Blitzkrieg Premiere New Video For “Angels Or Demons” From Latest Album “Judge Not!”

“Angels Or Demons”, the new official music video from NWOBHM veterans Blitzkrieg, can be streamed below. The track is taken from the band’s latest effort, “Judge Not!”, which was released on April 27 through Mighty Music.

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Blitzkrieg Debut New Music Video For “Reign Of Fire”

NWOBHM veterans Blitzkrieg debut the official music video for their new track “Reign Of Fire” streaming below. The song is the title cut of the band’s new single, which was released as a 7” vinyl EP on December 8 in a limited edition of five hundred copies embraced by amazing handdrawn old-school metal artwork by Lee Murphy.

“Reign Of Fire” was recorded by Phil Davies at Downcast Base HQ Recording Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne, England and mixed by Johan Haagesen at Hansen Studios, Ribe, Denmark.

States guitarist Ken Johnson:

“We are very excited about the ‘Reign Of Fire’ EP coming out on our new label/home, Mighty Music, prior to the new album release in 2018. Let’s re-ignite the fire… flame on.”

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Zhrine Posts New Song “Utopian Warfare”

Icelandic death metal cult Zhrine is streaming another deadly new track off forthcoming album, “Unortheta.” The track, titled “Utopian Warfare,” can be heard below.

Regarding the new track, Zhrine comments: “Seductive strings lull the listener into a psychedelic mire of notes both lavish, lush, and alien, before the blitzkrieg of ‘Utopian Warfare’ erupts like a maelstrom of crushing death painted in layers of black, blue and blood – thus setting the tone for the aural beat-down to come.”

“Unortheta” is Zhrine’s debut recording, and will be released worldwide on April 8th. The full track listing is as follwos:

1. Utopian Warfare
2. Spewing Gloom (streaming here)
3. The Syringe Dance
4. World
5. Empire (streaming here)
6. The Earth Inhaled
7. Unortheta

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Ghoul Announces “Weapons Of Mosh Destruction” Tour Dates

Ghoul – the hooded hooligans of Creepsylvania – are bursting blood vessels to finally announce the second installment of the Weapons Of Most Destruction Tour.

Set to launch this April, team Ghoul will lay waste to seven unsuspecting metropolises throughout the West Coast alongside hardcore thrash mutant accomplices, Iron Reagan, and experimental punk/hardcore rippers, Occultist.

Following their pillage, the band will spread ghoulish delectables all over Oakland headlining the first night of this year’s edition of Brainsqueeze Fest. Full details on the trek are available below.

Proclaims Ghoul from the band’s underground headquarters: “Loyal numbskulls, the Weapons Of Mosh Destruction Tour is rearing its ugly head again, and Ghoul is looking forward to burning your towns, raping your pets, and drinking your beer as we unmercifully bombard the West Coast of your United States on our way to the Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze in Oakland, California. In the unlikely event that you are lucky enough to survive the blitzkrieg assault of Iron Reagan and Occultist, you will be decapitated and disemboweled by Ghoul’s razor sharp riffs, and after that, our razor sharp razors. All survivors will be brought back to the catacombs in cages, where Ghoul will keep you alive on a cocktail of morphine and energy drinks while we carve away chunks of your flesh to devour while you watch in horror… I may have said too much. Come to the show! Nothing bad will happen to you!”

4/09/2014 Club Red – Tempe, AZ
4/10/2014 Soda Bar – San Diego, CA
4/11/2014 Constellation Room – Santa Ana, CA
4/12/2014 Rock City – Camarillo CA
4/13/2014 The Roxy – Los Angeles, CA
4/14/2014 Midtown Barfly – Sacramento, CA
4/15/2014 Branx – Portland, OR
4/18/2014 Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze Fest – Oakland, CA *
*no Occultist

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New Track "Metal Is Invincible" Streaming From Axecuter

Brazilian speed metal act Axecuter is streaming the title track from the debut full length release “Metal Is Invincible.” The album is set to drop on March 1, 2013 through France’s Inferno Records. The album is the full length follow up to the debut EP “Innocence Is Our Excuse” issued in 2012.

The track list for “Metal Is Invincible” is as follows:

1. Metal Is Invincible
2. Too Heavy To Load
3. Feed The Beast
4. No God, No Devil (Worship Metal!)
5. Bangers Prevail
6. Destructive Blitzkrieg
7. Keep On Sinning
8. The Fires Of Krakatoa
9. Heavy Metal To The World (Manilla Road Cover)

Check out “Metal Is Invincible” here:

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