Sodom Part Ways With Guitarist & Drummer – Introduce New Members in April At Full Metal Mountain Festival (Austria)

Sodom mainman and sole remaining founding member Thomas “Angelripper” Such, has parted ways with drummer Markus “Makka” Freiwald and guitarist Bernd “Bernemann” Kost.

Says Tom Angelripper: “After much thought and reflection, I have decided on this difficult step to pave the way for new challenges. Sodom have always lived off the commitment and passion of everybody involved. Makka was part of the band for almost eight years, Bernemann even for more than twenty. To obviate a possible routine setting in which would make it impossible to continue our creative work optimally, I would like to start all over again with fresh and hungry musicians. At the same time, I would like to say thank you to Bernemann and Makka for many successful years in which we performed fantastic shows and released a number of real metal manifestos.”

Despite this lineup change, all planned Sodom shows will take place from April 2018 as announced. Tom is set to introduce his new brothers in crime at the Full Metal Mountain festival. Being asked if Sodom will continue to operate as a trio or perhaps will become a quartet remains uncertain.

Explains Angelripper:

“I haven’t really made up my mind in this respect; I’m open to all options. I will now install the band’s new foundation pillars and look around for new musicians. One thing is already clear: Sodom will become even stronger!”

Sodom tour dates:

Apr. 7 – AT – Kärnten – Full Metal Mountain
Jun. 21-23 – FI – Kauhajoki – Nummirock
Jun. 23 – DK – Copenhagen – Copenhell
Jul. 4-7 – DE – Ballenstedt – Rock Harz Open Air
Jul. 14 – SE – Gävle – Gefle Metal
Aug. 18 – AT – Graz – Metal On The Hill
Aug. 25 – DE – Cham – Mosh Club Open Air
Aug. 31 – DE – Hamburg – Weltturbojugendtage
Oct. 6 – DE – Lichtenfels – Way Of Darkness

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Malevolent Creation Premiere New Demo Track From Upcoming New 2018 Album & Announce New Lineup

An unfinished demo track which will be included on the upcoming 13th album from Malevolent Creation can be streamed via YouTube below. The release will feature the band’s current lineup, consisting of founding member and guitarist Phil Fasciana alongside new additions Lee Wollenschlaeger (vocals, guitar), Phil Cancilla (drums) and Josh L. Gibbs (bass).

Fasciana states about the group’s latest incarnation:

“After receiving so many great videos and songs from singers wanting to take over the vocal position after the departure of original vocalist Bret Hoffman, I finally have found the right man for the job. I received a few songs from Lee Wollenschlaeger and his solo project Imperial Empire and was so impressed that after a lot of conversations and hearing his own compositions and demos of him singing Malevolent Creation songs, I could not deny his talent.

“The demo song posted below is one of his songs that I really liked and told him we could work with his song for the next Malevolent Creation album and let people hear our new vocalist and his talent. He is also playing guitar in the band, which makes us now a four-piece. To prove my commitment to him that he is now the vocalist, I posted this demo song that he wrote and that is being re-recorded as we speak so he can re-write the lyrics and I can lay down a couple guitar solos for this song. We will be posting some more music with Lee Wollenschlaeger singing Malevolent Creation songs, and between the music i have written for the next album and his music, as well as our bassist and drummer who both write music as well, we now have a band that is dedicated to record the heaviest Malevolent Creation album yet.”

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Agalloch Members Form New Band Khôrada

Emerging from the dissolution of Agalloch and Giant Squid, a new group is born: Khôrada. Featuring former Agalloch members Don Anderson (guitar), Jason Walton (bass) and Aesop Dekker (drums) alongside ex-Giant Squid guitarist / vocalist Aaron John Gregory, Khôrada exists to create expansive, epic and passionate music.

The quartet announced that it has signed with independent label Prophecy Productions and is currently writing and demoing material for an as-yet-untitled debut album.

“Khôrada members Don Anderson and Jason Walton have been fans of Prophecy Productions since their inception in 1996,” comments the band. “We have always admired and respected their commitment to quality packaging and uncovering the most cutting-edge artists in the scene. We are honored and humbled to be a part of their family.”

Immediately following the breakup of Agalloch in May of 2016, Walton, Anderson and Dekker remained committed to writing and playing together and unanimously agreed on working with Aaron John Gregory from the recently disbanded Giant Squid. Musically, Khôrada (an ancient Greek term for an empty space, or place of reflection) is dedicated to heavy, brooding, and deeply emotional songs.

Lyrically, Gregory will write about the anxieties and fears of raising his daughters in a world that is both environmentally and politically in turmoil; where animal life and human life continue to be treated like property and assets to be exploited; the grind of living in an ever-competitive world with an ever-growing and unsustainable population and the fierce determination of nature to violently reset these terrifying imbalances.

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Details Of Debut Full Length Album “Black Book – Chapter One” Issued By Angel Martyr

Italian speed metal act Angel Martyr announced details of the upcoming full length debut entitled “Black Book: Chapter One.” The album is set for release on March 17th via Iron Shield Records, with distribution via Pure Steel Records.

Angel Martyr was born from the ashes of the Wraith’sing, a project activated in 2006 by founding members Tiziano Hammerhead Sbaragli (Etrusgrave) and Tiziano Atreiu Chater (Ormgarth-former Imperium). The two came together to play pure heavy metal with fast and simple riffs, rhythmic impact, earsplitting high-notes and a powerful double bass drums. At that time, the song “Angel Martyr” was born, and quickly after was adopted as the band’s name. After some months, the members realized that musical visions were different and often very divergent so they split as friends.

