Cult Of Eibon Posts “Lycan Twilight Sorcery”

Greek black metal band Cult of Eibon is now streaming the entirety of debut mini-album, “Lycan Twilight Sorcery,” which can be heard below. The album officially dropped April 28th and features the following track listing:

1. ?he Final Transformation (intro)
2. The Dweller Of The Woods
3. Lycan Twilight Sorcery
4. Wolf Blood Communion
5. Xothic Bloodlines
6. Lykauges (outro)
7. Dominions of the Serpent Moon (bonus track)

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Era Decay Releasing New Album “Inritum”

Romanian group Era Decay is gearing up to self release the follow-up to 2013’s “Glancing Through the Bloodlines.” New album “Inritum” has fast tempos, buzzsaw riffs, harsh vocals, catchy songs, and that hint of classic metal melody, all set to drop November 11th.

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HOWL To Level North America Next Month

Rhode Island riff manglers HOWL will bring their sonic excess to the streets this Summer on a near month long headlining tour. Set to commence on July 20th in their hometown of Providence, the New Noise Magazine-sponsored trek will storm its way across the country, coming to a close on August 17th in Portland, Oregon. […]

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HOWL To Level North America Next Month

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Era Decay Reveals New Album “Glancing Through The Bloodlines”

Romanian melodic doom/death metallers Era Decay have announce the release of their upcoming fourth LP entitled “Glancing Through the Bloodlines.”

The bloody material is due to see the light of day on April 20th, 2013. An album preview is available below, and the track listing is as follows:

1. Glancing Through the Bloodlines
2. Are You Alive?
3. Pain: Opimized
4. I Am Your Nightmare
5. Devotion
6. Pure Fire…
7. At Your Empire
8. In Your Final Hour
9. Dispassion
10. Mirrors Never Lie

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Xenocide Streaming Songs From New Album "Galactic Oppression"

Vancouver death metal act Xenocide recently released the debut album “Galactic Oppression,” and several songs from the album are now available for streaming online through the BandCamp player below. More details on Xenocide are available through Facebook.

The “Galactic Oppression” track listing is as follows:

1. I, Warning
2. Space Rot
3. Death from Orbit
4. Remnants of Organics
5. Misanthropic Dreams (Instrumental)
6. Galactic Oppression
7. Forgotten Bloodlines & Empty Oaths

Galactic Oppression by Xenocide

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A Forest Of Stars To Write New Album This Summer

A Forest of Stars has checked in with the following announcement about performing at the Bram Stoker International film festival and update about working on a new album:

“Greetings! First of all, our first two albums are now available to purchase from Prophecy Productions, (as well as lots of other places more local to you). To celebrate this, we also have a new T-shirt & hooded top as well, in the theme of Opportunistic Thieves, with a back print that reads ‘May all your bloodlines clot!’ If you’re into wearing such casual garments, you need to go to the Prophecy store and no doubt they will take very good care of you. All prices include worldwide shipping, which is nice of them. See what I mean?

“Lastly, we have one new gig for the year, a very prestigious event, and one we are rather excited about. We shall be performing at the Bram Stoker International film festival on 30th October in Whitby, England. We’ll be playing an extended set, with hopefully a few extra things thrown in here and there. Before our set, there will be a Victorian Vampire play ‘The Feast of Blood’ and afterwords, at midnight, a live Victorian seance with the very nice spooky Paul Bell. More details can be found here and tickets (£10) can be purchased from here. Doors are 7pm.

“Other than that, we are staying indoors this summer to write our new album. More information and updates on this at a later time.


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