“Blackhearts” Documentary Offered Free For Iranian Viewers

The producers of the award-winning documentary “Blackhearts” have had a goal to release the film in Iran since early in development, and as news of the documentary started to spread online, Iranian main character Sina began receiving messages from aspiring young metalheads finding inspiration in his story, themselves wishing to play the music they love without fear of consequences.

Preparing for the DVD release, all kinds of approaches for distribution or screening possibilities in Iran were pursued, but no traditional solutions were found. Now a geoblocked minisite has been created where all Iranians can watch the full documentary for free, and the production company Gammaglimt has reached out to spread the link below the radar of the Iranian regime. If you’re in Iran and want to view the film, send a message at Facebook here.

Sina comments: “I have received many inquiries from young musicians in Iran, both via email and through social media, who have read about me in connection with Blackhearts. In Iran, it is impossible to play black metal. It is impossible to release your music legally and concerts is also something you can forget. Through my story, they can see that it is possible!”

The story of Sina’s oppression at the hands of the Iranian government questions the role of authority in dictating what defines art; on the other end lies Kaiadas, a government oppressor who is a member of Greece’s neo-fascist political party The Golden Dawn by day and black metal musician by night. In the middle, we have Hector, a devoted Satanist and frontman for the Colombian black metal band Luciferian. All three of them exemplifying the global reach and cultural heritage of Norwegian black metal. Also featured in the film are Norwegian black metallers Keep Of Kalessin, Nocturno Culto from Darkthrone, Destructhor from Myrkskog/Zyklon/ex-Morbid Angel and Tjalve from Den Saakaldte/ex-1349.

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Colombian Necktie Streaming New Song “Linestepper”

New stoner-core anthem “Linestepper” from Los Angeles’ Colombian Necktie has come online today and can be heard below. “Linestepper” appears on upcoming new album “All Paths Lead to Nowhere.”

The “All Paths Lead to Nowhere” album comes out September 30th on Black Voodoo Records. The album was recorded and mixed by Erol Ulug (Dangers, Seizures) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, Black Tusk).

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Colombian Necktie Posts New Song “Burn The Bridge”

LA stoner-core crew Colombian Necktie unites driving, metallic hardcore with cosmic, hard-rock boogie on new album “All Paths Lead to Nowhere.” Opening track “Burn the Bridge” has come online and can be heard below.

“All Paths Lead to Nowhere” will see a September 30th release on Black Voodoo Records. The album was recorded and mixed by Erol Ulug (Dangers, Seizures) and mastered by Brad Boatright (Nails, Black Tusk).

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Mauricio Chamucero Posts “The Awareness” Video

Veteran Colombian metal drummer Mauricio Chamucero (Savage Messiah) has just released a new drumming video that features guitars from Jorge Burbano. The “Awareness” track is a skeletal version of a song that will be released with a full band – also titled The Awareness – on an upcoming EP.

Originally from Colombia, Mauricio now lives in the United Kingdom and has worked with many well-established power and traditional metal bands including Dragonforce, Savage Messiah, Blaze Bayley, and Rogue Male. He is also a full member of The Bounded.

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Nox Posts Songs From New EP “Ancestral Arte Negro”

Today, Colombian black metal cult Nox streams two tracks new EP “Ancestral Arte Negro,” which is set for international release on August 28th via Forever Plagued Records. Check out opening song “Espectro” and the title track in the Bandcamp player below.

1. Espectro
2. Atravesando El Umbral
3. Ancestral Arte Negro
4. Esperando La Muerte

Nox – Ancestral Arte Negro EP by Forever Plagued Records

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Colombian Necktie Posts New Song “Guiding Light”

As the official unveiling of “Twilight Upon Us,” the forthcoming debut from West Coast sludgecore perpetrators Colombian Necktie, draws near, today Decibel Magazine spews forth a new helping of heaviness with the sonic menace of “Guiding Light.”

Check out the new song below, and you can pick up “Twilight Upon Us” when it officially drops August 19th, 2014. The previously posted song “Sleepwalking” can also be heard at this location.

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Putreclitor Releasing “Embalsamada En Semen” EP

Bogota brutal metal duo Putreclitor has posted on its facebook page that its new EP “Embalsamada en Semen” should be available as a physical release soon. The Colombian metallers released a video for the title cut from the EP recently, which can be listened to below.

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Xendra Posts New Music Video For “Sombra En La Pared”

A new music video is now available for “Sombra en la pared” (“Shadow on the Wall”) from Colombian outfit Xendra. Check it out below. Xendra consists of:

– Julio Cesar Osorio (Tres de Corazon, ex-Desertor): Vocals / Guitar
– Jerónimo Alvarez (Cromlech, ex-Shadowlit Mind, ex-Detriktuss): Guitar
– Diego Villa (Wishmasters, ex-Terra sur): Bass
– Juan Pablo Valencia (Morwen , ex-Sabactani): Drums

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Inheritor Streaming New Song “Echoes From A Weeping Soul”

Inheritor has posted the new track “Echoes From A Weeping Soul” online, which can be heard below, and the band also comments:

“Check out Inheritor’s new single – melodic metal with a touch of Colombian folk, and just a glimpse of the upcoming album!”

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Eshtadur Releases New Music Video For “Stay Away From Evil And Get Close To Me”

This June Colombian metal act Eshtadur will release sophomore album “Stay Away From Evil and Get Close to Me” on Gate of Horror Productions. A video clip for the title track can be viewed below. The track listing is as follows:

1. Beyond the Shadows
2. Stay Away From Evil and Get Close to Me
3. Another Alien Messiah
4. Abigor
5. Nightmare in a Church
6. Son of a Witch
7. Take Me to the Morgue
8. The Girl Who Hated a Priest
9. Mas Alla de las Sombras (Spanish Version of “Beyond the Shadows”)

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