris
13. Enantiodromia

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Corpse Garden Posts “Suspended Over The Abyss”

Costa Rican death metallers Corpse Garden will release new single “Suspended Over the Abyss” for purchase digitally on September 23 on i-Tunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and other digital retailers. The song is now streaming at this location. The single comes from upcoming sophomore full-length album Ecdysis for which the band is currently seeking a record label to release.

The new single is representative of the band’s old school, technical death metal sound combined with progressive passages, killer solos and dense atmospheres.”Suspended over the Abyss” reflects the band’s new direction, due in part to lineup changes and musical growth since guitarist Esteban Sancho, bassist Carlos Venegas and vocalist Felipe Tencio joined the band.

Ecdysis was crafted from December 2013 to May 2014 in Bushido Audio Productions in Costa Rica; it was recorded, produced and mixed by Juan Pablo Calvo. Album artwork was created by Alexander L. Brown of BNB Illustration and Design based on the concept provided by the band.

According to the band: “Ecdysis means the shedding or molting of an outer layer of skin particularly on snakes, it means transformation for us. We shed our skin and changed our approach to music in every aspect and this is what we wanted the album’s cover and title to reflect that.”

“The concept is based on the steps of Solve Et Coagula, the alchemical process; making reference to Carl Jung’ studies of the collective unconscious, psychology and alchemy. This conceptual piece is crafted to capture the journey through all the stages and emotions finding the underlying patterns of order in darkness and nature of the psyche.”

Corpse Garden is a death metal act hailing from Heredia, Costa Rica. They formed in early 2008 from the ashes of a gore/grind band. In 2009, they recorded a demo and in 2011 they hit the studio for the second time to record their debut album “Burnt by the Light” in Bushido Audio Productions with Producer Juan Pablo Calvo. The album was mastered by Jens Bogren at the Fascination Street Studios in Sweden and was released in January 2012.

Corpse Garden entered the Wacken Metal Battle Central America, competing against nearly 90 bands from all over the region. On March 31, 2012 Corpse Garden became the first Costa Rican band to win this battle and to play in the official worldwide Wacken Metal Battle on August 1, 2012.

Corpse Garden has shared the stage with Disgorge (Mex), Morbid Angel (USA), Malevolent Creation (USA), Mnemic (Den) and Behemoth (Pol) as well as touring in Central America and Europe.

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Advent Of Bedlam Streaming "Flesh Over God"

Costa Rican death thrashers Advent Of Bedlam have been streaming their entire eight-song second album “Flesh Over God” at Bandcamp. You can also stream the entire first album “Reborn in Chaos” at that site as well. Advent Of Bedlam is gearing up to be one of the support acts for the June 10th Malevolent Creation show at the Latino Rock Cafe in the capital city of San Jose. Also on the bill are two other Costa Rican bands, Corpse Garden and Reborn In Chaos.

Flesh Over God by Advent of Bedlam

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Corpse Garden Releases Debut Album

Costa Rican technical death metal band Corpse Garden has finally released it’s debut full-length album “Burnt By the Light.” Every song from it is streaming over on YouTube, such as the track “Killing in the Name of God” below. Recently, Corpse Garden made it to the finals in the Wacken metal battle in Costa Rica along with progressive metal band Adulam.

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