Drug Honkey Releases “Pool Of Failure” Music Video

Drug Honkey’s latest album “Cloak Of Skies” dropped earlier this month, and now the band has further released a music video for the “Pool Of Failure” song – check it out below.

1. Pool of Failure (5:44)
2. Sickening Wasteoid (6:12) [streaming here]
3. Outlet of Hatred (6:48)
4. (It’s Not) The Way (6:36)
5. The Oblivion of an Opiate Nod (10:00) (featuring Bruce Lamont)
6. Cloak of Skies (8:11)
7. Pool of Failure (Justin K. Broadrick remix) (6:29)

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Video Clip For New Album Title Song “Paradigms Lost” Available From Worselder

French heavy thrash/stoner group Worselder released the new official video today. It’s the first from the forthcoming album “Paradigms Lost” and it happens to be the title track, a real statement of intent. “Paradigms Lost” will be released on June 1st via Sliptrick Records.

The video presents a young girl who remembers her parents, Cathars burnt at the stake. After a ritual, she collects their ashes and walks to the walls of Montsegur, where she gives them the freedom they headed for. She finally disappears with the ghosts of her parents… Through the imagery of Cathars, the song is an allegory of all religious fights and an hymn to the freedom of thought.

Check it out here:

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OneGodLess Posts “The Calm” Music Video

Dutch metal band band OneGodLess just released a music video for “The Calm,” from debut album “Mourner” due out on June 9th, 2017. Check it out below.

The album was produced by Robin Zielhorst & Tymon Kruidenier (Cynic, Exivious, Skeletor, Codex) and the artwork was made by GutsArt in cooperation with Zielhorst.

“The music video illustrates the message of the lyrics,” Zielhorst states. “It’s about saying your farewell to all before you die, being at peace with the end of your life. As the artwork inside the CD Digipack, it’s about the progress of being closed off to the world, then opening up, to the end where you’re open, and at peace with dying.”

01. Intro
02. The Calm
03. Burn The Sun
04. Countless Hours
05. Unstable
06. Hangman’s Time
07. Songs Of Old
08. Goliath
09. Salvation
10. My Blood
11. From The Ashes

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M.O.D. Streaming “Busted, Broke & American” Title Track

With song titles like “You’re a Fucking Dick,” “Busted, Broke & American,” and “All Out of Bubblegum,” you would think that M.O.D. clearly isn’t masking any intentions on the band’s upcoming new album.

“Busted, Broke, and American” will be released July 7th via Megaforce Records and today the title track comes online – check it out below.

As to be expected, “Busted, Broke & American” is fast, it’s furious, and it makes no apologies. It also mixes hardcore, punk rock, and thrash and the end result is a thoroughly combustible collection of songs. The words “I’m sorry” are not a part of the album’s vocabulary. At the center of the sonic storm remains Billy Milano, who has never been known to shy away from speaking his mind.

1. Eisenhower Was Right
2. The Final Declaration
3. You’re a Fucking Dick
4. Busted, Broke & American
5. Fight
6. Hooligan
7. Billy Be Damned
8. Shattered Dreams & Broken Glass
9. They
10. All Out Of Bubblegum
11. Go Go Revolution
12. Kennedy Speaks

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Body Count Posts “The Ski Mask Way” Animated Video

Body Count partnered with graphic artist Tommy Ruffin to create the new animated, violent music video for “The Ski Mask Way.” Check it out below.

“The Ski Mask Way” comes off abrasive new album “Bloodlust,” which is available now (reviewed here). If you missed ’em, previous videos were also released for “No Lives Matter” and “Black Hoodie.”

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Tengger Cavalry Posts New Song “Cursed”

Global Music Award-winning nomadic folk metal group Tengger Cavalry has already released two new singles from upcoming album, “Die On My Ride,” which is due out June 2nd via M-Theory Audio.

Those previous tracks, entitled “Die On My Ride” and “Ashley,” portray two very different sides of the band, both musically and conceptually.

Today, Tengger Cavalry is introducing a third track into the mix. “Cursed” is a more introspective look at breaking down personal barriers risen by oneself and others. Check it out below.

“‘Cursed’ is about breaking barriers,” says frontman Nature G. “Society has always put up different mental and physical barriers barring individuals just trying to achieve their dreams. You are too short, you are minority, you are a female not a man, you are from somewhere else, you don’t look good enough.

“All these disadvantages that we think we are born with, are like a curse to us. We are cursed for believing these barriers, aren’t we? No, we are not. We need to break this barrier of belief. We need to strike it and claim who we are supposed to be. Cursed, or rise above the curse.”

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Blacksheep Posts “Weather Report” Music Video

After releasing the “Weather Report” EP – which can be heard in full here – Romanian death’n’roll band Blacksheep now has a music video online for the title track. Check it out below.

1. Weather Report 03:55
2. Heartkilling 04:04
3. A Story For You 04:00

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New Music Video “Charogne” Issued By Arkos

Canadian black/death metal band Arkos issued a new video clip for the song “Charogne.” The song appears on the 2016 debut release “Black Moon Ritual.”

The video was filmed by Pete Jonze Productions in Québec. Check it out here:

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Rings Of Saturn Streaming Unconventional Video Teaser For New Album

If the below video is to be believed, this clip covers the making of Rings of Saturn’s fourth album (featuring some very unconventional instruments, including a pillow, a subwoofer, a weight and more). The band plans to release a first single from the effort on May 26th with more details to come.

Check it out below.

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“Tallinn Under The Horns” Documentary Posted Online

What started as a simple trip to a festival with friends became a full-fledged, 45 minute documentary titled “Tallinn Under The Horns – A Journey To The ‘Other’ Estonia.” Check it out below.

The producers of the documentary comment: “Estonia – the heart of the Baltics. One can find hundreds of touristic videos about the country and its capital Tallinn. We wanted to show you the ‘other’ Estonia. Tallinn Under The Horns!

The clip features music from:

Thou Shell Of Death

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