Evil Masquerade Releasing “10 Years In The Dark” Album

Evil Masquerade released “The Digital Crucifix” (reviewed here) earlier this year. Now the band is back with one more ace up its sleeve before the year comes to an end.

To mark the band’s 10th anniversary, Evil Masquerade is releasing the album “10 Years in the Dark” on the 10th of December. The album features 10 digitally remastered tracks from the period 2004 – 2014 and a booklet that is filled to the brim with photos.

01. The Wind Will Rise (2004)
02. Like Voodoo (2014)
03. Lights Out (2008)
04. Far Away (2006)
05. But You Were Smiling… (2004)
06. Hollow Soul (2008)
07. A Silhouette (2012)
08. Bozo the Clown (2005)
09. Black Ravens Cry (2006)
10. The Nature is Calling (2014)

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