THE OBSESSED: Metal Injection Shares “On So Long” Acoustic Performance; US Headlining Dates Confirmed

View / Share THE OBSESSED’s “On So Long” HERE. Doom rock legends THE OBSESSED have shared an acoustic performance of “On So Long” recorded live at the Gibson Guitar Recording Studio in New York City. The song is a bonus track off the band’s recently-issued Sacred full-length album. Watch the full performance now via Metal […]

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THE OBSESSED: Metal Injection Shares “On So Long” Acoustic Performance; US Headlining Dates Confirmed

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New Video Clip “Gimme Some Lovin'” Issued By SOiL

After celebrating the 20th anniversary in January of 2017, SOiL entered into the studio to record new material to be included on “SCREAM: The Essentials,” a Greatest Hits collection featuring the songs that solidified SOiL as Hard Rock mainstays, as well as, alternate versions of popular tracks and unreleased material. Today, the band issued the video clip for the cover, and opening track of the collection. “Gimme Some Lovin'”. Check it out below!

“Gimme Some Lovin” is a cover song originally featured in the 1980 smash hit cult classic movie “The Blues Brothers.” “We felt it was a perfect song to add the album” states bassist Tim King. “It tied in our Chicago roots and the 20th anniversary of the band perfectly”. The release drops on September 15th via AFM Records.

Other tracks included on “SCREAM…” include an acoustic version of “Can You Heal Me” recorded at Dimebag Darrell’s home studio and produced by Vinnie Paul. Also included is a special version of “Give It Up” featuring the late Wayne Static of Static-X contributing verse, chorus, and bridge vocal lines throughout the song.

The track list is:

1. Gimme Some Lovin‘
2. Broken Wings (El Chupacabra Version)
3. Road To Ruin
4. Black Betty
5. Halo
6. Unreal
7. Breaking Me Down
8. Pride
9. ReDeFine
10. Can You Heal Me (Acoustic Version)
11. Give It Up (Feat. Wayne Static)
12. Let Go
13. Like It Is (Alternate Version)
14. The Lesser Man
15. My Time (Kickstart Version)
16. Shine On
17. The Hate Song
18. Way Gone
19. Halo Live In London (Bonus Track)
20. Rusty Cage (Bonus Track)

Check out the video here:

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Samael Premieres New Song & Lyric Video “Red Planet” From Upcoming New Album “Hegemony”

Samael premieres a new song and lyric video entitled “Red Planet”, taken from the upcoming new album “Hegemony”, which is headed for an October 13th release on Napalm Records.

Check out now “Red Planet” below.

“Hegemony” features the following track listing:

1. Hegemony
2. Samael
3. Angel of Wrath
4. Rite of Renewal
5. Red Planet
6. Black Supremacy
7. Murder or Suicide
8. This World
9. Against All Enemies
10. Land of the Living
11. Dictate of Transparency
12. Helter Skelter
13. Storm of Fire (Bonus Track)

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The Unguided Announces New Vocalist Jonathan Thorpenberg

Former guitarist and singer Roland Johannsson has decided to leave The Unguided, and now the band has brought on new frontman Jonathan Thorpenberg.

After having released a 2-track EP in December of last year, it’s time to get ready for the full-length studio album to follow. Please welcome “And The Battle Royale” – scheduled for a worldwide November 10th 2017 release via Napalm Records!

Richard Sjunnesson states: “We’ve without doubt sacrificed our five souls into this one. Everyone knew it would be a career defining record after the departure of our highly acclaimed brother and we had no intensions to disappoint our fans nor ourselves writing and record this dynamic monster with innovative producer Dino Medanhodzic. Everyone indeed brought their absolute A-game on this record and Jonathan over performed in every possible way whilst also bringing something completely new to the table. A table which much urgently needed it I’d say. Come November and the battle royale will make or break you!”

1. Death’s Sting
2. The Heartbleed Bug
3. Legendary
4. Dark Metamorphosis
5. A Link to the Past
6. Anchor Stone (of the World)
7. Manipulate Fear
8. Force of Nature
9. King’s Fall
10. Nighttaker (Bonus Track)
11. Daybreaker (Bonus Track)
12. Nighttaker (Live) (Bonus Track)

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Exhumed Unveils New Album “Death Revenge”

Lock the mausoleum doors and chain up the cemetery gates, because the long-standing gore metal maniacs from Exhumed re-emerge with disgusting new album “Death Revenge.”

The band’s sixth full-length is a concept album: a musical melodrama in thirteen parts based on shocking true events. “Death Revenge” takes place in the late 1820s in Edinburgh, Scotland and tells the macabre tale of a series of brutal murders where the victims’ cadavers were sold to anatomists, amid a grisly underground trade of grave-robbery.

Recorded with producer Jarrett Pritchard (Goatwhore, Eternal, Gruesome), “Death Revenge” takes the band’s signature gore-drenched, death metal mayhem to theatrical and ghastly new depths. The cover illustration is by Orion Landau with interior illustrations by Lucas Ruggieri.

Frontman Matt Harvey comments: “We’re very excited to see this record come out. It’s been a long time since we’ve fucked up your stereos! I think this record has a darker vibe than the last two, with a pretty gnarly tale of grave-robbery, dissection, murder, and all sorts of general skullduggery. We dig it and we hope you filthy animals will too.”

