Cleric Premiere New Song “Ifrit” From Upcoming New Album “Retrocausal”

Philadelphia quartet Cleric presents sophomore album “Retrocausal”, its first new full-length in seven years. “Retrocausal” is set for a December 8th release on Web of Mimicry, the label owned by musician Trey Spruance of Mr. Bungle and Secret Chiefs 3.

Stream new track “Ifrit” from “Retrocausal” below:

Retrocausal by Cleric

“Retrocausal is an adventure story set in a dystopian future. Cleric vocalist/keyboardist Nick Shellenberger explains: “Lyrically, Retrocausal opens a window into a bleak sci-fi landscape plagued by environmental fallout, in which corrupt governments send their citizens to die, and centers around one submarine crew that learns of their intended fate and chooses to pursue the beyond, despite the terrors that await. Told from different perspectives throughout the record, it’s a story of hope, fear, uncertainty, and constant struggle in the face of failure and death, and in search of something that may never be.”

The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia) at The Thousand Caves in Queens, New York.

The artwork was created by Cleric’s Nick Shellenberger.

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Pitch Black Records Offering Free 2016 Sampler

Pitch Black Records has a new digital sampler available at Bandcamp here that can also be streamed in its entirety below. The label comments:

“Our 2016 sampler is out now! It includes 2 tracks from each 2016 PBR release (16 tracks total) and it’s now available as a FREE download. That’s it, no catch! Enjoy!”

1. ARRAYAN PATH – Solomon Seed 04:52
2. ARRAYAN PATH – Gabriel is Rising 05:05
3. PICTURES OF PAIN – Legacy 07:03
4. PICTURES OF PAIN – The Storm 06:13
5. GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH – The Sting 05:16
6. GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH – Citizens of Nowhere 03:51
7. HOLY DRAGONS – Civilizator 06:40
8. HOLY DRAGONS – Secret Friend 04:00
9. SINNERY – Built to Kill 04:22
10. SINNERY – Magic Bullet 06:46
11. MARAUDER – Tooth and Nail 04:05
12. MARAUDER – The Fall 06:12
13. CRIMSON FIRE – Bad Girl 03:23
14. CRIMSON FIRE – Only the Brave 03:53
15. DEBACKLINER – Rise of Angel 05:41
16. DEBACKLINER – Werewolf 03:23

Pitch Black Records 2016 Sampler by Pitch Black Records

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Coilguns Posts New Album “Commuters” Teaser

A teaser trailer has been posted online featuring the song “Plug-in Citizens,” which is taken from Coilguns’s first full-length album “Commuters.” Check out the clip below.

“Commuters” is due out on Pelagic Records this coming February 22nd (GAS) / February 25th (Europe), with pre-orders available right here. For more info on the Swiss act, head over to the Coilguns Facebook profile here.

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In Virtue Releases New Music Video For "In Service To His Madness"

California’s In Virtue has released a new music video for “In Service To His Madness,” the lead single from the band’s “Embrace the Horror” album.

The video depicts the citizens of the earth all dead in the streets after an apocalyptic cataclysm as well as studio performance footage, and can be viewed below. The full “Embrace the Horror” album is also available for purchase or streaming via Bandcamp here.

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