BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE: ‘Venom’ Studio Footage Part One

U.K. metal titans BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE will release their fifth studio album, “Venom”, on August 14 via RCA. The CD marks the band’s first release since the departure of longtime bassist Jason James and addition of Jamie Mathias. Jamie, who has been playing and touring in bands for the last ten years, fronted the band REVOKER, which released an album, “Revenge For The Ruthless”, in 2011 on the Roadrunner label.

The first in a series of clips featuring behind-the-scenes footage from the making of “Venom” can be seen bleow.

Speaking to Kerrang! magazine, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE guitarist/vocalist Matt Tuck stated about Mathias: “He’s a Welsh lad. He sent in an audition tape and his was really good. We held auditions for a few guys, and when he came, he just smashed it. He fitted in instantly, especially with the Welsh connection. He plays like a beast and he sings like an angel.”

Produced by Carl Bown and Colin Richardson (SLIPKNOT, MACHINE HEAD, TRIVIUM) at Metropolis Studio in London, “Venom” is described in a press release as “an unrelenting, fierce step forward for BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE” and the band’s “heaviest record to date.”

“We’ve got massive hopes for this album,” Tuck told Kerrang! “We truly believe it’s going to be the biggest metal record of the year. We’ve had these feelings in the past and we’ve always been spot on, but this one feels way more special than anything else we’ve ever done, so, fingers crossed, it’s going to do what we want it to do.”

A new BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE song, “No Way Out”, is available for instant download now with all pre-orders at BulletForMyValentine.com.

A limited-edition “Venom” package is available exclusively through BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE‘s webstore. This bundle includes CD, vinyl and cassette versions of “Venom”, as well as custom t-shirt, bracelet and necklace. All purchases will include a pre-sale code for early access to tickets for their 2016 headlining tour.

BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE will head to South America in July for a headlining tour with support from MOTIONLESS IN WHITE before joining up with SLIPKNOT and LAMB OF GOD for this summer’s North American tour.


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BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE: ‘Venom’ Studio Footage Part One

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Video: ANVIL Performs At Sweden’s MUSKELROCK Festival

Fan-filmed video footage of ANVIL‘s May 30 performance at the Muskelrock festival at Tyrolen in Alvesta, Sweden can be seen below.

ANVIL‘s latest album, “Hope In Hell”, sold a little under 800 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The disc followed up “Juggernaut Of Justice”, which opened with around 1,600 units back in May 2011. The 2009 re-release of the band’s 2007 CD, “This is Thirteen”, registered a first-week tally of 1,400 to enter the Top New Artist Albums chart at No. 19.

ANVIL guitarist/vocalist Steve “Lips” Kudlow told Horns Up Rocks! in a recent interview that the band will spend most of 2015 on the road, but will return to the studio at the end of the year to record the follow-up to 2013’s “Hope In Hell”. He said: “We have a new album pretty much all written, but we’re gonna be busy probably ’till next September. So that’s when we plan to go in and record again.”

ANVIL last year parted ways with bassist Sal Italiano and replaced him with Chris Robertson. Lips told M.E.A.T.‘s Drew Masters that Chris has actually been part of the ANVIL camp for some time now, having been both their rehearsal bassist as well as a member of their road crew. Lips also stated that he’s glad the band is, once again, “all Canadian — that is the heart and soul of ANVIL.”


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Video: ANVIL Performs At Sweden’s MUSKELROCK Festival

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On The Tour Bus With AT THE GATES (Video)

Each episode of Digital Tour Bus‘s “Bus Invaders” takes you inside the touring vehicle of one of today’s top touring acts. In the latest episode, which was filmed on Apri6 in Chicago, Illinois, Tomas Lindberg, vocalist for the Swedish melodic death metal band AT THE GATES, gives you a tour of his band’s bus during the “Decibel Magazine Tour 2015” with CONVERGE, PALLBEARER and VALLENFYRE.

On April 6, AT THE GATES released a very special split seven-inch EP (together with VOIVOD) to accompany the band’s latest tour. The EP featured the AT THE GATES bonus track “Language Of The Dead” from the “At War With Reality” sessions — previously unreleased on vinyl! — while VOIVOD contributed a new track, “We Are Connected”. The EP was “double A-sided” (meaning, each band has their own, reversible front-cover side!) and came with artwork created for both bands by VOIVOD‘s Michel “Away” Langevin.