New album “Death Revenge” is set for release on October 13th on CD, LP, deluxe LP with cassette, and digital formats via Relapse Records. The track listing is as follows:

1. Death Revenge Overture
2. Defenders Of The Grave
3. Lifeless
4. Dead End
5. Night Work
6. Unspeakable
7. Gravemakers Of Edinburgh
8. The Harrowing
9. A Funeral Party
10. The Anatomy Act Of 1832
11. Incarnadined Hands
12. Death Revenge
13. Death Revenge Underture (Bonus Track)
14. A Lesson In Violence (Bonus Track)

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Gaerea Premieres New Song & Music Video “Endless Lapse”

Portuguese black metal unit Gaerea premieres a new song and music video titled “Endless Lapse”, taken from the band’s upcoming vinyl edition of its self titled debut EP, which was released past November via Everlasting Spew Records. The song itself is a bonus track that doesn’t appear on the earlier CD and digital versions of the debut release.

Check out now “Endless Lapse” below.

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Lyric Video For New Song “Send In The Clowns” Available From End Of Green

Germany’s strongest dark rock band End Of Green issued a lyric video for the new song “Send In The Clowns.” The song appears on the new album “Void Estate” which drops on August 4th via Napalm Records as a 2CD Digipak (CD+DVD), 2LP Gatefold and Digital Album.

On the song the band states: “Bad experiences or wrong decisions, they surround around you like heavy weights on your shoulder. Or for example people who pisses you off. Everyone knows about that kind of things… so the stage is yours. A stage for all of these clowns. And the day will come to send in the clowns. Cheers everyone. Well, maybe I’m the biggest clown of all. ;)”

The track listing for “Void Estate” is as follows:

1. Send In The Clowns
2. Dark Side Of The Sun
3. The Door
4. Head Down
5. Crossroads
6. The Unseen
7. Dressed In Black Again
8. Mollodrome
9. Worn And Torn
10. City Of Broken Thoughts
11. Like A Stranger
12. Leave This Town (Bonus Track)

Check out “Send In The Clowns” here:

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Tales Of Gaia Posts “Flamma Ardet” Lyric Video

Spanish power metal sensation Tales Of Gaia just launched a second advance single for upcoming debut album “Hypernova” in form of a lyric video for the song “Flamma Ardet.”

The new Tales Of Gaia album “Hypernova” is scheduled for release onthe 4th of September through Fighter Records. If you missed it, previous single “Keep The Dream Alive” can also still be heard at this location.

1. Prelude to Salvation
2. Keep the Dream Alive
3. Soldiers of Light
4. Hyperspace
5. City of Dreams
6. My Right to Live
7. Knights of Heidelberg
8. Wings of Fire
9. A Thousand Miles Away
10. Flamma Ardet
11. Black Symphony (Bonus Track)
12. Black Standards (Bonus Track)

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Details Of New Album “Hypernova” Posted By Tales Of Gaia, New Single Streaming

Spanish power metal act Tales Of Gaia has issued the first single “Keep the Dream Alive” from the forthcoming debut full length record “Hypernova.” The album is set to drop on September 4th via Fighter Records. Check it out in the player at the bottom.

Since the debut EP “Breaking Dawn” was issued in 2015, Tales Of Gaia changed vocalists and started to work on “Hypernova” at Dante Studios with Israel Ramos (vocalist in Avalanch, Alquimia & Amadeüs) and Wheel Sound Studio with Txosse Ruiz (producer of bands like Ankor or Döria). “Hypernova” is a 12-song opus of the purest power metal in the vein of early Helloween, Gamma Ray, Rhapsody and Heavenly.

The track list for “Hypernova” is as follows:

1. Prelude to Salvation
2. Keep the Dream Alive
3. Soldiers of Light
4. Hyperspace
5. City of Dreams
6. My Right to Live
7. Knights of Heidelberg
8. Wings of Fire
9. A Thousand Miles Away
10. Flamma Ardet
11. Black Symphony (Bonus Track)
12. Black Standards (Bonus Track)

Check out “Keep The Dream Alive” here:

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New Album “Poveter” Streaming In Full From Oprich

Casus Belli Musica issued the new album “Poveter” from Russian folk metal act Oprich this past Friday. Today, the band is streaming the entire new album via at this location, or you can simply check it out in the player below.

Oprich delves into the viking theme retaining the original sounds and exuding a rare flair while keeping it heavy. The new album title translates as “All Sails to the Wind” and it glorifies the heritage of the ancient Russian viking parallels – the Ushkuiniks of Novgorod. This album comes in a fantastic 4-panel digipak with a 20-page booklet highlighting the ancient, overlooked history of the “Russian vikings.”

The track list (translated to English) is:

1. All Sails To The Wind
2. Campaign
3. An Axe And A Flail
4. Winds’ Heady Mead
5. In Oars’ Splahes
6. Bear Hug
7. The Ruthless Ones (Sword Of The Volga)
8. A Barrow Over The River
9. Volga Lullaby (Bonus Track)
10. Danube Lullaby (Bonus Track)

Check out the album here:

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