Gruesome Premiere New NSFW Music Video For “Inhumane”

Death (the band) worshipping death metal outfit Gruesome (Exhumed, etc.) premiere their new music video for “Inhumane“, taken from their upcoming album “Twisted Prayers“, which will receive a June 01st release date through Relapse. Jeffrey Sisson (Exhumed, Origin) directed the clip.

Comments frontman Matt Harvey:

“We’re very stoked about how this video turned out. Jeff Sisson really took the concept and ran with it, creating something new and unique, while still in the spirit of homage that Gruesome is all about. This is the lead-off track for the record, and we feel like it really sets the tone for Twisted Prayers – a blend of OSDM savagery and a bit of melody and flash to mix things up a bit.

Play this at work to creep out your co-workers or on the bus home to get the person sitting next to you to fuck off! Thanks for checking it out, thanks to Jeff for putting this together, and as always thanks to Chuck and the boys for their legacy, which we continue to have a blast celebrating!”

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German speed metallers Vulture sign to Metal Blade Records!

– February 7th, 2018 –

Metal Blade Records is proud to announce the sealing of a pact with German speed metallers Vulture. The full metal quintet has signed a multiple album deal with the Blade and is right now in the songwriting process for their tentative new album to be released by the end of 2018.

Vulture comments: “We feel proud and honored to officially announce our contract conclusion with METAL BLADE RECORDS! Signing up with the legendary label that released many of those albums that sparked our passion for extreme metal in our youths feels like completing the circle. Now, more motivated and bloodthirsty than ever, we are already eagerly working on new tracks for our second full-length. Attention posers! Prepare to die!”

The high speed metal militia that is Vulture was formed in late summer 2015. It was only half a year later when their first demo entitled Victim To The Blade saw the light of the day.

Their first output contains four fast, eerie and face melting tracks that created a huge furor around the scene. The feedback was so tremendous that it not only resulted in multiple re-releases as an EP on vinyl and CD, but also for participations in renowned concerts and festivals around Europe such as Metal Assault, Hell Over Hammaburg or the infamous Live Evil festival in London.

Vulture released their debut LP The Guillotine in the summer of 2017 and straight on the boys continued their killing streak with eight massive songs that contained even more aggression and fury than their predecessors. Having added more melody and variation to their songwriting, Vulture clearly emphasizes that they are not in line for being yet another homage to the 80s metal scene.

Being joined by a fifth member and now permanent drummer just a few months ago, Vulture has lifted off higher than ever in order to deliver another full-length album soon. The studio has already been booked for this summer and we can definitely assure you: Vulture kills!

Vulture line-up:
L. Steeler – vocals
S. Genozider – guitar
M. Outlaw – guitar
A. Axetinctor – bass
G. Deceiver – drums

Vulture online:


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In Hearts Wake Premieres New Music Video “Nomad” Featuring A Female Only Audience

Metalcore act In Hearts Wake premieres a new music video for “Nomad”, which notably features a girls only audience. The clip was filmed in Melbourne, Australia.

Check out now “Nomad” below.

Comments the band:

“We wanted to create a safe space for self-expression, to let loose, and have fun. It’s very important to us that everyone feels comfortable and safe at our shows, and most importantly, a place where everyone is free to be themselves. We had an awesome time filming this clip and we’re very grateful to all the amazing people who made this a very memorable experience.
Always remember: IT’S NOT JUST BOYS’ FUN!”

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Metal Allegiance Announces Tribute Shows At Metal Maya

Metal Maya – a heavy metal destination festival vacation from October 29th – November 2nd at the Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun 0 has announced two special tribute sets by heavy metal all star band Metal Allegiance.

Besides Metal Allegiance, the fest features over a dozen bands led by Anthrax, Hatebreed, Overkill, and Superjoint (with Philip Anselmo).

The Metal Allegiance performances will include a pair of tribute sets celebrating two fallen legends: one set will pay homage to the life and story of Lemmy Kilmister of Motörhead, and another will honor the one and only Cliff Burton of Metallica.

Metal Allegiance founder Mark Menghi says, “We couldn’t come to Mexico during Dia de los Muertos and not honor such a sacred event ourselves. Lemmy and Cliff were the first two to come to mind. They were both major influences in not only our lives and careers, but millions of others’ as well. We played our first Metal Allegiance show on Motörhead’s Motörboat, and will be forever grateful to the man. These two were and will forever be legends. Metal Maya is in for some really killer moments!”

Metal Allegiance guest performer Kyle Sanders of Hellyeah adds, “Pretty damn honored and excited about joining my boys in Metal Allegiance down in Mexico for Metal Maya! Couldn’t think of a better place for tacos and metal! Cheers!!”

