Dream Theater Posts Studio Walk Through Interview

American progressive metal legends Dream Theater will release their 14th studio album, “Distance Over Time,” on February 22nd. In support of the upcoming release, the band have released a studio walk-through interview, which can be seen below.

“Distance Over Time” showcases a newfound creativity for Dream Theater while maintaining the elements that have garnered them devoted fans around the globe. The album also marks the first for the band’s new label InsideOutMusic / Sony Music. The artwork was created by long-time cover collaborator Hugh Syme (Rush, Iron Maiden, Stone Sour). “Distance Over Time” was produced by John Petrucci, mixed by Ben Grosse, and mastered by Tom Baker.

“Distance Over Time” will be available as: Standard CD Jewel Case, Special Edition Digipak (incl. 1 bonus track), 180g Gatefold 2LP Edition (incl. 1 bonus track, an 8-page-LP-booklet & the album on CD), Ltd. Edition Artbook (incl. 1 bonus track, 5.1 mix with video animations, instrumental mixes & high res files of the album, stems for “Untethered Angel”, extended liner notes, additional artwork incl. photos from the writing session and additional video content), as a Deluxe Collector’s Box Set (incl. lenticular cover card, Artbook, 180g 2 LP Gatefold Edition with exclusive artwork and exclusive white vinyl, exclusive picture 7”, 60 x 60 cm poster, 10 art cards, slipmat, patch, pin and a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity) and as a Digital Album (incl. 1 bonus track).


1. Untethered Angel
2. Paralyzed
3. Fall Into The Light
4. Barstool Warrior
5. Room 137
6. S2N
7. At Wit’s End
8. Out Of Reach
9. Pale Blue Dot
10. Viper King (Bonus Track)


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Sisters Of Suffocation To Release New Album “Humans Are Broken” In March 2019

Eindhoven based death metal squad Sisters Of Suffocation are here to bring us the best of both worlds: the raw and primal force of old school death metal clashes with the sophisticated technicality and epic-melodic infusions of modern times. Now the already infamous quintet announces its second studio album “Humans Are Broken!” The record is set to be released on March 1st via Napalm Records.


1. Humans Are Broken
2. Wolves
3. War In My Head
4. The Machine
5. What We Create
6. Liar
7. Little Shits
8. The Next Big Thing
9. Blood On Blood
10. The Objective
11. Burn
12. Every Little Fibre (Bonus Track)
13. For I Have Sinned (Bonus Track)

Sisters Of Suffocation are:

Els Prins – Vocals
Simone van Straten – Guitars
Emmelie Herwegh – Guitars
Puck Wildschut – Bass
Kevin van den Heiligenberg – Drums

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Anger As Art Premiere New Lyric Video “Everybody Dies” From Upcoming New Live Album “Fast as Fuck!”

L.A. Thrashers Anger As Art have released a lyric video for new studio track “Everybody Dies.” The single is included as a bonus track from the band’s forthcoming live album Fast as Fuck! The video can be viewed below:

Anger As Art Premiere New Lyric Video “Everybody Dies” From Upcoming New Live Album “Fast as Fuck!”

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Skull Pit (feat. Mem of Exumer and Tatsu of Church Of Misery) releases new single, “Marauders”

– October 24th, 2018 –

On November 16th, Metal Blade Records will finally release Skull Pit, the debut album by American/Japanese collaboration Skull Pit!

Skull Pit is a tale of two musicians from opposite sides of the heavy metal spectrum and the planet: Tatsu, hailing from Tokyo/Japan, is the bassist and mastermind behind the internationally acclaimed doom outfit Church Of Misery; Mem, from New York/USA, is the singer and front-man of German thrash pioneers Exumer!

For a preview of Skull Pit, the new single, “Marauders”, can be heard at: youtu.be/MGSZTBYsjHc

Skull Pit vocalist Mem comments: “Think about the first time you heard ‘Ace Of Spades’, or the ferocity of early Tank records, and how you felt when those songs hit you like a ton of bricks. That’s what we went for when we wrote that song. Marauding for your ears, hearts and soul.”

To hear the previous single, “Fire Breather”, please visit: metalblade.com/skullpit – where the record can also be pre-ordered in the following formats:

–ltd. Digipak-CD
–180 g black vinyl
–silver/black marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 – EU-exclusive)
–red/black marbled vinyl (ltd. 200 – EU-exclusive)
–gold/black splattered vinyl (ltd. 100 – EU-exclusive)
–gold/silver splattered vinyl (ltd. 100 – US-exclusive)

The two veterans endeavored to combine their favorite elements of bands like Motorhead along with the countless outfits of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal into one blistering and highly energetic nine-track album. The songs on Skull Pit‘s debut are a clear departure from what Exumer or Church Of Misery usually sound like. Stepping away from Exumer‘s lighting fast rhythms and Church of Misery‘s slowed down, Iommi-inspired riffs, Skull Pit creates melodies in the vein of 70s hard rock and 80s NWOBHM with Lemmy’s punk attitude.

