Trump / Clinton Twitter War Erupts Over Phil Anselmo’s Dimebash Remarks

It’s the Nazi salute heard round the world that just won’t go away. We thought news of Phil Anselmo’s yell of “white power” at Dimebash was finally over, but that all changed this morning when some dedicated Trump followers tweeted about the incident months after the fact.

Known for inflammatory tweets about other candidate’s wives and making headlines by retweeting less-than-savory sources, it shouldn’t come as much surprise that the GOP presidential front runner jumped on the opportunity to show his support for the 1st Amendment.

Things took an ugly turn when Hillary Clinton got involved, tweeting back a link to our own op/ed about the situation.

Not learning from poor Megyn Kelly, the Democratic frontrunner for the presidential nod probably should have seen this response coming…

The situation further deteriorated from there, with tweets we don’t feel comfortable sharing on a family-friendly website like You can head directly to the Trump Twitter page for more, if you dare.

In related news, Democratic contender Bernie Sanders will also soon be appearing in a documentary all about New York Hardcore.

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