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POWERFLO – The Viper Room… A POWERHOUSE Live Debut

Viper Room, Hollywood Ca June 15, 2017 They say lighting rarely strikes the same place twice… For me, it has… I have witnessed the beginning of something special… again. This is no flash in the pants, one and done all-star super group (I know because when I interviewed Sen and the boys & they told […]

heavy metal updates:
POWERFLO – The Viper Room… A POWERHOUSE Live Debut

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Jeff Simmermon Posts New Stand Up Comedy Track “Vomit Fist”

Comedian Jeff Simmermon has created an oratory carnival on his upcoming debut album of comedic tales, “And I Am Not Lying,” due out June 9th via Comedy Dynamics.

Topics on the album include his band with piano-playing chickens (Royal Quiet Deluxe), slaughtering kangaroos in the Australian outback, cancer, furious empathy on the New York subway, dinner with the Reverend Al Sharpton, dating following a surprise divorce and even grindcore.

This week, new track “Vomit Fist” debuts, featuring Simmermon’s comedic telling of hosting the familial grindcore band at his UCB show in NYC. Jeff discovers just what a lecture in hell might look like after a show with father/son grindcore trio Vomit Fist when the boys sneak back into the bar, in full gig makeup, before helping pops load their gear in the van.

“Vomit Fist is hands-down the most thrilling act I’ve ever had on the show,” says Simmermon. “It’s really sweet to see them putting each other’s corpse makeup on before the show, and such a fun, family vibe mixed with brutal thrashing.”

Jeff Simmermon will be on the road performing stories from “And I Am Not Lying” this summer and the album is now available for pre-order at iTunes and on limited-edition pink vinyl. A full list of tour dates can be found below.

June 09 – New York, NY – UCB East (Album Release)
June 10 – Philadelphia, PA – Good Good Comedy Theatre (‘The Dance’)
June 14 – New York, NY – Fat Black Pussycat (‘Tall But True’)
June 15 – Jamaica Plain, MA – The Riot Theater (‘Standup Break-In’)
June 16 – Boston, MA – Great Scott (‘The Gas’)
June 17 – Boston, MA – ImprovBoston (‘Battle Royale’)
June 17 – Boston, MA – ImprovBoston (‘Last Laugh’)
June 19 – Queens, NY – Q.E.D (Myq Kaplan and Friends)
June 23 – New Orleans, LA – Dragon’s Den (‘Comedy, Fuck Yeah’)
June 23 – New Orleans, LA – The New Movement (‘Stoned, Drunk, Sober’)
June 24 – New Orleans, LA – AllWays Lounge
June 27 – New Orleans, LA – Howlin Wolf (‘Comedy Beast)
June 28 – Lafayette, LA – Steam Press Café (Lafayette Comedy)
June 29 – Lafayette, LA – Club 337 (Lafayette Comedy)
June 30 – Lake Charles, LA – Center Stage
July 01 – Austin, TX – The New Movement (‘Megaphone’)
July 04 – Austin, TX – The New Movement (‘Sandbox’)
July 05 – Austin, TX – The New Movement (‘Good Fight’)

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Vocalist CJ McMahon’s Return Is Official As Thy Art Is Murder Releases Video for New Song “No Absolution”

Australia’s incendiary extreme act Thy Art Is Murder confirmed the return of vocalist CJ McMahon by releasing a video clip for the new song “No Absolution.”

Guitarist Andy Marsh recently spoke on McMahon’s return and the brand new track: “A little over a year ago we were left in a pickle when CJ had finally reached his breaking point – the physical, emotional and mental stresses of touring, and the lifestyle had taken its toll on him. After the dust had settled we had time to speak amongst ourselves, and with him, and we were all able to get on the same page.

“He was able to take time off from the road and work consistently, tick off some life goals like getting married, and enjoy the routine and familiarity of life at home with his friends and family.

“Conversely the rest of us kept going, touring relentlessly, playing bigger tours to more people than ever before, going to new countries for the very first time, and had a blast taking a few great vocalists and mates out for the ride with us while we weathered the storm and figured things out. Special thanks must go out to Monte Barnard, Nicholas Arthur, Lochlan Watt, and every other vocalist who took the time to apply in our discrete vocalist auditions.

“After a few months away from the chaotic life on the road C.J. reached out to us and we started maintaining more regular communication. He mentioned how he had started cleaning up, was focused on working hard and saving for his wedding and enjoying time at home, but he also mentioned he missed the shows, the friends, and us – his band.

“After months of working things out, gaining his voice back, and mending wounded friendships, we are overwhelmed with excitement to announce that we have completed writing for a new record to be released later this year, featuring the one and only Christopher John McMahon. Welcome back C.J.!”

In regards to the song “No Absolution”, Marsh states: “‘No Absolution’ is a rich tapestry, intertwined in faith, scripture and doctrine, and a story about the process that we have endured throughout the last year..We recorded this during the session for Holy War but quite simply ran out of time to finish writing lyrics and recording vocals for it in order to make the record. This song now stands alone, without a record or release – a gift from us to you, thank you for your continued support, we can’t wait to show you what we’re making for 2017.”

McMahon recently offered a brief statement, which didn’t mince words around the reasons for his departure: “I was a drug addict, I was a broke musician, and I had some fucking issues. I got married, I did some fucking soul searching, and now I’m back to take over the world with my fucking brothers.”

