Cemetery Urn Inks Deal With Hells Headbangers

Hells Headbangers is proud to announce the signing of Australia’s Cemetery Urn. The label will release this new self-titled album on vinyl, CD, and cassette tape formats, with a release date slated for sometime this summer.

A statement from the band reads: “After aeons of primal chaos, Cemetery Urn return with our long-awaited third, self-titled album of super-heavy Australian death metal. Returning with a new lineup, now including Chris Volcano on vocals and human drum-machine Ma’ Crossingham, and also featuring our tightest and heaviest production ever, it will shred everything in its path like the steamroller of Armageddon! Prepare to be crushed!”

Cover art, track listing, and a first audio sample are to follow shortly. Hells Headbangers previously worked with Cemetery Urn in releasing the band’s first two albums – 2008’s “Urn of Blood” and 2010’s “The Conquered Are Burned,” both originally self-released on CD – on vinyl in 2011.

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New Lyric Video For “The Suffering” Issued By Crimson Dawn

Italian doom metal act Crimson Dawn – featuring Drakkar guitarist Dario Beretta and Betoken vocalist Antonio Pecere – issued a new lyric video for the track “The Suffering.” The song appears on the band’s latest release “At the Cemetery Gates,” an EP issued independently just this fall.

The band is currently working on the full length follow up to 2013’s “In Strange Aeons…” Check out the clip here:

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Vocalist/Bassist Torsten Thassilo Herbert Of Dragonsfire Passes Away

Pure Steel Records and Dragonsfire announced that vocalist/bassist Torsten Thassilo Herbert has passed away on January 8th at the age of 24. The cause of death has not been disclosed.

Herbert was a founding member of the band, having played and sang on the band’s demo, two full length and two EP releases, the last of which “Metal X” was independently released on December 27th. He previously was in the German melodic metal act Dark Fortress, who broke up in 2004 having released one album “Light & Darkness” in 2000.

Pure Steel Records commented: “With consternation we found out that the vocalist and bassist from the band Dragonsfire died at the 08.01.2015. We want to express our condolences to his family and the band members. A friend in Heavy Metal went away. Pure Steel Records says thank you for all! We will miss you!”

The band posted the following on its Facebook page (translated via Facebook): “Dear friends, dear fans, we are in deep mourning. Our friend, singer and bassist Torsten Thassilo Herbert died on the 08.01.2015. We can’t believe it myself, but it is the sad truth. Our sympathy is first and foremost the family. The funeral will take place on Wednesday, the 14.01.2015 at 11:00 at the cemetery in Stockstadt am Rhein. THASSILO-WE MISS YOU!”

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Winter Deluge Parts With Bassist Orias

Winter Deluge has issued the following announcement about recruiting a new bass player for upcoming live appearances:

“A few weeks ago we made the decision to part ways with our bass player Orias. It was unfortunate but a necessary decision and we wish him all the best.

“We welcome Dave Hunt (of Vixen Execution, Stonehurst, Convulsitory) who will be stepping in to play session bass for our upcoming shows in Australia. Onwards to chaos…”

Friday 6th Feb – The Bendigo Hotel, Melbourne w/ Cemetery Urn, AK-11 & Sarfaust
Saturday 7th Feb – The Underdog, Brisbane Total Fucking Terrorism 8

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Cemetery Lust Streaming Full “Orgies Of Abomination” Album

Cemetery Lust is currently streaming the entire “Orgies Of Abomination” album online, which can be heard below or ordered via Hells Headbangers here. The label also comments:

“One of Hells Headbangers latest unearthings from metal’s dirtiest underground, Cemetery Lust present their highly anticipated debut for the label, Orgies of Abomination. Following on from their cult debut Screams of the Violated, soon to be reissued by Hells Headbangers, Orgies of Abomination sees these Portland sleaze-bangers perfecting their vile, violent craft.

“Fittingly titled, Orgies of Abomination is a veritable smorgasbord of lyrical depravity, ably backed up by filthy, feral thrash metal that equally nods to ’80s German proto-black, San Francisco speed metal, and even South American proto-death, all done with devilish glee. These songs stick in your head, and then Cemetery Lust explodes right out of it, cremating all party-thrash pretenders. Right from the beginning until the bloody end, Cemetery Lust demand you partake in Orgies of Abomination!”