“At War With Reality” was released on October 28, 2014 (one day earlier internationally) via Century Media. The CD, which sold 7,700 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at position No. 53 on The Billboard 200 chart, was recorded at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg and was mixed at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden with Jens Bogren (OPETH, KATATONIA, SOILWORK, PARADISE LOST, KREATOR).

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On The Tour Bus With AT THE GATES (Video)

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SLIPKNOT’s SHAWN ‘CLOWN’ CRAHAN: ‘I’m In The Greatest Band In The World, Period’

In a brand new interview with RollingStone.com, SLIPKNOT percussionist Shawn “Clown” Crahan was asked about his recent comment that he could see the band going forward with a whole new lineup.

“What I’ve been saying is that only my mind — this is all from me, this isn’t from anybody else — I look at it as I’m not going to be able to do this forever,” he explained. “I’m 45 years old. Hopefully I can do it until I can’t walk. Sometimes I think to myself, because I have new guys and they’re so young; the drummer [Jay Weinberg], I could be his dad. He’s 24 years old and my daughter is 24 years old. So I look at him and think, ‘Fuck, man, I could pound him into shape for the next 20 years and he’d still be fucking young.’ And if I wanted to continue to do other things, I could step aside. And what better way to have the young’uns come in and learn the way? And what if SLIPKNOT could be this recycled thought process that is completely on point and just keeps going for life? That would have to be up to all of us, of course, but if people had to step aside and could bust in someone new and it was all there, that would be this band. This band could be something that’s never been in this life before.”

He continued: “I watch some of these fucked-up big bands that have so much decadent diva problems with each other and I laugh. Like, ‘You’re a grown man and you can’t figure out how to work your fucking art out with another person because of money or fucking ego? I hope you fail.’ So wouldn’t it be cool if this shit I’m involved in could just continue through life, like an actual culture, like an emperor, like a president or a king or a queen. The lineage keeps going on and on. And the thought process is intact and it’s fabulous. I’m not gonna authorize anything that’s fake or full of shit. I’m talking about real stuff. That’s just a dream.”

Crahan did stress, however, that he is happy staying in SLIPKNOT for the foreseeable future.

“We’re still well beyond everybody else,” he said. “Because I know every other band and fuck them all, man. I’m in the greatest band in the world, period. End of story. We’re the best.”

Crahan told The Pulse Of Radio a while back that when he eventually retires from performing with SLIPKNOT, his son would be the perfect replacement. “My oldest boy, when I do skip, he’s gonna take over my slot,” he said. “He was sitting on the stair in diapers wearing my mask with sticks while we were downstairs trying to learn how to be a band. So when I leave, it won’t be like I died and my son came in and tried to fill my place. I’m gonna bail, but I’m gonna hand over the throne and say, ‘Hey, I can’t do it anymore. You do it. You’re my blood.'”

SLIPKNOT‘s two newest members are Weinberg and bassist Alessandro “Alex” Venturella. They replaced the late Paul Gray and the fired Joey Jordison, respectively.

SLIPKNOT has been touring in support of its latest album, “.5: The Gray Chapter”, which came out last October.

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SLIPKNOT’s SHAWN ‘CLOWN’ CRAHAN: ‘I’m In The Greatest Band In The World, Period’

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MEGADETH’s DAVID ELLEFSON: We Tried To Make ‘Rust In Peace’ Lineup Reunion Work

MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson took part in a question-and-answer session at this year’s Comicpalooza international comic convention, which was held May 22-25 in Houston, Texas. You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below (courtesy of MSRcast). A couple of excerpts follow below (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On MEGADETH‘s failed attempt to reunite the band’s “Rust In Peace” lineup — featuring guitarist Marty Friedman and drummer Nick Menza — following last year’s departures of Chris Broderick (guitar) and Shawn Drover (drums):