Fill in vocalist Lochlan Watt adds: “C.J. is back where he belongs, I am so fucking happy for him and my boys right now. This was truly incredible to witness. Power and then some.”

Check out “No Absolution” here:

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Thy Art Is Murder Rejoined Onstage By Ex-Frontman CJ McMahon – Is Reunion Permanent?

Thy Art Is Murder was rejoined onstage by ex-Frontman CJ McMahon during last night’s performance at the “UNIFY Festival” in Australia. States former touring vocalist for the band, Lochlan Watt on Instagram: “@cj_brotherwolf is back where he belongs. I am so fucking happy for him and my boys right now. This is truly incredible to witness. Power and then some.”

McMahon addressed his return at the show in the below video, describing himself as a “drug addict” when he first left the band and later stating that he is “back to take over the world.”

McMahon originally left the band back in December of 2015, citing financial reasons:

“With a mix of both negative and positive emotions, I inform you all that I have parted ways with my band Thy Art Is Murder. It has been a wild ride I have travelled to over 40 countries around the world and played alongside some of the worlds biggest and best bands, it brings me great sadness knowing I will never perform again for my amazing and supportive fans, this will be the hardest thing for me to deal with. My reasons for leaving: I spend too much time away from my fiancé , family and friends, touring has taken a massive mental, emotional and physical toll on me. One of the biggest reasons is money, I / we have been broke for years and being 32 years old I can’t live like this anymore. I am getting married next year and plan on having a family, these things cost money, to put the finances into perspective for you I /we have earned between $16k-$18k each over 6-7 years, I feel there is something massively wrong with this, I will not live like this anymore. I’m sorry to my fans that I have to go, I have loved you all and I thank you for believing in me supporting me. The money made from my closing down sale of my clothing label will be going to my wedding, I will also be selling my Northface stage jacket I have worn the last two years on stage via eBay soon to try to pay for my wedding for the people interested, again thank you for the love and support, Your Prince Of Darkness Cj”

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Swallow The Sun Parts With Keyboardist Aleksi Munter

Finnish melodic death / doom group Swallow The Sun is now parting ways with keyboardist Aleksi Munter, who issued this statement:

“Tomorrow’s show in Houston, TX will be my last show with Swallow the Sun and mark my departure from the band. I came to this decision during late summer 2016, when I had a burn out which I’m still struggling with. For the past 6 years I’ve been touring and working so much that it’s a small miracle this didn’t happen earlier. Not wanting to leave the guys hanging, and looking for some kind of closure for myself, I decided to force myself to do the shows for this year – even though I barely could find the energy for 1 show, let alone 40 – and then step down.

“In addition to burning out, I also sort of had enough, which I believe is as valid a reason as any. I’ve always had things I’ve had a passion for, but never could find the time or the energy to follow up on: photography, graphic design, my own music, among others. I will first take some time off, and then pursue these things I’ve pushed aside for all these years.

“Then there is my beautiful soon-to-be wife Olenka, whom I have barely seen for the last year or two. With Aleah’s tragic and untimely passing I became painfully aware of the fact that nothing lasts forever, and I want to cherish the days we have while we’re both healthy and well. I’m afraid I have already damaged my own health, and I don’t want to end up there again.

“These have been the best years of my life – hell, it’s been most of my adult life – and I will miss everyone I’ve gotten to know and love during our career and travels. Juha – you are an absolute genius and no one should have had to endure the things you had to. Over the years you, Mikko, Matti, Markus, Juuso, Kai, Pasi, our manager Juha, and our longtime crew members Mikko, Jarno and Toni have become my family in every sense of the word. I feel only the deepest respect and love towards you all, and I am incredibly proud of everything we accomplished together. I want to wish you all the best, but that would be kind of pointless: we have always been the best, and I know you will remain so:

On the road from Texas, vocalist Mikko Kotamäki also had this to say: “Well, there’s no words. This is a big loss for our band. But there’s no regrets. Aleksi’s been my friend since I was 12 years old, way over half of my life. I think everyone should live their life how they feel the best, so we all respect Aleksi’s decision. It’s better for him if he feels that way. We’ll remain best friends forever no matter what happens. Thank you so much for everything, dear friend! Mikko & the boys. This will not affect our forthcoming shows. We’ll keep going!”

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Broken Hope Recording New Album “Mutilated & Assimilated”

Broken Hope has revealed that work is now underway on a new album to be titled “Mutilated & Assimilated.”

The band currently in the studio recording this 7th album and follow-up to “Omen Of Disease.” The forthcoming release possesses an extra-special touch as all of Jeremy Wagner’s and Damian Leski’s rhythm guitar tracks feature the boys using the original Jeff Hanneman guitars Wagner acquired last year.

“These famous axes have already inspired and channeled many of the riffs I wrote for the next full-length.” explains Jeremy. Stay tuned for more info on “Mutilated & Assimilated.”

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