Astaroth Incarnate Streaming New Track “Unfleshed”

Toronto blackened/extreme metal band Astaroth Incarnate has summoned forth a hymn of hellish proportions, entitled “Unfleshed.”

The song is pulled from forthcoming album “Omnipotence – The Infinite Darkness,” which is set to drop September 8th, 2017 via CDN Records.

1. Obscurity
2. Curse of the Black Plague
3. Unfleshed
4. Sanctum of Torment
5. Re-Creation

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Helleborus Releasing “Ritual” Beer At Colorado Show

After recently unleashing debut album “The Carnal Sabbath” via Satanath Records (Russia) and Black Plague Records (USA), black metal blood brother duo Helleborus will be joining forces with Black Sky Brewery for a new craft beer entitled “Ritual.”

This new brew will be revealed at the band’s next performance presented by the brewery and Metal Nation Radio in Denver, CO on July 15th at Bluebird Theater. Helleborus will be joined by Of Feather And Bone, Belhor, Scepter of Eligos.

In additional news, Helleborus has been added as local support for the Ghost Bath tour stop in Colorado Springs, CO on July 19th alongside Underling, He Whose Ox Is Gored.

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Enoid Posts New Single “Mangez Ma Chair, Prenez Ma Douleur”

Enoid – a Swiss solo black metal outfit – today releases another single from upcoming album “Exilé Aux Confins Des Tourments.” Check out “Mangez Ma Chair, Prenez Ma Douleur” below.

The new album will drop as a co-release via Satanath Records (Russia) and Black Plague Records (USA) on May 5th, 2016 and features the following track listing:

1. Je t’arracherai les cieux (5:54)
2. Ces cicatrices dans mon âme (5:29)
3. Mangez ma chair, prenez ma douleur (4:31)
4. La croix de mon existence (3:46)
5. Nouveau cycle destructeur (4:07)
6. Sourire éternel sur mes lèvres (4:10)
7. La lumière disparaît (5:47)
8. Ode à la haine (8:48)

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Enoid Posts New Single “Ces Cicatrices Dans Mon Ame”

Following a recent stream of “Ode A La Haine,” Swiss one man black metal band Enoid just released another single titled “Ces Cicatrices Dans Mon Ame,” which is one of eight tracks from the upcoming album “Exilé Aux Confins Des Tourments.”

This new album is set for co-release via Satanath Records (Russia) and Black Plague Records (USA) on May 5th, 2016. “Exilé Aux Confins Des Tourments” is Enoid’s seventh release marking the 20th anniversary since establishing in 1996.

All instruments and the mix of the album were done by Bornyhake (Borgne, Kawir, Manii, Triumfall, Pure) along with cover art handled by Maxime Taccardi.

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Thorgrin Named As Permanent Guitarist Form Wormreich

U.S. black metal act Wormreich has announced that live guitarist Thorgrin has been added permanent to the fold.

Founder/guitarist Vulk stated: “Wormreich wishes to announce that beginning this week, Thorgrin (ex-Blood Stained Dusk, ex-Chaos Inception) will be joining Vulk and Wyvern on guitar. Thorgrin has taken to the stage with us live in the past, and will now be taking a position as a permanent member. Our lineup is now complete.”

Wormreich was formed in 2009 by guitarist/vocalist Vulk and joined by current and former members of Blood Stained Dusk, Ancient (Nor), and Hallows Eve, and despite tragedy and death, Wormreich has returned to unleash Satan’s will upon the Earth. Wormreich is an established touring band, currently signed to Moribund Records, which has a reputation for putting on air-tight and intense live performances, gaining them great respect and admiration within the extreme metal underground. Currently Wormreich is working on the next full-length album, to be emtitled “Vril: Elixir of Death and the Void”.

On the upcoming album Vulk reveals: “As of now, we are currently in the process of writing and recording our next full-length album, to be titled ‘Vril: Elixir of Death and the Void.’ We will also be putting out three split releases through various labels this year: a split 12? LP with Florida’s legendary Kult ov Azazel, a split 7? with Texas black/death titans Hod, and a split CD with North Carolina’s Vesterian and two other artists yet to be announced. More details will be released in due time. We also wish to announce that our first full-length album, 2011’s ‘Edictvm DCLXVI,’ will be reissued sometime this year through Black Plague Records.”

Upcoming live rituals (confirmed so far):

6/30 – 7/2/16, Berlin, DE: Under the Black Sun Fest XIX w/ Ancient, Dödheimsgard, Hades, Esoteric, Thornspawn, Acherontas, Aeternus, Skyforger, Fides Inversa, Borgne, & many more

7/8 – 7/10/16, Houston, TX: Destroying Texas Fest 12 w/ Varathron, Demonic Christ, Satanik Goat Ritual, The True Mortem, Raped God 666, Sacrocurse, Weregoat, Martyrvore, Ritual Decay, & many more

11/11 – 11/12/16, Chicago, IL: Wrath of the Goat VI w/ Blood Storm, Besatt, Imprecation, Hod, Hubris, Obeisance, Hellfire Deathcult, & many more

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Ruach Raah Releasing Debut Album “Hate Fanaticism”

War Arts Productions is proud to present the debut album of Ruach Raah, titled “Hate Fanaticism.” The label comments:

“Hailing from Portugal, this mysterious trio have been brewing in the underground for the last three years, releasing a debut demo and two successive splits. With ‘Hate Fanaticism,’ Ruach Raah stake their claim as an austere new horde worth worshiping. Ten hymns of mid-paced black metal hailing Satan and death are blasted forth with total and utter cruelty.

“It’s a sound that hypnotizes and then ravages, uncompromising and close-minded, belligerent and battering, and carrying forward the transcendental regression left behind by the late Bone Awl. ‘Hate Fanaticism’ will be available on vinyl format limited to 250 copies – 150 black and 100 magenta.”

1. Arsonist
2. Absolute Occult
3. Guided by Death, Driven by Hate
4. Convulsions
5. In Hell Baptized
6. Kiss the Ring of the Baron
7. Hate Fanaticism
8. Womb Overture
9. Emperor of the Black Abyss
10. Black Plague of Satan

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Aderlating Posts “Dragged To The Smouldering Pits Of Infinity” Video

Dutch experimental outfit Aderlating has posted a video clip online for the track “Dragged To The Smouldering Pits Of Infinity,” which can be viewed below. The track comes from the “Gospel of The Burning Idols” album, released via Black Plague Records.

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