Slamophiliac Releasing New Album “Slam Rehab”

Texan one-man band Slamophiliac is back with a brand new sampler platter of gore, torture, violence, and anti-religion entitled “Slam Rehab.” The album is due out August 18th, and today you can check out new track “Intermediate Manual Uncoiling” below. CDN Records comments:

“This stuff is deep – think Alien meets Dostoyevsky meets Texas Chain Saw Massacre meets Extermination Dismemberment meets Nietzsche. Yep. This is a thing. One must immerse themselves to believe. Even then, it will require a PHD level thesis in slam to truly comprehend.”

1. Punched with a Forklift (ft. I Am Destruction)
2. Anally Invaded (ft. Gape)
3. Fecal Infection
4. Gross Mass of Genital Malformity
5. Intermediate Manual Uncoiling (ft. Decimated Humans)
6. Crushed
7. Feasting on Decomposing Cadavers
8. Resonation of a Crackling Ribcage
9. Special Leather (feat. Necroexophilia)
10. Creepy Crawly Booty Party (feat. Goremonger)

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Gutslit Streaming New Song “Brazen Bull”

Gutslit is gearing up for a 15-city European tour to promote impending album “Amputheatre,” which will drop October 15th, 2017 via Transcending Obscurity Records. Check out new song “Brazen Bull” below. The album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. Amputheatre
2. Brazen Bull
3. From One Ear To Another
4. Necktie Party
5. Blood Eagle
6. Brodequin
7. Maraschino Eyeballs
8. Scaphism
9. Death Hammer

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Entrails Streaming New Song “Serial Murder (Death Squad)”

On June 16th, Swedish death metallers Entrails will release new album, “World Inferno,” worldwide via Metal Blade Records. Check out new single, “Serial Murder (Death Squad),” in the player below.

Entrails guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist comments: “It’s about time to unleash our next beast called ‘Serial Murder (Death Squad)’ – that means you should roll up your sleeves, loosen up your ponytail and get in the mood with a proper beer and prepare yourself for a trip among serial murders. The Death Squad awaits you!”

1. World Inferno
2. Condemned to the Grave
3. Serial Murder (Death Squad)
4. The Soul Collector
5. Dead and Buried
6. Insane Slaughter
7. Into Eternal Fire
8. Suffer
9. The Hour of the Casket
10. The Blood Breed

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Below Streaming New Single “Hours Of Darkness”

Next Friday (May 19th), Swedish epic doom metal band Below will release new album, “Upon A Pale Horse,” worldwide via Metal Blade Records. Check out new single “Hours of Darkness” in the player below.

Below comments: “With ‘Upon a Pale Horse’, we feel that we have found our sound. We have grown as songwriters and this album contains our fastest and slowest, shortest and longest, heaviest and most melodic songs to date.

“Making this album more diverse yet still staying true to the core of heavy riffs and melodies that is Below. We recorded ‘Upon a Pale Horse’ in Deep Blue Studios, the studio where we recorded our first EP, so in some sense it felt like we were returning to our roots.”

1. The Plague Within
2. Disappearing Into Nothing
3. The Coven
4. Upon a Pale Horse
5. Suffer in Silence
6. Hours of Darkness
7. 1000 Broken Bones
8. We Are All Slaves

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Karkaos Releasing New Album “Children Of The Void”

Karkaos has evolved into one of the most reputable and celebrated melodic extreme metal acts hailing from Montreal, QC.

This female-fronted band returns in 2017 with forthcoming offering “Children of The Void,” which features new vocalist Viky Boyer, drummer Justine Ethier (Blackguard), and lead guitarist Samael Pelletier. Check out new music video “Kolossòs” below.

Recorded, mastered and mixed with Christian Donaldson and Marc-o Frechette at The Grid and Silverwings Studios for keyboards, “Children of The Void” features collaborations with guest artists Lindsay Schoolcraft from Cradle of Filth and Morgan Lander from Kittie. The artwork was made by Marcela Bolívar while the layout was done by Fred Riverin from I Legion.

“We have been working hard for a long time to be able to give you an album that combines beautiful melodies to our own symphonic signature, groovy and brutal riffs to intensity as well as catchy choruses,” comments guitarist Vincent Harnois.

