Æpoch Premiere New Track “Tabula Rasa”

Ontario natives Æpoch recently announced their forthcoming debut album, Awakening Inception. Set for release on Friday, April 13th. Æpoch has built up a well developed and unique spin on progressive death metal that incorporates black metal, thrash, lot’s of melody, and technical death metal elements inside of a progressive focused songwriting style.

Today the band premiere “Tabula Rasa” the first single to air so far from Awakening Inception streaming below:

Æpoch will embark on an extended Canadian tour with UK death metal titans Bloodshot Dawn from April 17th – May 1st.

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Æpoch Premiere New Track “Tabula Rasa”

Ontario natives Æpoch recently announced their forthcoming debut album, Awakening Inception. Set for release on Friday, April 13th. Æpoch has built up a well developed and unique spin on progressive death metal that incorporates black metal, thrash, lot’s of melody, and technical death metal elements inside of a progressive focused songwriting style.

Today the band premiere “Tabula Rasa” the first single to air so far from Awakening Inception streaming below:

Æpoch will embark on an extended Canadian tour with UK death metal titans Bloodshot Dawn from April 17th – May 1st.

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Bloodshot Dawn Release New Lyric Video ‘Reanimation’

With the release of the third Bloodshot Dawn album Reanimation looming the band have unveiled a second single, and the title track from the album. “This is a song about new beginnings and a realisation that the earth could exist without human life and likely prosper! This song marks the end of the story, the aftermath of an inter dimensional war,” comments frontman Josh McMorran.

Watch The ‘Reanimation’ Lyric Video below:

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Bloodshot Dawn UK/Ireland Tour Announced – To Release “Reanimation” January 2018

Earlier this year Bloodshot Dawn had entered the studio to begin work on their third full length album, entitled Renanimation; an album that also features prominent guests including Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy, Nevermore), Paul Wardingham, Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams, The Faceless), Mendel Bij De Leij (Aborted).

Since their acclaimed self-titled and second album Demons, there has been shifts in the bands ranks making way for new members, Canadian shredder Morgan Reid, drummer James Stewart (also of Vader and Divine Chaos) and bass player Giacomo Gastaldi. Frontman and last founding member Josh McMorran reflects on the losing all members from the Demons line up as a huge shock to the system, “I had to take sometime to think about how to move forward with the bands sound and honestly thinking wasn’t what was needed. When Morgan joined the band he worked tirelessly on riffs and ideas for songs which I sculptured into my design and feel for how I thought the album should flow. We met up over a two week period and turned hundreds of ideas into ten tracks very naturally. The general feeling is that we now for the first time have a solid direction and process, we work as a unit instead of separate solo efforts within the band.”

“We recorded guitars and drums in the east of Germany and Czech simply because that’s where Morgan and James are based. The studio in Czech, Babylon Studios, had an incredible drum room which was a huge selling point to this studio. We recorded guitars at Morgans home studio, which follows a similar process to our previous records. After that we headed for Sweden to work with Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) for final guitar pieces, additional layers, mixing and mastering. Per is a good friend and an extraordinary musician and his ear and eye for the big picture has helped us create Reanimation and pushed us to evolve our sound in a very natural way.”

“As for the stories within the album, a lot of it is ambiguous, regarding personal struggles, as well as observations on modern day society. But as with all Bloodshot Dawn records the lyrics aren’t always as clear cut and it’s the sci-fi artwork that really tells the cover story so to speak. We worked with a good friend Chris Kewli who is a concept artist with an incredibly creative mind. The artwork is the third part of a trilogy of art continuing and finishing the concept that started with the first two Bloodshot Dawn albums. The front cover pictures an alien approaching a war torn earth who’s coming to clean up the planet of human life and refresh the earth back to its former glory! The art unfolds further through the inlays of the CD.”

As well as the news of an imminent new release the band will be on tour throughout UK/Ireland tour, their first in almost 2 years!

Reanimation UK/Ireland Live Dates
17/01/18 – Black Heart, London
18/01/18 – Green Door Store, Brighton
19/01/18 – Boiler Room, Guildford
20/01/18 – The Underground, Plymouth
21/01/18 – Fuel Rock Club, Cardiff
22/01/18 – The Flapper, Birmingham
23/01/18 – Audio, Glasgow
24/01/18 – The Fulford Arms, York
25/01/18 – The Peer Hat, Manchester
26/01/18 – An Spailpin Fanach, Cork
27/01/18 – Limelight, Belfast
28/01/18 – On The Rox, Dublin

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Evocation announces Janne Jaloma as new drummer, posts drum play-through video online

– April 6th, 2017 –

photo and editing by Josefine Larsson @ Jojomen

Swedish death metallers Evocation have announced Janne Jaloma as their new drummer. Guitarist Marko Palmen comments: “We are very proud to welcome Janne Jaloma as the new drummer of Evocation. Janne has previously made himself a name in the Gothenburg & UK scenes as a dedicated and hardworking drummer for bands such as Despite, Bloodshot Dawn & Deals Death. His technical skills as well as his groove are pure magic, and the way he plays makes him a perfect fit for Evocation. Janne will make his live debut with Evocation on the release ritual scheduled for the 8th of April in Boras.”

