Lyric Video For New Single “Redemptionem Per Cruciatu” Posted By Pile Of Priests

Currently working on completing the new EP entitled “Tenebrous Labyrinth” to follow the 2015 debut album “Void To Enlightenment,” Denver, CO progressive death metal trio Pile Of Priests have a new lyric video for the stand alone single entitled “Redemptionem Per Cruciatu” which premiered exclusively on at this location, or just down in the player below.

Translated from Latin, “Redemptionem Per Cruciatu” means “Redemption Through Torture” as the band explains: “The song is about the centuries of child molestation within the Catholic Church, and in particular one Wisconsin priest who sexually molested over 200 deaf children between 1950 and 1974. He was never punished by the Vatican hierarchy or by the criminal justice system of the United States. The song musically starts out with an eerie bass intro to portray the sadness and trauma of all the affected victims. It then progresses into a fast-paced melodic ride of pure anger that is sure to rile up the listener.”

Following the release of this new single, the band’s forthcoming EP “Tenebrous Labyrinth” will consist of three original songs and three covers.

Drummer Evan Knight adds: “We are very proud of our new single ‘Redemption Per Cruciatu’ and upcoming EP that we plan to follow. Our sound has evolved on every release and we have agreed that this EP to come is the pinnacle of our sound thus far. It’s fast, evil, melodic and incorporates other styles of metal besides death metal.”

Check out the clip here:

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Periphery Releasing “Flatline” Coffee

Periphery, which released fifth album “Periphery III: Select Difficulty” in July (reviewed here), have partnered with DC-based Vigilante Coffee Company for a special limited edition coffee, dubbed “Flatline.”

“Being the coffee junkies that we are, the band and I jumped at the opportunity to develop and release our own branded coffee with Vigilante, who kept us over-caffeinated for the Periphery III recoding sessions,” explains guitar player Mark Holcomb.

He goes on to say, “When we saw what Vigilante founder Chris Vigilante was doing and tasted the coffee they were brewing, we were floored; it was easily the best coffee I had tried in my years of living in D.C., and the band made it our go-to coffee spot. This past winter, Chris invited us into the shop for a lengthy tasting where we sampled over a dozen coffees and picked what would become ‘Flatline’ coffee. Aside from being excited to release such a great coffee, we’re also proud to say that a portion of the proceeds from sales of this coffee are going directly to Ecuador’s earthquake emergency relief for the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Ecuador in April 2016. “

Bags of “Flatline” coffee are available now via Periphery’s webstore. The coffee is described as featuring chocolate notes and a lasting mouthfeel. As it cools, its creaminess is almost chewy, with delicate earthy and toasty notes.

The beans come from the Rio Intag valley of Ecuador, which, while spared a direct impact from the April earthquake, the coastal areas of the country have been deeply affected. A portion of all sales will be directed to the Catholic Relief Services, earmarked for Ecuador Earthquake Relief.

“The motivation behind this collaboration was simply to share something cool with the fans of Periphery and make a positive impact on the coffee world,” said Vigilante Coffee Company. “The rock stars of this coffee are the farmers and we’re grateful to share their passion for growing great coffee with the passionate fans of Periphery and the passionate coffee lovers of Vigilante Coffee.”

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Ad Extirpenda Posts “Augustus” Music Video

Metal-loving history nerds take note: French outfit Ad Extirpenda has a new video clip online for the track “Augustus,” which can be seen below.

The video illustrates a track taken off the self-released “Cathartic” album, revolving around the concept of the Cathar heresy and subsequent Albigensian crusade launched by the Catholic church against the Cathars.

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Polish Supreme Court Rules Against Behemoth’s Nergal Over Bible Tearing

After being cleared of blasphemy charges in Poland last year stemming from an on-stage Bible ripping incident, apparently Behemoth front man Nergal is now facing legal issues again due to a recent decision by the Polish supreme court.

The Guardian is reporting the supreme court has now ruled against Nergal, who may potentially spend up to two years in jail for tearing up a Bible. Excerpts from the report follow:

Poland’s supreme court has issued a landmark judgment against a heavy metal musician who tore up a Bible at a gig in 2007. Although the judges conceded that Adam Darski, AKA Nergal, did not intend to offend his audience, they ruled that he could still have “offended religious feelings,” violating Polish law. If found guilty, the singer could face up to two years in prison.

After being cleared by judges in 2010 and 2011, the singer/guitarist is again on trial. Officials in Gdansk asked the supreme court how Darski could be “offending religious feelings” if most of Behemoth’s fans expected theatrical sacrilege?

“One should respect the court’s verdict,” Darski told journalists. But the Catholic church is also “immature,” he said, “trying to gag people … [and] freedom of speech.” Speaking to Reuters, Darski’s lawyer said they would continue to oppose the charges: “We are still arguing that we were dealing with art, which allows more critical and radical statements,” Jacek Potulski explained.

Nergal has now released a new autobiography titled “Sacrum Profanum,” which details his battle with leukemia. The latest trailer for the release is available right here.

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Behemoth Frontman Adam "Nergal" Darski Fired From TV Talent Show, "The Voice Of Poland" Following Religious Pressure

Polands’s State TV has announced that they have removed Behemoth frontman Nergal, aka Adam Darski, from it’s talent show, The Voice Of Poland, after much pressure from the Catholic Church, claining that they will not replace him with another “death metal rock star.”

“In connection with press reports about Adam Darski’s behavior during a recent Warsaw club concert… his provocative behavior showed a lack of respect for religious convictions, as well as for the sick and handicapped,” Polish TV’s president, Juliusz Braun, said on 13 October.

The incident Braun is refering to is a recent concert in Warsaw, Poland, where Darski dressed up as a priest and pretended to cure a handicapped person.

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Shaded Enmity Announces New Album "Hijo Perdido" Details

Seattle’s Shaded Enmity will be releasing the band’s follow-up to 2009’s “Like Prayers on Deaf Ears” this August. The new album will be titled “Hijo Perdido” (Lost Son). You can find additional details on the band by heading over to the Shaded Enmity Facebook profile.

Recorded in 2010 by Don Gunn at 2 Sticks Audio in Seattle, the band tapped Aaron Smith from 7 Horns 7 Eyes to mix and master “Hijo Perdido.” The album, set for an August, release contains 8 songs covering topics of suicide, depression, incest, sexual abuse within the Catholic church, and addiction to methamphetamine. The band worked with Van Williams to complete the artwork for the album.

You can also listen to tracks from the new album through Reverbnation. The track listing is as follows:

1. One Way Out
2. Man at the Edge of the World
3. Hijo Perdido
4. The Botanist
5. A Crystal For Your Life
6. Nothing Left to Give
7. Black Diamond
8. Bury Me on a Hill

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