Coma Cluster Void Posts Finger Picking “Path Of Lies” Playthrough

While many bands are content to play it safe and create metal music within normal confines, there’s always going to be brave outsiders like Coma Cluster Void pushing the genre forwards. The multi-national collective (featuring ex-Cryptopsy, current Akurion vocalist Mike Disalvo) released debut album “Mind Cemeteries” back in 2016, resulting in a surprise hit.

Today the band partnered with ItDjents to premiere a 10-string guitar playthrough for the song “Path Of Lies.” Check it out below.

Of interesting note, the video showcases guitarist John Strieders playing without a guitar pick, exclusively utilizing a fingerpicking style instead. Additionally, the band has chosen today’s premiere as a vehicle with which to tease the announcement of a upcoming EP, “Thoughts From A Stone,” slated for release later this year.

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Akurion Recording Debut Album

Montreal-based Akurion has begun recording a long-awaited debut album. Vocalist Mike DiSalvo (ex-Cryptopsy) had this to say about the recording process:

“All the base tracks from the four of us are gonna be recorded live with only some overdubs added after the fact. We wanted a real earthy and deep sound from the inception of this project and we feel that jamming the tunes live in our room together, we will be able to capture the best feel and performance of these songs.”

The band entered the studio on April 14th with Alex Hebert (Ages, Empire De Mu). The album will be mixed by John Strieder of Magma Studios and will feature the great metal voices of Lord Worm (ex-Cryptopsy), Luc Lemay (Gorguts), and Jean-Marie Leblanc (Vengeful) as guest appearances.

Look for the upcoming new album to be released by the end of the year. Akurion’s base lineup consists of:

Mike DiSalvo – Vocals (Coma Cluster Void/Fireside Sessions/ex-Cryptopsy/ex-Infestation)
Rob Milley – Guitars (Neuraxis/Phobocosm(live)/Fireside Sessions/Torn Within)
Oli Pinard – Bass (Cryptopsy/Neuraxis/Vengeful)
Tommy McKinnon – Drums (Conflux/Ages/Empire De Mu/ex-Neuraxis/ex-Augury)

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Coma Cluster Void Posts “Everything Is Meant To Kill Us” Video

Multinational atonal death metal/math metal collective Coma Cluster Void has already had a great year due to the positive reception of debut record, “Mind Cemeteries,” but the band isn’t slowing down just yet. The group now releases a brand new music video for the song “Everything Is Meant To Kill Us.”

Beyond the videos suffocating spasms of visual aggression, it’s notable for another reason, as it unites two former Cryptopsy vocalists, Mike Disalvo and Lord Worm, in the same video. Check out the clip below.

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Coma Cluster Void Streams Full “Mind Cemeteries” Album

Dissonant extreme death metal unit Coma Cluster Void just released new full-length album “Mind Cemeteries” on August 26th and now the full release has come online for streaming. Listen in below.

1. Prologue: I Am
2. Iron Empress (streaming here)
3. Drowning Into Sorrow
4. Path Of Lies
5. Mind Cemeteries
6. Interlude: I See Through Your Pain
7. The Hollow Gaze
8. Everything Is Meant To Kill Us
9. Petrified Tears
10. All Bitter Endings
11. Epilogue: As I Walk Amongst The Sick

Mind Cemeteries by Coma Cluster Void

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Conflux Premieres New Song “Lucid Hallucinations” From Upcoming 3 Song EP “The Inception”

Conflux – the new new collaborative tech death metal project helmed by guitarist/songwriter Chase Fraser (Continuum, ex Animosity, Decrepit Birth) and drummer Tommy Mckinnon (Akurion/Neuraxis) – premieres a new song entitled “Lucid Hallucinations”, taken from the upcoming 3 song EP “The Inception”, which will be out in stores May 3, 2016.

Check out now “Lucid Hallucinations” below.

The complete Conflux lineup is:

– Guitarist Chase Fraser (Continuum, ex-Animosity, Decrepit Birth)
– Drummer Tommy Mckinnon (Akurion/Neuraxis)
– Mike DiSalvo (Akurion/Coma Cluster Void/ex-Cryptopsy)
– Bassist Derek Engemann (Cattle Decapitation)
– Elliot Desgagnes (Beneath The Massacre)
– Eran Segal (ex-Aborted)
– Matt McGachy (Cryptopsy)
– Hugo Doyon Karout (Beyond Creation/Brought By Pain/Equipose)

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