Fans can watch Janne Jaloma’s drum play-through for “Imperium Fall” from Evocation‘s latest album, The Shadow Archetype, at: youtube.com/watch?v=NHaQd808SqY

Evocation live:
Apr. 8 – Boras, Sweden – Rockborgen

Evocation released their stunning new full-length, The Shadow Archetype, last month. While honoring their Swedish death metal roots, The Shadow Archetype also adds thrash metal elements to their addictive, heavy sound. For a preview of the album, the singles “Children of Stone” and “Condemned to the Grave”, can be heard at: metalblade.com/evocation – where the record can also be purchased in the following formats:

–Digipak CD (includes beer coaster!)
–180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
–grey-marbled vinyl (limited to 300 copies – EU exclusive)
–salmon clear vinyl (limited to 200 copies – EU exclusive)
–clear/black-marbled vinyl (limited to 100 copies – USA exclusive)
*exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available!

Featuring a cover and layout by Xaay (Behemoth, Nile, etc.), The Shadow Archetype was recorded at three different studios. Backing vocals, mixing and mastering were done at Dugout Productions. Daniel Bergstrand handled the recording of backing vocals and mixing. George Nerantzis handled the mastering. Drums were recorded at Crehate Studios together with studio engineer Oscar Nilsson. The Shadow Archetype also features veteran drummer Per Moller Jensen (ex-The Haunted, ex-Invocator) on session drums. Per sets a new death metal standard on the new Evocation album with his complex, yet groovy drumming, which we know well from his time in The Haunted. Guitars, bass, and lead vocals were recorded by the band in their own studio, Acacia Avenue Recordings. “We started recording the drums in late June 2015 and did the last recordings with vocals in June 2016. So, we spent roughly a year in the studio with ‘The Shadow Archetype‘,” explains Palmen. “In my opinion, the production is our strongest so far. It has all the elements I want in a production; raw brutality with a distinctive punch!”

Evocation line-up:
Thomas Josefsson – vocals
Marko Palmen – guitar
Simon Exner – guitar
Gustaf Jorde – bass
Janne Jaloma – drums

Evocation online:

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Details Of New Album “Titanomachy” Issued By Imperium

Following the release of the acclaimed debut “Sacramentum” in 2012 (which featured Trigger the Bloodshed and The Bridal Procession members Robert Purnell and Steve Garnier), U.K. technical brutal death metal act Imperium have reshuffled the ranks and bounced back by unveiling a brand new masterclass in technical death metal entitled “Titanomachy.” The album drops via Ultimate Massacre Productions on May 7th 2016. A preview clip can be heard in the player below.

“Titanomachy” features twelve tracks of ferocious yet epic metal, steeped in ancient Greek mythology and lore. Experience bleak tales of betrayal, brutality, destructive monsters and war between the Gods and Titans themselves. “Titanomachy” is huge in both lyrical scale and musical depth.

Founding member and chief songwriter Mike Alexander had been working alone until he enlisted Doug Anderson, drummer of Unfathomable Ruination and ex-Bloodshot Dawn, however Doug was not brought in for his skill behind the kit, but rather his voice.

“When I first heard the Imperium material I was really impressed, and the opportunity to work on something like this was an immediate attraction to me,” comments Doug. “The album feels huge. Epic! Whilst maintaining a constant level of brutality, and technicality. Mike’s guitar playing is astonishing, but it isn’t just an album of show boating, There are real memorable songs here, and a heavy signature sound too.”

Mike Alexander comments on the writing process, “I was writing over a very intense two year period and then when Doug came in and we got together in the studio with our producer Chuck Creese it all just gelled and flowed. Every day in the studio was such a rush as everything just came together so well, the chemistry was awesome and the resulting album was completed beyond all expectations.”

