Splice Streaming New Album “Mythological Deviance”

Splice has released new album “Mythological Deviance,” which is now available online for streaming. Give the songs a listen below, or download the tracks on a name-your-price basis at this location. The track listing is as follows:

1. Intro 01:11
2. Fangs of the Viper 03:55
3. The Infernal Kali 03:51
4. When the Moon’s Blood Colors the Sand 03:03
5. Perversion in Pompeii 03:24
6. Under the Sign of Celestial Legends 03:57
7. Necromantic Druid 03:45
8. Uku Pacha Rising 03:35
9. Amazonia River of Blood 03:49
10. Zhong Zui King of Ghosts 04:07
11. The Soul of Ayer’s Rock 03:38

Mythological Deviance by Splice

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