Tribulation Premiere New Music Video “The Lament” From Upcoming New Album “Down Below”

A new music video for Tribulation‘s new track “The Lament” has been premiered online and can be watched below.

Robert Piel directed the clip with the band stating:

“We always plant strange seeds, seeds that when fully grown and ripened have taken their own often unexpected twists and turns. When working with this video we got to share that process with someone else who is also planting strange seeds. Director and producer Robert Piel approached us and wanted to make a collaboration, which was something that we gladly accepted after seeing his previous work and after seeing how well we got along and how our cinematic references really overlapped.

It’s rare that you find people who have that creative spark that lacks in most of us and the discipline to fully get the job done. Robert and his entire crew had that! They all put a lot of effort and work into this and we all gladly endured the long and cold German nights. We hope you all enjoy our artistic amalgamation!”

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EXHUMED: Revolver Shares New Music Video For “Night Work”

Gore metal maniacs EXHUMED have shared the official music video for “Night Work” off the impending, new full-length album Death Revenge. Watch the full video now via Revolver Magazine HERE. Frontman Matt Harvey comments: “We are extremely stoked to present this cinematic clip that brings you deep into the world of the Death Revenge storyline. […]

heavy metal updates:
EXHUMED: Revolver Shares New Music Video For “Night Work”

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Destroying The Devoid Posts New Song “Carnivale Nocturno”

In less than a week, Destroying The Devoid — the progressive death metal venture led by Craig Peters of Deeds Of Flesh and formerly Arkaik — will drop the cinematic brutality of “Paramnesia.”

The seven-track, forty-six-minute “Paramnesia” was engineered and produced by Peters at Carnivale Nocturno Studios with all mixing and mastering handled by Zack Ohren (Deeds of Flesh, Arkaik, Suffocation et al) at Castle Ultimate Productions and cover art by Frank Barrera.

As a precursor to its release, today the band offers up new track “Carnivale Nocturno” for public consumption.

“The song ‘Carnivale Nocturno’ is a very dark song that deals with humanity and how we see ourselves,” elaborates Peters of the track. “Television and magazines project the image of what beauty is and what it is to be successful. This song is about self-empowerment and overcoming our own darkest emotions.”

Paramnesia by Destroying the Devoid

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Aelter Streaming “Aelter IV: Love Eternal”

Today the cinematic doom/Western-noir troupe Aelter stream the entirety of fourth album, “Aelter IV: Love Eternal,” out now on via Pesanta Urfolk. Listen in below, courtesy of

Aelter is one of several side-projects to emerge from the Wolvserpent camp, and uniquely known for a cinematically dreary dreamscape of doom-inspired darkness. Over the course of three albums, Aelter has steadily evolved from the minimal, wide-open expanses of sound – found on 2009’s debut “Dusk Dawn” and 2010’s “Aelter II: Follow You Beloved “(collected together by Crucial Blast in 2011) – to the strange ambient-influenced slowcore first suggested by 2011’s “Aelter III” and now reaching its fullest fruition on “Aelter IV.” The track listing is:

1. Intro
2. Death Eternal
3. Love Eternal
4. Life Eternal
5. Hope Eternal

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Opera Choir For New LP “Prometheus” Announced By Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody

Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody is set to enter the studio in a few weeks to begin recordings for the upcoming new release “Prometheus – Symphonia Ignis Divinus.” Today, the band began to post studio diary reports for the release, the first announcing opera choir members. The first is Bridget Fogle, who sang vocals on Luca Turilli’s Dreamquest release “Lost Horizons” (2006) and Luca Turilli’s 2006 solo release “The Infinite Wonders of Creation.” Secondly, the band announced Previn Moore, who sang choirs with Rhapsody of Fire, LT Rhapsody’s last release “Ascending to Infinity,” as well as After Forever and Epica.

The full diary entry reads:


Hi to all, now only a couple of weeks are left for us to enter in the BACKYARD STUDIOS of Kempten and proceed to the last album recordings with our faithful engineer and great friend SEBASTIAN ROEDER.