In the 2012 installment of Heavy Metal Night, the band was reborn through Tiziano Sbaragli (vocals, guitars) and Dario Rosteni (bass) along with drummer Francesco Taddei – drums. Today, Taddei lives in London, but maintains his commitment with Angel Martyr. The band wrote and completed recordings for the full length debut.

The track listing for “Black Book: Chapter One” is:

1. Obsequies
2. They. … Among Us
3. Victims
4. Eric The Conqueror
5. Midnight Traveller
6. Turn On The Fire
7. Pirate Song
8. On The Divine Battlefield
9. Angel Martyr

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Bolzer Streams Full “Hero” Album

Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present Bolzer’s “Hero” album. Officially out now, you can stream the full album below, and Iron Bonehead also comments:

“Hailing from Switzerland, Bolzer is one of the most unique entities the metal underground has birthed in years. For one, Bolzer is proudly and resolutely a duo, using the barest essentials of voice, guitar, and drums and yet creating one of the densest, most world-eating sounds around.

“For another, the duo wisely and patiently parceled out the recordings, with a lone nine songs to date across three records – 2012’s ‘Roman Acupuncture’ demo, 2013’s Iron Bonehead-released ‘Aura’ EP, and 2014’s ‘Soma’ EP – judiciously chronicling the band’s evolution into one of the most critically acclaimed metal bands in recent memory.

“And yet, ‘critical acclaim’ has never been a part of Bolzer’s agenda: the commitment is to art alone, but it just so happens that word-of-mouth built organically (and feverishly), especially on the strength of devastating, soul-draining live performances, where Bolzer can recreate every aspect of these records in the flesh.

“And at long last, flesh is given to a full-length album, and it bears the characteristically idiosyncratic title ‘Hero.'”

Bölzer – Hero by Iron Bonehead Productions

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Urizen Parts With Drummer Julio Escamilla

Texas band Urizen just issued the following statement online about parting ways with the group’s drummer:

“Friends, it is with sadness that we announce that we are parting ways with our long-time brother, drummer, and co-founding Urizen member Julio Escamilla. We have reached a point where our lives are leading us in different directions, and it is no longer possible for Julio to continue on with the band.

“We are parting on good terms, and there are no words to express the value that Julio has brought to this project with his skills as a drummer, his friendship, and his commitment to furthering the UriCause throughout the years. Be on the lookout for his insanely fast feet to show up in new and exciting musical projects very soon!

“We would also like to announce that we will be joined on all upcoming endeavors by our good buddy Nolan McCormick, who filled in behind the kit for Julio during our 25-date tour with Psychostick and Downtown Brown this past spring. Nolan brings his own set of killer skills to the table, and we’re looking forward to continuing to rock with him as we barrel down this crazy robo-filled path we’re on!

“We’ve got lots of fun stuff to share with you all soon, but for now, please join us in thanking Julio for everything he’s done for this band since we first jammed on Dimmu Borgir covers with him all those years ago! Never stop a-rockin’, dudes and dudettes!”

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Hatchet Announces New Bassist, Kody Barba

San Francisco thrash band Hatchet has announced Kody Barba as its new Bassist. The band comments:

“Kody has made quite the journey from Harrisburg Pennsylvania to join us in recording the album. His presence will definitely be heard on the new album and his style is awesome! We thank him in his commitment and faith in the Hatchet name and he is bringing a new, excited energy to the group.”

You can check out an introduction video on the band’s Facebook page.

As previously reported, Hatchet has begun recording its third full-length studio album, set to be released summer 2015 via The End Records/ADA.

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15 Reasons Streaming Full New Album “The Art Of Commitment”

“The Art Of Commitment,” the third full-length release from Belgium-based power rock/metal group 15 Reasons, is officially out now via Graviton Music Services.

In celebration of the release, the full album has been made available online. Check it out below, courtesy of Pure Grain Audio.

“The Art Of Commitment” follows up the band’s second full-length album “Second Coming,” and was engineered, mixed, and mastered by François Dediste at Ear We Go Studios in Aubange, Belgium.

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Theocracy Splits With Drummer Shawn Benson

Georgia-based melodic metal band Theocracy regrets to announce the departure of longtime drummer Shawn Benson, who will be pursuing other interests. The band comments:

“Continued work conflicts and scheduling issues simply made it impossible to move forward, so both parties amicably agreed that it was time for a change to be made. There are no hard feelings on either side, and the band wishes Shawn nothing but the best in the future.”

“To be honest, I’m pretty devastated about this, as I expected to be playing with Shawn for as long as we kept going,” says vocalist Matt Smith. “But he is moving into a different phase of his life and could no longer give the commitment it takes to be in a band, so ultimately this is the only solution for all parties involved. I’d like to personally thank Shawn for helping to bring three albums from my imagination to reality, and his contributions can never be overstated. He will always be a part of the Theocracy family.”

In the interest of moving forward, Theocracy is beginning to look for candidates to fill the position. Interested parties can contact the band at Theocracy is currently working on new material to follow the “As the World Bleeds” album.

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15 Reasons Streaming New Song “N.B.M.A.”

Belgium-based power rock/metal group 15 Reasons has recently revealed another song from forthcoming third album “The Art Of Commitment,” which is set for release on March 21st via Graviton Music Services.

Listen to “N.B.M.A” in the player below, courtesy of Pure Grain Audio.

“The Art Of Commitment” follows up the band’s second full-length album “Second Coming,” and was engineered, mixed, and mastered by François Dediste at Ear We Go Studios in Aubange, Belgium. The track listing is as follows:

1. Damage Done
2. N.B.M.A
3. Humans Are Pollution
4. Around Me
5. The End Of Everything
6. Darkest Days Of Our Lives
7. Alyson Wonderland
8. Mirror Mirror
9. Broken Zero
10. Worm Inside
11. The Art Of Commitment

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