The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Inhumane Indulgence 01:44
2. Mass Grave Orgy 03:51
3. Malice In The Morgue 04:33
4. S.T.D. (Sexually Transmitted Death) 04:02
5. Bloody Whore Bath 03:31
6. Ride The Beast 03:28
7. Malefic Masturbation 03:33
8. Cyborg Sex Machine 03:24
9. Cum On The Cross 04:03
10. Intent To Molest 01:54
11. Tenement 03:17
12. Devil’s Grave Disturbance 01:23

Orgies of Abomination by CEMETERY LUST

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Cemetery Fog Announces “Towards The Gates” MLP Release

Iron Bonehead Productions has set August 1st as the international release date for Cemetery Fog’s “Towards the Gates.”

Hot on the heels of the “Shadows From the Cemetery” tape, Cemetery Fog strikes while the iron’s hot with a brand-new 12″ MLP showing the Finnish duo making a startling progression, refining the band’s doomed-out death metal into one that’s more mature, majestic, and absolutely mournful. The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Intro
2. Withered Dreams of Death
3. Embrace of the Darkness
4. Shadow of Her Tomb
5. Outro – Towards the Gates

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Coffin Dust Announces Debut Full-Length “This Cemetery, My Kingdom”

Unholy Anarchy Records is set to release the debut full-length, “This Cemetery, My Kingdom,” from the Philadelphia horror death/thrash outfit Coffin Dust on February 18th on Digipak CD in time for the band’s appearance at the Blood of the Wolf Fest in Lexington, Kentucky.

Coffin Dust has been defiling ears since 2010, with three previous releases, including splits with Cape of Bats (Grim Winds Tapes, 2010) and Spewtilator (Headsplit Records, 2013), and a EP release, entitled “Ancient Rites of Buried Evil” (self-released, 2011). The new album features vocal apeparances from:

– Frank O’ Kane (CAPE OF BATS) on “Ancient Rites of Buried Evil”
– Rob Russell (LIVING DECAY) on “Crack Open a Cold One”
– Alex Citrone (RAZORMAZE) on “Saw-Wolf”
– Chuck McIntyre & Anton Escobar (both of TOMBSTALKER) on “Mary Jane Rotten Crotch”
– Chris Grigg (WOE) on “The Portal In the Crystal Casket”
– Brandon ‘Stench’ Hartwell (NIGHT NURSE) & ‘Maniac’ Neil Smith (BLOOD FREAK, WHORE) on “This Cemetery, My Kingdom”

The full track listing is as follows:

1. The Obelisk
2. Ancient Rites of Buried Evil
3. Crack Open a Cold One
4. Coffin Dust
5. Homicidal Tendencies
6. Saw-Wolf
7. Sir Doohme, The Coffin Master
8. Mary Jane Rotten Crotch
9. Bone Head
10. Pig Roast
11. The Portal In the Crystal Casket
12. This Cemetery, My Kingdom

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Cemetery Lust Inks Deal With Hells Headbangers

Hells Headbangers has announced the signing of Portland, Oregon’s Cemetery Lust. The first fruits of evil will be the band’s second album, entitled “Orgies of Abomination,” which Cemetery Lust is currently recording in the studio.

Its projected release date will be early 2014. Then, Hells Headbangers will reissue Cemetery Lust’s debut album, “Screams of the Violated,” later on next year. The following press release was also issued about the band:

“Formed in 2009 after sitting around cranking The Mentors and slammin’ booze all damn night, five sick cunts decided to form Cemetery Lust to devastate all the wimpy ‘retro’ thrash! Since that time, Cemetery Lust have been perving out on audiences live throughout the American Northwest, refusing to cease their disgusting death/thrash assault. Blasting drums, hellfukkin’ guitar, and beerpounding kunt-bass are the groundwork underneath some of the most twisted lyrics about rape, necrophilia, Satan, disgusting sex acts, hell, grave desecration, and you guessed it…BOOZE.”

A band statement simply reads: “Cemetery Lust are extremely excited and proud to raise the fukkin’ banner of evil and sign with one of today’s strongest forces in heavy metal – Hells Headbangers! Only gruesome death and liver failure will follow…”

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Death By Cemetery Releases New Music Video For “Dreams Of A Sleeping Giant”

Pueblo, Colorado instrumental three-piece Death By Cemetery has released a new music video for “Dreams of a Sleeping Giant,” which was directed by Clint Stewart and can be viewed below. Death By Cemetery consists of:

Guitar – Ernest Garduno
Bass – Travis Marshall
Drums – Zack Blanc

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Deceive Streaming Live "Buried Beneath" EP

Californian death metal band Deceive has released a live EP online titled “Buried Beneath,” which is now available for streaming and free download. Listen to the tracks in the player below, or download the songs via Bandcamp here. The track listing is:

1. Ritual at the Witching Hour – LIVE 02:35
2. Entering the Cemetery/Buried Beneath – LIVE 05:59
3. Defilation – LIVE 02:01

Deceive – Buried Beneath by Deceive

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