“The highlight of this new studio session will be the OPERA CHOIR recordings. The RHAPSODY composer LUCA TURILLI is actually completing all the choral arrangements and soon all those notes, from his CUBASE software, will turn into real and epic vocal melodies. Therefore we want to present you the two main amazing voices who will be with us for one long and hard week of tough recordings (the RHAPSODY choral parts are considered by all singers as really difficult due to the many changes of tonalities and for all the “crazy lines” composed by Luca himself) and that will lead such opera choir session, raising the cinematic level of our new album PROMETHEUS, SYMPHONIA IGNIS DIVINUS, to new artistic heights!

“Here they are, our long time friends and surely two of the best voices around: BRIDGET FOGLE and PREVIN MOORE!

“We don’t need to spend further words about their singing quality as you all know well both of them. They already performed on many RHAPSODY albums, we are collaborating together since more than 10 years and they are guarantee of top quality indeed. They also sang on our previous hit album ASCENDING TO INFINITY (and who could forget the memorable performance of BRIDGET FOGLE on the song TORMENTO E PASSIONE, a favorite between our fans?).

“We really love them, they are an important part of the RHAPSODY family and we are proud to have them on our boat. Ready to sail!”

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Author & Punisher Posts Live Video Clips

Today the crypt keepers at Cvlt Nation unearth the second installment of twisted live visuals from Author & Punisher.

Captured during a recent excursion supporting “Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals,” The Technicians Of Distortion Tour marked the first time Author & Punisher draftsman Tristan Shone combined abstract film footage with his soul-swallowing slabs of mechanical doom.

The videos merge actual projections from A&P’s performance at The Fillmore in Silver Springs, Maryland with additional found footage, effects, and a live feed from three separate cameras mounted in and around the setup for provocative audio/visual experience.

Gouge out your eyeballs with the cinematic trauma in the player below, courtesy of Cvlt Nation.

Tristan Shone is now returning to the stage with another live run of industrialized ear lashings. Dates are available after the jump.

10/06/2013 The Joint – Los Angeles, CA w/ Secrets of the Sky, Children
10/18/2013 The Alhambra Theatre (formerly Mt Tabor Theater) – Portland, OR w/ cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy), Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode), Martin Rev (Suicide) + more
10/19/2013 The Black Lodge – Seattle, WA w/ Gaytheist, Making Fuck
11/12/2013 Soda Bar – San Diego, CA w/ The Body

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LT Rhapsody Guitarist Dominique Leurquin Suffers Injury To Left Hand, Tour To Proceed

Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody announced that guitarist Dominique Leurquin suffered an injury to his left hand, which occurred when he was working with a circular saw at his home. The injury was serious enough to cause some to believe that the former Rhapsody of Fire guitarist would potentially lose his left hand. However, doctors were optimistic that Leurquin would regain the ability to play guitar, with most of the injury centering around his thumb. Luca Turilli stated that the planned European leg of the Cinematic World Tour will proceed without Leurquin, and his guitar parts will be present as backing tracks mixed to the right as if he was there.

The injury delayed the release of the “Fantasia Gotica” ballad, which was the song that wasn’t ready for the band’s “Ascending to Infinity” LP. The song was planned as a free download. However, the band will release a new music video for the song “Clash of the Titans” next week.

The full announcement reads as follows:

“Around two weeks ago the members of RHAPSODY lived one of the most dramatic moments of their career and they finally want to reveal to everybody the difficult moment they had to face because of what recently happened to their guitar player DOMINIQUE LEURQUIN.

” ‘Some days ago my girlfriend Nadia received a phone call from Laurence, the wife of Dominique. I understood from Nadia’s tears that something terrible just happened…’ says LUCA TURILLI. And adds: ‘A river of blood and then the dramatic run to the hospital with Dominique almost dying for all the blood he shed. Three hours of surgery and the risk to lose the left hand definitely. I could simply not believe it…’

“Dominique injured himself with a circular saw while working at home. One wrong movement and the saw reached the center of his hand. After the complicated surgery and everyone around thinking it will be difficult for Dominique to play his beloved instrument once again, the doctors spent some more optimistic words to describe the situation, speaking about a long period of rehabilitation and some major problems eventually related to the thumb only. Therefore it seems there will be again the possibility for Dominique to play a guitar, and maybe sooner than what can be expected. What is needed is a lot of strength and mind power but everybody knows what represents the music for Dominique and so there is no doubt he will do miracles in this sense.

