Drowning Posts Full “Egotrip” Album Online

Chicago beatdown band Drowning will be releasing debut full-length album “Egotrip” on 2/26, but you can stream it early today in the player below, courtesy of Bloody-Disgusting.com.

“Growing up in Chicago you learn a lot from the streets,” says vocalist Bryan Grantz. “Once you commit to a lifestyle there is no going back or backing down. You have to stand up for what you believe in through and through.”

The “Egotrip” album features guest vocalists such as John Hoffman (Weekend Nachos), Rob Watson (Lionheart), and Matt Honeycutt (Kublai Khan). Additionally, the band enlisted Chicago rappers MoeCyrus and Baer Coon the Ewokk.

“Recording ‘Egotrip’ was both an amazing and challenging experience,” says bassist Ryan Kramarz. “We knew we wanted to push ourselves as much as possible and let the sound come together organically. As a band, we aimed to take a big step away from the constraints of genres and expectations. We wanted to do something that we could indisputably call our own. We were also very fortunate to have so many talented friends to collaborate with. Every artist featured on this record are people we respect and love working with. Everyone brought something unique to the table and helped shape the overall sound of the album.”

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Kenn Nardi Announces New Solo Album “Dancing With The Past”

As the guitarist/vocalist/producer and chief writer and lyricist of Anacrusis from 1986-1993, Kenn Nardi’s vision was a lofty one. He wanted to marry elements of classic metal, doom, speed/thrash, and early power metal together to create a unique brand of songwriting. After releasing four albums between 1998 and 1993, Anacrusis disbanded in late 1993.

Lying dormant for over a decade, Kenn Nardi resurfaced in 2006 to write and record a collection of acoustically-driven material under the Cruel April moniker. The project gave the multi-instrumentalist the chance to hone and tighten his lyrical and musical songwriting style without the constraints or expectations of any specific genre.

On his new album, “Dancing With The Past,” Kenn Nardi brings together all of the signature elements of Anacrusis’ sound…the crushing, low-tuned guitar riffs, prominent bass lines, sing/growl/scream vocals, introspective lyrics, and evocative melodies while adopting the more streamlined songwriting approach of Cruel April. The result is a mammoth collection of 28 brand new recordings filling two compact discs.

“Dancing With The Past” is comprised of music written as far back as 1994, shortly after the Anacrusis split up. The collection also features material borne from collaborations with his former Anacrusis band mates during the 2009-2012 reunion run along with a re-recorded Cruel April song, in addition to the more recent compositions.

Originally envisioned as a new reunion-era Anacrusis release, “Dancing With The Past” features bassist John Emery on four songs (two co-written), along with contributions from original drummer Mike Owen and one song co-written with reunion-era guitarist Mike Henricks.

The 2 CD set will be released via Divebomb Records on January 13th, 2015. Cover art is being handled by Eliran Kantor (Testament, GWAR, Iced Earth) and will be revealed upon its completion.

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New Bassist Announced By Power Theory

Lineup changes continue for Pennsylvania metal act Power Theory, as the band announced that bassist Drew Foster would be departing the band due to the constraints and commitments of his job. Foster will continue to fill in for live shows when if there was a need and he would continue to work on the side project with guitarist BB Ballinger. The new bassist is Alan D’Angelo (Ex-Sleepy Hollow/Livesay).

The band’s announcement reads as follows: “We are…very pleased to announce Alan D`Angelo (Livesay, ex-Sleepy Hollow) will be taking over duties as Power Theory bassist for Warriors of Metal IV – Open Air and the fall ‘Metal Masters Tour’ with Vicious Rumors, Leather Wolf, Seven Witches, and Power Theory’s support role starting 10/03/13 in our home town, Philadelphia, and the forthcoming ‘Driven By Fear’ final recording sessions. Alan is a kick ass bass player and has great stage presence.”

The band was forced to cancel its upcoming appearance in Delaware this weekend: “Unfortunately, we will have to cancel our 6/22/13 date with label mates Widow and good friends Infernal Opera at Mojo 13 in Wilmington, Delaware to prepare with Alan for our Warriors of Metal IV set in Ohio, on 6/29/13, but will attend to support the bands, and rest assured we will be in top form for our scheduled set at WOM IV.”

Power Theory recently hired new vocalist Jeff Rose last month.

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