Helstar Celebrating 30th Anniversary, Set To Record DVD

Helstar has issued the following announcement about celebrating the band’s 30 year anniversary and recording an upcoming show for a DVD:

“Happy new year everyone! Can you believe that 2012 marks 30 years since the formation of HELSTAR? This calls for an epic celebration!

“We are thrilled to announce that a special HELSTAR 30th Anniversary Concert will take place in Houston, Texas on Saturday, March 24th at Warehouse Live!

“The entire show will be audio & video recorded and later released as the first official live HELSTAR album and DVD!!! Tickets are on sale now at this location!”

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3 Inches Of Blood Checks In From The First Day Of Recording

3 Inches of Blood entered Vogville Studios yesterday to begin recording the band’s fifth full-length album. The group has now checked in with the following brief recap of the first day’s recording:

“DAY ONE in the studio was FUCKING EXCELLENT! Ash truly beat the shit out of his drums, and he’s going to do it again tomorrow! This calls for a beer!

“Justin just listened to ‘The View’ by Lou Reed and Metallica, and now he can’t stop singing ‘I am the stew, I am the bread bowl.'”

For more of the latest 3 Inches of Blood recording updates and to check out photos uploaded from the studio, head over to the band’s Facebook profile here.

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Memoria Streaming Entire New Album "Death Calls The Islands"

Australian blackened metal act Memoria has released the band’s third full-length album, entitled “Death Calls The Islands.” The entire album is available for streaming or free download by heading over to the Misantrof AntiRecords website here.

The band describes “Death Calls The Islands” as “a guitar-driven album that is simultaneously beautiful and ugly.” The track listing is as follows:

1. The Dogs Smell Blood
2. Claw at the Pine
3. From Rats we Hide
4. Ect
5. Doctor Creve
6. The Rats Resist
7. 25th Island
8. Death Calls the Islands
9. The Blood Wave

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