“Last year, MEGADETH went through a management change and a few different things. And a year off the road is a long time for a group. And not necessarily for the MEGADETH name, but.. Shawn Drover, our drummer, and Chris Broderick, our guitar player, were inspired to write some songs together. They’d actually asked me to be part of it with ’em. And it didn’t ever, kind of, feel ‘at home’ to me. I mean, I didn’t really wanna leave MEGADETH to go do it. But I’m always up for doing some things on the side… Shawn and Chris made the decision to leave. And so, of course, that leaves us looking at, ‘What are we gonna do?’ And now, the first thing fans said is, ‘Oh my God! Get Nick Menza and Marty Friedman back. Do the ‘Rust In Peace’ reunion.’ Blah blah blah. And I’ve gotta be honest with you: Dave [Mustaine, MEGADETH mainman] was completely receptive to any and all options — probably more than I’ve ever seen… absolutely more than I’ve ever seen him — ever. Ever. So he definitely should not ever be painted as a bad guy that that lineup [reunion] did not happen. He was as open to it… He called me… I was in South America, ironically, playing a show with Kiko [Loureiro], our new guitar player, on a ‘Metal Allstars’ tour. And it was Geoff Tate, myself… Kiko‘s band, ANGRA, was one of the support acts, and Kiko came up and played with me and Geoff Tate on some songs. And I looked at Kiko and I went, ‘You know, if anything would ever happen, he might be a guy to keep his number, just in case MEGADETH ever needed a guitar player.’… So Dave called me, and he said, ‘What do you think about Nick Menza? I’m getting some reports from some people I trust that we should consider maybe doing this reunion.’ So we talked about it. And I’ve been friends with… I’m the one guy who’s been friends with all the former MEGADETH members. And so I said, ‘Well, listen, I think we should at least try it.’ I said, ‘Before we do anything, though, let’s get in a room with Nick,’ which we did — me and Dave and Nick, at Dave‘s studio in California. And I said, ‘Let’s try it. First and foremost, let’s be musicians and see if can play good together, and if we can play good together, let’s see, then, if we even like each other.’ Because that’s another big part of being in a group together — hopefully you at least kind of, sort of can stand each other. And so we did. And we just realized… It’s, like, we had a lot of laughs and it was fun, but I think Dave and I felt right away that musically… We weren’t convinced that it was the next chapter of MEGADETH. And to go back and just do a cash grab, it would be short-lived, and I think our fans… Again, the transparency of the metal fans… They would know right away. And it’s, like, you can never do things just for the money. You can do things that make you money, but you can never do it just for the money, when you’re dealing with art and you’re dealing with artistic things. You just can’t do it. I mean, sequels of movies, right?! How many of those have we seen? And we know that there’s a financial prize in that, but seldom are they ever as good as the first one. It’s just hard to bring those things together, yet somehow in rock bands, people think, ‘Just call the guys up and get ’em together and it’ll be great, like it was in 1992.’ But people move on, and people’s playing styles change. Dave and I have been very blessed to play with, really, some of the best musicians in the world, both in metal and otherwise. And we had a meeting at NAMM in January, where we sat down with Marty and Nick and our manager [at the time]. And I’ve gotta be honest with you: Dave, again, was as open as he could have ever been to having a reunion and trying to make it work. And, if anything, I was the ‘bad cop’ of that. I let Dave be the ‘good cop’ for a change. As partners, I thought, ‘He always gets the bad rap. I’ll be the guy, kind of, stirring the waters, and I’ll let him be the good guy.’ And we gave it every possible opportunity for it to work, and it just really… Dave and I walked out of that meeting [thinking], ‘Yeah, I don’t think it’s gonna happen.’ And we just really had to be honest with ourselves and preserve the name ‘MEGADETH.’ And also, MEGADETH doesn’t… Our creative days are not over. I mean, we have still music in us. We’re not just a nostalgia act to go play the hits of the glory days. We have a lot of music in us, so here we are with the new record.”