Doug adds, “The debut album was based heavily on Ancient Roman history, but the new record falls deep into Greek Mythology. The Greek gods of course heavily influenced the Roman’s, so in terms of concept, you could call this album a prequel. And at the climax of the album, we cover the ‘Titanomachy’ itself. The war between the Titans and the Gods. I think the lyrics reflect the music well, as the songs are very grand in scale and if a bloody war between the Titans and the Gods isn’t grandiose, then what is!?”

The track listing for the album is:

1. Intro
2. Castrate The Father Of The Sky
3. Beast From Beneath
4. Descend Abysmal Void
5. Ingurgitate The Traitor
6. Into Abode Of The Dead
7. The Unseen One
8. Skies That Bear Thunder
9. Phlegethon Rising
10. Minos
11. Neither Like Gods Nor Men
12. Titanomachy

Check out the preview clip here:

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Heavy Metal Themed Death Goat Launches Through Steam

The indie twin-stick shooter Death Goat just landed on Steam and is available now for $2.99.

While actually a feature complete casual game, Death Goat is currently in “early access” mode as new features are being added (funded by gamers picking up this version early).

Why should metal heads give a shit (besides the name “Death Goat” of course)? Glad you asked – it’s got an all-metal soundtrack including music from:

Between The Buried And Me
Holy Grail
God Forbid
Bloodshot Dawn
I Legion
Tyrant of Death
The Raven Autarchy
Immortal Guardian

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Bloodshot Dawn Parts With Guitarist Benjamin Ellis

Bloodshot Dawn just issued the following announcement about parting ways with guitar player Benjamin Ellis:

“Very sad and shocked to announce Benjamin has decided to leave Bloodshot Dawn, below is his statement. We will be looking for a new guitarist soon and plan to come back as strong as ever for more touring of Demons and to begin work on our third album very soon! Details of auditions will be available soon! Please leave your messages for Ben below and thanks for your continued support!

Ellis himself had this to say: “This has been a difficult decision to make, but today I announce my departure from Bloodshot Dawn. As you are all probably aware, things have been very quiet in the Bloodshot Dawn camp this year, as a few of the guys needed some time off to address health issues before the band could move forward at full strength again. We were all in agreement that this was absolutely necessary, but this quiet period gave me a chance to step back, reflect on things, and reconnect with my musical priorities.

“While I am extremely proud of the music we have made with Bloodshot Dawn, there are certain musical ideas I have always wanted to pursue, that just aren’t possible with BSD. For this reason it’s now time for me to move on to new things.

“I have put my heart and soul into this band for almost 6 years, and it has been a truly life changing experience. We have shared the stage with so many incredible bands and some of our musical heroes, met countless amazing people, and travelled to places I never thought I would see, let alone perform in! Of course, there’s been blood, sweat, tears and a good deal of stress too, but I have learnt so much and can’t believe some of the things we have achieved.

“I would like to thank everyone who has supported Bloodshot Dawn and made this all possible. The bands we’ve played with; the promoters, booking agents, PR, and all our industry buddies; our friends, families and amazing fans; everyone who came out to a show, bought the albums, donned a t-shirt, shared our music, and backed our Kickstarter… I honestly cannot explain how grateful I am, and how fortunate I feel that we’ve had that kind of support from you all.

“Music is still, and always will be my passion. This is just a new chapter for me, and for Bloodshot Dawn. I have some exciting things to announce very soon, and rest assured I am hard at work making new music.

“Finally, I want to say a huge thanks to all of my Bloodshot brothers, Josh, Janne, Ant, and Doug, for so many unforgettable memories. You have been a huge part of my life and I wish Bloodshot Dawn all the best for the future.”

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Bloodshot Dawn Posts New Track “The Image Faded”

Bloodshot Dawn today releases a new track off the band’s impending “Demons” album (reviewed here). Check out “The Image Faded” in the player below.

You can also watch the band’s recently released music video for “Smoke And Mirrors” at this location. “Demons” is due out October 26th, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Smoke and Mirrors
2. Consequence Complex
3. Unified
4. Inadequacy
5. Black Hole Infinity
6. Human Void
7. The Image Faded
8. Demons

Demons by Bloodshot Dawn

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Bloodshot Dawn Announces Guest Appearances On New Album

The U.K. melodic extreme metallers in Bloodshot Dawn have announced some of the guests that are set to appear on an upcoming second album, which is set to be recorded this summer.

Sven De Caluwé from Belgian death metal band Aborted will be weighing in with vocals, while Swedish guitar maestro Per Nilsson of Scar Symmetry and Wintersun’s Teemu Mäntysaari will also be adding pieces to the forthcoming album.

The band also announced that album number two will be a crowd-funded project that will launch on 16th April. Further details on the campaign and perks for contributing will be announced in the near future.

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