Inferi Announce New Album “Revenant” & Unveil Art And Teaser Vid

Inferi is proud to announce their upcoming fourth full-length entitled Revenant. Set for release on April 21st (Record Store Day) through The Artisan Era. Esteemed fantasy artist Helge c. Balzer was tapped to create the albums stunning cover art. Revenant masterfully expands upon the intense melodic and catchy death metal framework developed on The Path of Apotheosis, while frequently venturing into new territory for the group at the same time. The first single from Revenant will be unleashed next Monday, February 19th.

You can check out an early Revenant album teaser video below:

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Steel Bearing Hand Releasing Album On CD Via Razorback

Razorback Records will be releasing the crushing debut album from Steel Bearing Hand on CD later this Summer (previously only available on vinyl via Unholy Anarchy Records). Razorback Records comments:

“This is some of the most riff-thrashing, catchy death fucking METAL we’ve heard lately. A monstrous mix of sword and sorcery worship, Bolt Thrower, Celtic Frost, and Incantation. Nothing but ear-slicing riffs that are NEVER boring. Check out a sample of the album below.”

Steel Bearing Hand by Steel Bearing Hand

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