Sinister Releasing Covers Album “Dark Memorials”

After 25 years of existence, Sinister is ready to release 13th album “Dark Memorials” with a steady line-up that’s going strong the last 4 years.

“Dark Memorials” is Sinister’s 25th anniversary CD and instead of recording an album with new material, the band decided to do something different for this special occasion: the album contains songs that all Sinister members loved, played on vinyl over and over again, and even played along with in the old days.

With “Dark Memorials,” Sinister pays tribute to some of the band’s early heroes. Due out September 4, the track listing is as follows:

1. The Malicious (Intro)
2. Beneath The Remains (Sepultura Cover)
3. Exhume To Consume (Carcass Cover)
4. Unleashed Upon Mankind (Bolt Thrower Cover)
5. Master Killer (Merauder Cover)
6. Beyond The Unholy Grave (Death Cover)
7. Under The Guillotine (Kreator Cover)
8. Ridden With Disease (Autopsy Cover)
9. Necrophiliac (Slayer Cover)
10. Radiation Sickness (Repulsion Cover)
11. Blasphemies Of The Flesh (Carnage Cover)
12. Spiritual Immolation (re-recorded) (Bonus)
13. Compulsory Resignation (re-recorded) (Bonus)

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The Wolf Council Reveals Self-Titled Album Release

On February 24th, 2015 Static Tension Recordings will release the self-titled debut album from The Wolf Council.

Best described as a mixture of doom, stoner, and metal, “The Wolf Council” contains songs that are both heavy and catchy simultaneously. Fans of bands such as the Melvins and Kyuss in particular should take note. “The Wolf Council” will be released on CD in February and on vinyl in April.

A power-trio from Minneapolis/St. Paul, The Wolf Council consists of Steve Williams (vocals, guitar), Jeff Paske (drums), and Steve Post (bass/vocals). The band formed exactly at 1:30 AM on August 7th, 2013 and officially signed to Static Tension Recordings at noon on New Years Eve 2014. The new album’s track listing is:

1. Plans for the Sky
2. Send Help for the Rest
3. Waves
4. Victims
5. All that Was Yours
6. The Day I Cleared the Debt
7. Loading the Guns
8. Just One Push
9. Floor
10. No Reason

The Wolf Council -All that was yours by The Wolf Council

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Cadaveria To Reissue Debut Album “The Shadows Madame”

Cadaveria has checked in with the following announcement about re-releasing “The Shadows’ Madame:”

“Black Tears is proud to announce they have reached an agreement with Cadaveria for the reissue of ‘The Shadows’ Madame’ album. Released in 2002, the cult album that marked the beginning of Cadaveria career, has become extremely rare by now. So it’s time to make it available again to all fans. This new issue, proposed with a brand new layout, is completely remastered and it contains songs such as ‘Spell’ and ‘Circle of Eternal Becoming’ that have become classic hits of the band.

“The release of ‘The Shadows’ Madame’ reissue is scheduled for July 16th, 2013 and it will be distributed by Black Tears Mailorder and Masterpiece Distribution. Below, to refresh fans memory, is the full track list.”

1. Spell
2. Declaration of Spiritual Independence
3. In Memory of Shadows’ Madame
4. Circle of Eternal Becoming
5. The Magic Rebirth
6. Black Glory
7. Absolute Vacuum

 photo cadav_zps443140e3.jpg

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Embreach Reveals New Album "Hues Of Red" Artwork, Release Date

Finland’s Embreach has finished recording the band’s debut album, which is currently scheduled for release on August 15th, 2012. According to a statement from Embreach, the new album “Hues of Red” contains songs ranging from progressive death metal to mournful ballads.

The cover artwork for “Hues of Red” is available below, and you can also listen to the new song “The Night Beckons” over at this location.

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Korn Premieres New Video "Sanctuary"

Metal veterans Korn will be releasing their tenth album, “The Path of Totality,” on December 6th. The new record contains songs produced by dubstep artists such as Rotten, who contribute to the new video for the song “Sanctuary,” featured below.

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