On MEGADETH‘s forthcoming album:

Chris Adler, from LAMB OF GOD, played on it, played drums, who’s a total badass. And you’re gonna hear Chris playing different on this new record than you would hear him in LAMB OF GOD. I talked to Chris. I said, ‘This is gonna be an opportunity for you to broaden your horizons and be more than just who everyone knows you, doing the blast beats and your LAMB OF GOD thing.’ So, musically, for him, I think it was a really good… a great season of maybe growing in some new directions with his drumming, which is great. And Kiko is really… I mean, I didn’t realize back in November when I played with him… I knew he was good, but I didn’t realize how great he is as a… not just a guitar player, but as a musician. I mean, this guy… he’ll walk in a room and go, ‘That’s a G sharp.’ I’m, like,’ What are you talking about?’ He’ll go,’ That note right there. In the middle of those 85 notes, that’s a G sharp…’ [And I’m, like] ‘How did you…?’ Me and Dave are, like, ‘We hate him. This guy’s too good. Get him out of here.’ So, no… But Kiko is just a fantastic… And again, you wonder… We played with some great musicians. I mean, Marty Friedman, there’s a reason why people like him in MEGADETH. He really brought a unique stamp to the sound. He changed the MEGADETH sound in a way that really improved it. And I was sitting there, going, ‘How are we ever gonna get a guy that’s gonna do something like that again?’ And I’ve gotta be honest with you: I think Kiko is that guy.”

On who will play drums for MEGADETH when it’s time to play shows again:

Chris [Adler] is such a fan of MEGADETH. Chris playing with MEGADETH would be like me joining KISS. We’re, like, his favorite band ever and the band that got him into music. I mean, he’s so humbly appreciative of the opportunity and being part of this. And so, anyway, we’ve talked about shows coming up, [and] Chris was, like, ‘Dude, I’ll move anything I can anywhere to try to make it happen; I just wanna play with MEGADETH.’ He may play one show with us and go, ‘That’s it. I’m done. I don’t ever wanna do that again.’ So we’ll find out as it’s coming up. But the goal is Chris would like to play with us as much as possible. And we are still looking to where is the best time to release this new [MEGADETH] record, so as we’re looking at some dates coming up, they’re not necessarily predicated on the new album being out. And I guess it’s kind of cool thing with MEGADETH — we can play shows and not necessarily have to have a new album to go play those [dates].”

David Ellefson question-and-answer session from this year’s Comicpalooza (audio):

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MEGADETH’s DAVID ELLEFSON: We Tried To Make ‘Rust In Peace’ Lineup Reunion Work

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LEATHERWOLF Members Involved In Dispute Over Band Name

Original LEATHERWOLF drummer Dean Roberts and vocalist/guitarist Michael Olivieri have slammed the band’s former members, Carey Howe, Geoff Gayer and Wade Black, for announcing that they were working on a new LEATHERWOLF studio album for a late fall release.

Said Roberts and Olivieri in a statement: “We just wanted to set the record straight regarding a statement/press release that’s been put out there announcing a new LEATHERWOLF studio album featuring former LEATHERWOLF members Carey Howe, Geoff Gayer and Wade Black. Whatever Carey, Geoff and Wade are working on — it will NOT be released under the name LEATHERWOLF! The legal rights to the name LEATHERWOLF lie with the lineup featuring original band members Dean Roberts and Michael Olivieri that recently performed on the Monsters Of Rock cruise and Keep It True festival in Germany.

“It is unfortunate that Carey Howe, the main instigator in all this, is trying to wreak havoc and create the false impression that he, Geoff and Wade are back in LEATHERWOLF, which is not the case. He may have succeeded in hijacking the original LEATHERWOLF Facebook page and YouTube channel, but he will not succeed in hijacking the name LEATHERWOLF as well.

“We ask you to please only consult the official LEATHERWOLF website, www.leatherwolfmetal.com, and Facebook page, www.facebook.com/leatherwolfmetal, for any and all news regarding band activities.”

Gayer and Howe announced over the weekend that they were working on material for the next LEATHWOLF CD, which was also to feature Black on vocals, Pat Guyton on bass and Dan Bruette on drums. At least three songs have already been written and recorded as pre-production versions: “Restless Fate”, “The End” and “Red, White & Black”.

LEATHERWOLF released a live album, “Unchained Live”, in December 2013. The CD was described in a press release as “the first LEATHERWOLF album to feature the lead guitar duo of Rob Math and Greg Erba who are joined by original members, vocalist/guitarist Michael Olivieri and drummer Dean Roberts, and longtime bassist Patrick Guyton.”

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LEATHERWOLF Members Involved In Dispute Over Band Name

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KATAKLYSM: New Song ‘Thy Serpents Tongue’ Available For Streaming

Montreal-based death metallers KATAKLYSM will release new album, “Of Ghosts And Gods”, on July 31 via Nuclear Blast. The cover artwork for the follow-up to “Waiting For The End To Come” was created by up-and-coming dark and macabre artist Art By Surtsey and can be seen below.