“All the members of RHAPSODY were just shocked for all what happened and of course the last days were not that easy for anyone of them, for the stress due to the tragic fact and for the problems related with the tour preparation. Right in relation with the upcoming tour, an important decision was taken: the one of not replacing Dominique with another guitar player but instead, as Luca arranged all the RHAPSODY songs for two guitars, to simply add Dominique’s parts on the backing tracks at lower volume. Mixed on the right side, as if he would be there.

“The bass player PATRICE GUERS states: ;Dominique for us is more than friend. He is a real brother and everybody knows how important was for him this first tour as official member of RHAPSODY. It is just not possible to replace him and we won’t do it! When Luca communicated this to Dominique, he almost shed some tears for the happiness, so much he appreciated this decision…’

“The new drummer ALEX LANDENBURG adds: ‘No matter if it will take six months or one year to have Dominique back with us on stage. What is sure is that we’ll wait for him as he is a fundamental member of our band. Surely won’t be the same to go on stage without him!’

“The singer ALESSANDRO CONTI goes on: ‘Every show of this tour will be dedicated to our brother. I know Dominique since some months only but I can tell you that I already love him for his talent and for being a man of great value.’

“LT’S RHAPSODY want to add that, due to the recent events and despite all the other band plans won’t be changed, the release of the new cinematic ballad FANTASIA GOTICA will be postponed after the tour. The new video of CLASH OF THE TITANS in its WALIKING DEAD REMIX version, instead, should be released next week as planned. In any case it is a matter of days.

“In the meantime, the countdown for the ASCENDING TO INFINITY CINEMATIC TOUR started. RHAPSODY, FREEDOM CALL, ORDEN OGAN and VEXILLUM are waiting for you, all around Europe, ready to offer a show full of surprises, unique and memorable. See you soon!”

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Preview Clip For New Vexillum LP "The Bivouac" Posted

Italian power/folk act Vexillum posted up a preview for the forthcoming sophomore effort entitled “The Bivouac.” The album drops on September 21, 2012 through Limb Music in Europe.

Vexillum will support Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Freedom Call and Orden Ogan on the Cinematic World Tour 2012. For dates and locations, head over to this location.

The track listing for “”The Bivouac” is as follows:

1. The Wanderer’s Note
2. Dethrone The Tyrant
3. Dancing Goddess
4. The Oak And Lady Flame
5. The Hunt
6. The Dream
7. The Marketsquare Of Dooly
8. The Way Behind The Hill
9. Valhalla
10. Letter From The Earth
11. Megiddo
12. The Last Inn

Check out the preview clip here:

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Opera Diabolicus Posts Music Video For "Blood Countess Bathory" Online

Opera Diabolicus has posted a music video online for the song “Blood Countess Bathory,” taken from the upcoming “+ 1614” album. Check out the video clip below.

The album, set for release on February 28th via Metalville Records, features Snowy Shaw (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Notre Dame, Therion, Dimmu Borgir), Mats Levén (Kryx, Therion), Niklas Isfeldt (Dream Evil), Jake E (Amaranthe, Dreamland), and Camilla Alisander-Ason on vocals, daemonic voices and ghoulish sounds.

The band also commented on the video:

“World premiere! Finally it’s Friday the 13th and it’s time to unleash the long awaited video of the song Blood Countess Bathory. So here it is folks, enjoy and don’t forget to share, post and spread this video to all the corners of the world!

“We also would like to take the opportunity to thank José and Richard at 11Frames for the making of this movie. If you like their cinematic work don’t forget to go to their Facebook page and/or website and let them know they did a great job.

“NOTE! We would really recommend you people that have the opportunity to watch in HD to do that.”

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