Pre-orders are now online here and the album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. Babel
2. Skymaster
3. Kolossòs
4. Let the Curtain fall
5. Pale
6. Children of The Void
7. Rêverie
8. Tyrants
9. Where Mushrooms Grow
10. Lightbearer
11. The Beast
12. Bound By Stars

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Bokassa Posts New Track “Crocsodile Dundee”

Norwegian sludgy punk rockers Bokassa just premiered a second single off forthcoming debut full-length album “Divide & Conquer,” which is set for release on March 25th via All Good Clean Records.

Check out new track “Crocsodile Dundee” below. Previously, the trio shared a music video for the first single “Walker Texas Danger” right here.

Clocking in at 32 minutes long, “Divide & Conquer” was produced by Bokassa, mixed and mastered by Morten Fjeld at Fjeld Audio and sees the Trondheim-based trio fusing elements of punk, hardcore, thrash and stoner rock.

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Falls Of Rauros Streaming New Track “White Granite”

Today, Falls Of Rauros premiere the first track from upcoming 4th album “Vigilance Perennial.” The album is scheduled for release on March 31st, 2017 worldwide. Check out new track “White Granite” in the player below. The album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. White Granite
2. Labyrinth Unfolding Echoes
3. Warm Quiet Centuries of Rains
4. Arrow & Kiln
5. Impermanence Streakt Through Marble

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The Obsessed Streaming New Track “Razor Wire”

Maryland doom group The Obsessed will unleash “Sacred,” the band’s first studio album in over twenty years, this coming April 7th via Relapse Records. Check out new song “Razor Wire” below.

Guitarist Scott “Wino” Weinrich comments on the new album: “I can honestly say, I think this is the best sounding recording of my career, and I am excited to release it on Relapse. This song ‘Razor Wire,’ I have been carrying around the title concept and main riff in my pocket for a couple years. The full song was born after applying real life experiences, with a little wishful thinking! Fuck control.”

1. Sodden Jackal
2. Punk Crusher
3. Sacred
4. Haywire
5. Perseverance Of Futility
6. It’s Only Money
7. Cold Blood
8. Stranger Things
9. Razor Wire
10. My Daughter My Son
11. Be The Night
12. Interlude
13. On So Long (Bonus)
14. Crossroader Blues (Bonus)

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From Inside Posts “Be Yourself” Music Video

From Inside just released a second single from “The Era New,” recorded by Drew Lawson at Steel City Studios in England. The studio has previously seen the likes of Bring Me The Horizon and While She Sleeps. Check out new video “Be Yourself” below, and the band also comments:

“‘Be Yourself’ was born out of the frustration of empathy. As a band and as people, we’ve experienced our fair share of problems that life throws at you. Sadly, you’ll notice that the people who claim that they are there for you never are when you need them most and all that pain & anger you feel goes completely unnoticed; so long as life is peachy in their eyes then nothing else matters. That’s exactly it.

“You need to focus on your own wellbeing in the end and don’t let anyone live your life for you. You need to bury all that negativity, drag yourself up out of the dirt and realize you need to ‘Be yourself, but for no one else.’ A good mantra for living your life I guess. Obviously we are all metalheads here so we don’t need to worry about not “being ourselves” as that way of life is written in our blood, but it’s nice to be reminded and to have a catchy as balls song to remind you of that fact.”

Brace yourself for impending EP “The New Era” coming on Friday, January 13th, 2017.

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Hate Unbound Releasing New Album “Plague”

Somewhere in the dark depths of death and thrash metal lies the inspiration for Hate Unbound’s new album “Plague.” Those influences remained constant throughout Hate Unbound’s writing and arranging process, which is a collaborative effort between all members of the band.

“Plague” was recorded, mixed, and mastered during the spring and summer of 2016 at Elaire Studios, which is located in the shadow of the decaying city of Detroit, Michigan.

Hate Unbound’s “Plague” is a tribute to, as well as a continuation of, all things heavy and a salute to all headbangers everywhere, due out February 17th via Inverse Records. Check out new track “Baptized in Lies” below.

01. Baptized in Lies
02. Cut
03. Suffering
04. Burn Your Idols
05. Soiled
06. Puncture
07. Plague
08. I, Martyr
09. Grey Skies
10. The Fallen

Baptised in Lies by Hate Unbound

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