The song “Thy Serpents Tongue”, which appears on “Of Ghosts And Gods”, can be streamed below.

Says KATAKLYSM frontman Maurizio Iacono: “The time has come once again, KATAKLYSM on our twelfth studio album and still going strong. We are very proud of this record. It holds the best elements of the band’s career and a completely new vibe and fresh outlook on death metal in 2015. ‘Thy Serpents Tongue’ is the first taste, a sinister dark and groove but melodic track that when it bites you, the poison will take you in and make you travel to the other side.”

According to KATAKYSM, the “cover art echoes a sinister artwork depicting the reality of humanity’s beautifully disturbing existence and its impending death through the mortal and the everlasting. The background shows an ancient Incantation written in Aramaic.”

“Of Ghosts And Gods” track listing:

01. Breaching The Asylum
02. The Black Sheep
03. Thy Serpents Tongue
04. Soul Destroyer
05. Vindication
06. Marching Through Graveyards
07. Shattered
08. Hate Spirit
09. Carrying Crosses
10. The World Is A Dying Insect

Guitarist Jean-François “JF” Dagenais tracked drums, guitars and bass for the album, while vocals were recorded by producer Mark Lewis (WHITECHAPEL, DEVILDRIVER, CANNIBAL CORPSE). The effort was mixed and mastered in the U.K. by British producer Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, EXODUS, AMON AMARTH).

Says the band: “KATAKLYSM has been full of inspiration and are in full determination mode lately; a rejuvenated band that is out to conquer the world with no sign of stopping!

“This promises to be the album that will once and for all establish KATAKLYSM as one of the top pioneers of the genre!

“The latest material will be touching on some new ground while maintaining the aggressive edge the band has always been known for.

“The chemistry with new drummer Oli Beaudoin is incredible, and the four horsemen promise some crushing new material coming your way. Death metal hymns are arriving!”

KATAKLYSM had one of the busiest year in its entire career supporting “Waiting For The End To Come”. The band launched a successful run in Australia and Japan and made its way to many other countries, including some first-time stops in places like Brazil and South Africa, among others.

“Waiting For The End To Come” was released in October 2013 via Nuclear Blast.

Band photo credit: Stephanie Cabral


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KATAKLYSM: New Song ‘Thy Serpents Tongue’ Available For Streaming

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SLASH: ‘World On Fire’ Performance Clip From ‘Live At The Roxy 25.9.14’ DVD

On September 25, 2014, shortly after the release of their “World On Fire” album, SLASH FEATURING MYLES KENNEDY & THE CONSPIRATORS took the stage at the legendary Roxy Theatre on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.

The atmospheric venue, steeped in rock history, gave fans a brilliant opportunity to experience the band up close as they delivered a set packed with more recent solo tracks, including several from the new album, and classics from Slash‘s earlier career with GUNS N’ ROSES and VELVET REVOLVER. The intimate setting inspired the band to deliver a scintillating, dynamic performance, due for release on June 15 on 3LP set, as well as 2CD, DVD and Blu-ray.

“Live At The Roxy 25.9.14” track listing:

01. Ghost
02. Nightrain
03. Back From Cali
04. You Could Be Mine
05. Rocket Queen
06. Bent To Fly
07. Starlight
08. You’re A Lie
09. World On Fire
10. Anastasia
11. Sweet Child O’ Mine
12. Slither
13. Paradise City

Additional tracks:

01. Stone Blind
02. You’re Crazy
03. Wicked Stone
04. 30 Years To Life

A performance clip of the song “World On Fire”, taken from “Live At The Roxy 25.9.14”, can be seen below.

Speaking about his working relationship with his backing band THE CONSPIRATORSMyles Kennedy (vocals), Brent Fitz (drums), Todd Kerns (bass) and Frank Sidoris (touring guitarist) — Slash told Australia’s Moshcam: “It’s just something that clicked right from the very beginning. Initially, Myles and I just had that spark, sort of a creative connection, from the very, very beginning. And that’s something that’s established; it always happens when we work together. And then, with Brent and Todd, it’s the same kind of thing where we just have a really great writing and performing and recording chemistry, where everybody just really digs what we are about individually and collectively, and it just works.”

