Archemoron Premiere Full-Album Stream Of Brand New Album “Year of the Harvester”

Archemoron – a black metal band from Athens – premiere the full-album stream of the band’s brand new album “Year of the Harvester”, which was released on June 20 through Bowels of Noise.

Check out now “Year of the Harvester” in its entirety below.

Year of the Harvester by Archemoron

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Dark Buddha Rising Streaming New Track “E X O”

Dark Buddha Rising is now sharing the second audio excerpt “E X O” from the band’s upcoming fifth album, “Inversum:” a two-track exercise in the black arts of psychedelia.

Regarded as the opening of the third cycle Of Dark Buddha Rising, “Inversum” was recorded, produced and mixed by the band in the bowels of the Wastement, the self-proclaimed “asylum of eternal feedback,” and welcomes the addition of new recruits V. Vatanen (guitar, vocals), J. Saarivuori (keyboards) and M. Neuman (vocals).

Check out the new track below. The band comments: “‘E X O’ is the cosmic process of ‘Inversum,’ a universal collapse into the singularity of existence.”

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Hic Iacet Posts “The Cosmic Trance Into The Void” Title Track

Sepulchral black/death cult Hic Iacet today premieres the new track “The Cosmic Trance Into the Void,” which can be heard below, courtesy of Decibel Magazine.

The track hails from the band’s debut album of the same name, “The Cosmic Trance Into the Void,” set for international release today via Iron Bonehead Productions. The full track listing is:

1. The Cosmic Trance Into the Void
2. Infinite Consciousness
3. Death in the Abyss of Meditation
4. Into the Bowels of the Absolute
5. Mahakala
6. The Catacombs of the Mandala

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Soiled By Blood Streaming “Barbed Wire Beating”

Quebecois extreme metallers Soiled By Blood just officially launched their new album “Serving the Bowels of God” officially at a party with Kaotik, Warsenal and Atroce in the Canadian province on February 28th.

The album, available on Sevared Records, has a few tracks streaming from it over on the JamSpace youtube series. Listen to an upload of one of Soiled By Blood’s tracks, “Barbed Wire Beating,” below.

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Rings Of Saturn Comments On New Album "Dingir"

It has been just over 2 years since Rings of Saturn’s first full-length album “Embryonic Anomaly” was re-released on Unique Leader Records. Since that time, ROS has been hard at work writing for sophomore release, as well as consistently touring across the United States and Canada with metal giants such as Decapitated, Carnifex, Origin, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Aborted, and Decrepit Birth. The new album’s artwork can be viewed below, and the following press release has been issued by Unique Leader:

“With the recent release of Rings of Saturn’s YouTube sampler from their upcoming album entitled ‘Dingir’ (din-jeer) there has been an overwhelmingly positive response as well as growing anticipation for what’s to come next from the band. The album is set for a tentative release date of Nov. 20th, 2012 on Unique Leader Records and will have a running time of roughly 42 minutes in length.”

The tracks will be as follows:

Objective to Harvest (4:06)
Galactic Cleansing (3:28)
Shards of Scorched Flesh (3:08)
Feast Upon their Bowels (3:35)
Faces Imploding (5:51)
Peeling Arteries (4:05)
Hyperforms (3:50)
Fruitless Existence (3:13)
Immaculate Order (4:37)
Utopia (Instrumental, 5:25)

Lucas Mann, the original founding member of Rings of Saturn, released this statement regarding the direction the band is taking with the new album:

“Instrumentally, we wanted to expand on the chaotic sound that we have become known for in Embryonic Anomaly, but at the same time wanted to add in new progressive and melodic elements that would compliment all the dissonance found in our music. This is very apparent on the instrumental track, Utopia, and on the second to last track, Immaculate Order, where you will find that we concentrated solely on progressive melody.

“Lyrically, the album stays true to the subjects that Rings of Saturn is known for. The album title ‘Dingir’ translates over from ancient Sumerian language meaning deity, god, or sky. In the stance of the album, Dingir portrays the aliens as gods who created man, and also harvest and ultimately destroy the human civilization.”

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