Mixed in Tokyo by O-mi Kihara, Skull Pit was recorded in New York and Japan during Exumer‘s and Church of Misery‘s time off from playing live around the globe. The result is a free-flowing album that switches effortlessly between genres and boundaries, but always with the intent to deliver a razor sharp riff or a memorable hook.

Skull Pit didn’t shy away from further expanding their all-inclusive attitude when it came to choosing and recording a cover song as a bonus track: Rose Tattoo‘s “All the Lessons”. The song features Brian “Mitts” Daniels (ex-Madball), who produced Mem’s vocal tracks in New York.

Skull Pit track-listing
1. Double Cross
2. Roller
3. Fire Breather
4. Year Of The Dog
5. Soul Raiders
6. Blood Titan
7. Marauders
8. The Line
9. Wolf Spirit
10. All The Lessons (Bonus Track)

Skull Pit online:


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Helrunar Premiere New Song “The Last Antichrist” From Upcoming New Album “Vanitas Vanitatvm”

Black metal band HELRUNAR have revealed “The Last Antichrist”. The song is a special tribute to Norwegian black metal from the 1990s and is a bonus track that is only available on the physical version of their upcoming album Vanitas Vanitatvm.

Listen to the song below.

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Skálmold To Release New Album, “Sorgir,” This Fall

Icelandic Viking metal band SKÁLMÖLD will release their fifth full length album this fall, entitled “Sorgir.” The album title (which translates to “sorrows”) is appropriate for this concept album that is divided in two parts: The first four songs tell four short stories about tragedies and death. It is called Sagnir (tales). The second chapter called Svipir (ghosts) thickens the plot by telling the same four stories from a different perspective.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Ljósið
2. Sverðið
3. Brúnin
4. Barnið
5. Skotta
6. Gangári
7. Móri
8. Mara

“Sorgir” is available in the following formats:

1 CD Digipak + Bonus Track
2 LP Gatefold in different colors

You can pre-order the album here.

From August 22nd til August 25th SKÁLMÖLD will play four special shows together with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra in their hometown of Reykjavik. Three shows are already completely sold out.

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Listen To Thy Art Is Murder’s CJ McMahon Guest On In Hearts Wake’s “Elemental”

The deluxe edition of In Hearts Wake‘s “Ark“ is out in stores now including the below streaming bonus track and revised take on “Elemental”. The new version sports a guest turn from Thy Art Is Murder frontman CJ McMahon.

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The Flesh Premiere New Song “Siren’s Call” From Upcoming Debut EP “Dweller”

Dutch group The Flesh premiere a new song titled “Siren’s Call”, taken from their upcoming debut EP “Dweller”, which will be out in stores June 1st.

Check out now “Siren’s Call” below.


01 – Tot in Den Treure
02 – Black Rain
03 – Siren’s Call
04 – Dweller (In The Dark)
05 – Salax
06 – Thrones In The Sky
07 – A Knife To The Conformist
08 – Fire Red Gaze (Bandcamp download only bonus track)

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Obscura Premiere New Music Video “Diluvium” – Reveals New Album Details

Obscura premiered a new music video for the title track to their new effort “Diluvium“, which will hit stores on July 13th via Relapse Records.

Vocalist/guitarist Steffen Kummerer commented of the Mirko Witzki (Caliban, Kreator) directed clip:

“With the title track of our new album we present you one of the most fast forward and brutal compositions ‘Diluvium” has to offer. The music video created by German Cinematographer Mirko Witzki shows the first part of a connected story relating to the band’s long running four album cycle.”

The band have also revealed the track listing and cover art for the new album.

01 – “Clandestine Stars”
02 – “Emergent Evolution”
03 – “Diluvium”
04 – “Mortification Of The Vulgar Sun”
05 – “Ethereal Skies”
06 – “Convergence”
07 – “Ekpyrosis”
08 – “The Seventh Aeon”
09 – “The Conjuration”
10 – “An Epilogue To Infinity”
11 – “A Last Farewell” (bonus track)

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Madball Premiere “Old Fashioned” & Detail New Album “For The Cause”

The cover art and track listing have now been reveiled for Madball‘s upcoming new effort, “For The Cause“. The details for the album, which is out on June 15th via Nuclear Blast, arrive alongside the premiere of the first single, “Old Fashioned“. The group had Rancid‘s Tim Armstrong produce the release and he also guests on one song.

01 – “Smile Now Pay Later”
02 – “Rev Up” (feat. Sick Jacken)
03 – “Freight Train”
04 – “Tempest”
05 – “Old Fashioned”
06 – “Evil Ways” (feat. Ice-T)
07 – “Lone Wolf”
08 – “Damaged Goods”
09 – “The Fog” (feat. Tim Armstrong & Steve Whale)
10 – “Es Tu Vida”
11 – “For You”
12 – “For The Cause”
13 – “Confessions” (CD/LP bonus track)

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