Black Magik Unveils New Album “Declaration Of Hate”

Thrash outfit Black Magik will release sixth full-length album, “Declaration of Hate,” this coming March 17th, 2017 through all digital media outlets, with pre-orders set to come online this weekend.

Physical copies of the release will be available at select locations, including Amazon and CD Baby. The track listing is as follows:

1. Declaration of Hate
2. Heart of Darkness
3. Kingdoms Burn
4. Shiva
5. Eye of the Needle
6. Blood Money
7. The Riverman
8. Welcome Death
9. Cheating the Hangman
10. Where Serpents Lie
11. Viaticum

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Black Magik Posts “Providence” Album Preview

Thrash outfit Black Magik has set April 24th as the date for the release of the band’s fourth album, “Providence,” which will debut new singer, Alex Malz.

A 16 minute trailer for “Providence” can be streamed below. Apple iTunes will pre-sale the album starting April 17th and physical copies of the release will be available through CD Baby and Amazon. The track listing is:

1. Machine Gun
2. The Calms of Death
3. Rise
4. Mintaka
5. The Gods’ Wine
6. The Last Crusade
7. Chalice of Fire
8. Alnilam
9. Kings of Babylon
10. Providence
11. Die Glocke
12. Alnitak
13. The Watchers
14. Chalice of Fire [Radio Edit]

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Wicked Inquisition Releasing New Self-Titled Album

Minnesota’s Wicked Inquisition is a band that plays doom the way it was meant to be played – loud and heavy, with a psychedelic twist. This is music inspired by legends such as The Obsessed, Saint Vitus and of course, Black Sabbath.

Wicked Inquisition was initially formed in 2008 by guitarist/vocalist Nate Towle, who sought to combine his influences of Black Sabbath, Budgie, Blue Oyster Cult and others into the formidable sound it is today.

The band has released two EPs so far, and will release a self-titled full length on May 8th, 2015. Check out the song “Black Magik Nacht” below.

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Black Magik Reveals “The Conjuring Of Three” Album Details

On April 22nd, American thrashers Black Magik will officially release third album, “The Conjuring of Three.”

According to a press release, the album is a “faster and more aggressive” album than previous efforts and it will contain ten tracks, with two covers, Sacred Reich’s “The American Way,” and Slayer’s “Black Magic.”

Vocalist and guitarist Kevin Kelly stated “The Conjuring of Three will knock you on your ass and make your ear drums bleed.”

The track listing is as follows:

1. The Conjuring of Three
2. Ninety-Nine
3. The Urge
4. Power
5. I, Eternal
6. Corporate Metal
7. Kill Zone
8. Allocution
9. The American Way (Sacred Reich Cover)
10. Black Magic (Slayer Cover)

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