Brian Matthew Lee Streams New Single “Bittersweet Journey”

Brian Matthew Lee just released a single titled “Bittersweet Journey,” featuring drummer Vinny Appice on drums (Black Sabbath, Heaven and Hell, Kill Devil Hill).

The song intro is haunting and melodic and proceeds with a bang with nearly 5 minutes of metal. A full length preview can be heard at Brian Matthew Lee’s website here.

In regards to fans asking when a full length CD will be on its way. “Hopefully never” laughs Brian Matthew Lee. “There’s all this talk lately that Rock is dead and there’s no money in music anymore. Well that’s because most musicians STILL don’t get it. Most musicians are still locking themselves up in a studio for 8-12 months hoarding up a bunch of shit-songs that should never see the light of day. Then they blame the streaming sites when nobody buys their crap.

“So for me, I hope I never release another CD. I’ll be writing and collaborating with veteran metal musicians and target a new single release every 4-6 weeks. And if the song is not good – truly good, it’ll never get released. (No more CD with designated ‘shit-slots’ to hide your crap songs in). In my opinion, that’s why streaming is so popular. Fans are tired of all the lazy musician ‘garbage’ out there so they’re turning to streaming to roll their own listening experience.

“Anyway, Bittersweet Journey is the first of many and is really picking up some major traction. Give a listen. I’m looking forward to the next release and already have a number of amazing musicians lined up.”

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