Asked if he thinks more in terms of being a solo artist or as a bandmember, Slash said: “I don’t think I ever really thought in terms of solo artists, per se. Ever since I first started playing guitar, I’ve always been drawn to the band dynamic. But being in a position to steer it where I want it to go, and be more of a captain of the ship was how it first started. And at this point, now that we’ve been working together for a while, it definitely has turned very much into a band. But all if do is spearhead it.”

Slash recently told Classic Rock magazine that he has “already started working” on material for the follow-up to “World On Fire”.

“On the road is the platform that I find is the easiest for me to work on new material,” he said. “It’s easier here than it is for me to do when I’m at home. So I just get going. I take my phone and I record ideas on the phone and then we jam stuff at soundchecks; when we have soundchecks. So we compile a bunch of ideas, and then when the tour is over, we go home and, sort of, hash them out.”

“World On Fire” sold around 29,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 10 on The Billboard 200 chart. The CD arrived in stores on September 16, 2014 via Slash‘s own label Dik Hayd International distributed through Roadrunner Records (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America).

“World On Fire” is the second album to feature Slash‘s regular backing band, MYLES KENNEDY & THE CONSPIRATORS, and follows up 2012’s “Apocalyptic Love”, which sold around 38,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 4 on The Billboard 200 chart.

Slash‘s self-titled debut album scored the highest new entry on The Billboard 200 chart in April 2010, with first-week U.S. sales of around 60,000 copies.

On Slash self-titled solo effort he employed a different vocalist on each track, before settling on ALTER BRIDGE member Kennedy for both touring and eventually recording.


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SLASH: ‘World On Fire’ Performance Clip From ‘Live At The Roxy 25.9.14’ DVD

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KADAVAR To Release ‘Berlin’ Album In August

Berlin, Germany-based classic rock overlords KADAVAR have completed work on their third album, “Berlin”. The CD was recorded over the last four months and will be released on August 21 via Nuclear Blast.

Commented KADAVAR drummer Tiger: “About ten years ago, when we — independently of one another — moved to Berlin, we just wanted to break free from home and do something new. I thought it was comfortable, to blend in and just live from day to day. A lot of very long nights and so many completely different people at one place. Where there are opposites you can always ground yourself.

“We’re all different, come from different places but have managed to create something together we all like.

“I think the Berlin lifestyle has influenced our band very much and therefore fits perfectly as the album’s title.”


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KADAVAR To Release ‘Berlin’ Album In August

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According to The Pulse Of Radio, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS vocalist Chester Bennington revealed in a new interview with A-Sides that the band considered changing its name after it dismissed original singer Scott Weiland and began working with Bennington in early 2013. Bennington explained (see video below): “We did talk about maybe changing the name of the band, and just doing something new. Honestly, my thing was like, why give up what you guys have worked so hard on? This is your legacy, you don’t have to give it up just because one person didn’t do things the way that everybody wanted them to go, didn’t do things everybody planned. We should be able to move forward.”

Bennington continued, “I mean, where is the music coming from in the first place? There’s no question when you hear the new music that it’s STONE TEMPLE PILOTS. Why? Because it’s coming from the guys who write the music. It’s coming from the source. So, when the source is there, then it’s still pure.”

Bassist Robert DeLeo told The Pulse Of Radio not long ago that keeping STP going after changing frontmen was never in question. “From the beginning, it wasn’t ‘Hey, let’s together and write a song’ or ‘Hey, let’s get together and do this show.’ It was ‘Hey, let’s get together and continue STONE TEMPLE PILOTS with a lot of integrity,'” he said. “That’s really what the intent was. It’s something that Eric [Kretz, drummer] and Dean [DeLeo, guitar] and myself have worked at for a long time, and we’ve been trying to hold up the whole integrity of this band for a long time.”

STP dismissed Weiland in February 2013, claiming that his erratic behavior held back the band’s career. The two parties exchanged lawsuits which have since been settled.

STP recruited Bennington that spring and have so far cut one EP, “High Rise”, with the LINKIN PARK singer. A new album is due out later this year.

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS‘ next round of tour dates will begin on September 15 in Cleveland.

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