Bizarre Premieres New Song & Lyric Video “Psyche”

After announcing changes in their line-up, spanish death metal band Bizarre has now launched a single track in form of a lyric-video which shows their development featuring new vocalist and bassist, which serves as an appetizer for their upcoming debut album for 2018.

The new song is entitled “Psyche” and you can watch the video below.

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Moribundo Debuts New Song “Suicidio Ilustrado” From Upcoming New Album “Raíz Amarga”

Death / doom metal band from Spain Moribundo debuts a new song entitled “Suicidio Ilustrado”, taken from the upcoming new album “Raíz Amarga” (Spanish for “Bitter Root”), which will be jointly released by the Russian labels Satanath Records and More Hate Productions on June 18.

Check out now “Suicidio Ilustrado” below.

Raíz Amarga features cover art by the talented César Valladares (Asphyx, Necropsy, Nominon, Anatomia). It was recorded and mixed by Evilead at Bizarre Sounds Studio (Spain), and mastered by Hiili Hiilesmaa at Yellow House Studio, Finland (Swallow the Sun, Moonspell, Amorphis, Sentenced).

01. Vida
02. Antitesis
03. Suicidio Ilustrado
04. Luz (Ciego Color)
Length – 34:47

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Spiritus Mortis Posts Full “The Year is One” Album Online

Finland’s Spiritus Mortis is back with a vengeance and today the entirety of new album, “The Year is One,” has come online. The album is set for international release on November 11th via Svart Records.

Seven years have passed since Spiritus Mortis’ previous offering, “The God Behind The God,” also the band’s first featuring ex-Reverend Bizarre vocalist Albert Witchfinder. Now on a fourth album, “The Year Is One” is a mirror to your childhood’s occult fantasies.

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New Album “A Dream-Letter To The Witches Of Western Europe” Announced By Fury N Grace

Its been five years since Italian progressive metal act Fury N Grace released the 2011 sophomore album “Diabolism of Conversation.” The band is back and has a new album entitled “A Dream-Letter To The Witches Of Western Europe,” which is set to drop in September via Underground Symphony Records.

The album was produced and arranged by Fury N Grace and engineered by Davide Colombo at Diana Studios. The bass was engineered by Marco Coti Zelati and the album was mixed and mastered by Federico Pennazzato at Music Ink.

“A Dream-Letter To The Witches Of Western Europe” is a horror tour de force celebrating everything monstrous: the third and finest effort finds the band reaching a creative peak of weirdness and intensity, taking their vision a step farther toward dementia and venom. Filled to the brim with the bizarre imagery of the lyrics, instrumental intricacies, menacing atmospheres and doomy vibes, the album features a stunning new singer with bluesy depth and potency, Franco Campanella (Spanking Hour). It is a strong and uncompromising musical statement, an enigmatic and ominous gem.

The album features guest performances by Fango DUmatt Gigerz, John Llewellyn Probert, Maurizio Savini, Davide Colombo, Federico Binelli, Gabriele Ferrario, D.F.Lewis, Matt Giuliani, Ian James Parker, Silvia Gadina, Marco Di Lucca and Marco Candela.

The cover artwork (shown below) was designed by Arnaldo Di Carrara III. The track list is as follows:

1. Grand Guignol (it takes Tragic Hearts to believe in Tragic Monsters)
2. The Ossuary
3. Night of the Mandibles
4. Ultima Weapon
5. A Dream-Letter to the Witches of Western Europe
6. Dark Companions (to Ramsey Campbell)
7. Nuove Frontiere del Delitto
8. Gloria in Excelsis Baphometo
9. The Effects of Blackness Moderated
10. The Secrecy of Small Creatures with Six Legs

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Bizarre Posts “Fleshless” Lyric Video

Spanish death metal band Bizarre just unleashed an official lyric video for the track “Fleshless,” taken from debut EP “Inner Necropolis.”

Bizarre features members from Onorophagus, Famishgod, and Elderdawn. “Inner Necropolis” was released back in March 2016 through Xtreem Music.

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Bizarre Reveals “Inner Necropolis” EP Release

Spanish death metal band Bizarre just finished the recordings of debut mini CD “Inner Necropolis” and has revealed the cover artwork (by Raúl González), track listing, and advance song “Damp Earth.”

“Inner Necropolis” was recorded and later mixed & mastered at Moontower Studios by Javi Félez, getting a truly dark, heavy and rotting sound for this Bizarre’s debut release. Due out in March via Xtreem Music, the track listing is as follows:

1. Dying Existence (intro)
2. Damp Earth
3. Asphyxiating Dark Memories
4. Moldy and Decomposed
5. Fleshless
6. Inner Necropolis

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New Album “Lord Of Misrule” Detailed By Blood Ceremony

In a tradition that dates back to Late Antiquity, the “Lord Of Misrule” or “Abbot Of Unreason” was the doomed figure elected to preside over the Feast Of Fools, an annual Saturnalian bacchanalia in which masters became servants and servants masters, while drunken revelry and strange entertainments pervaded Britain and parts of mainland Europe for 30 days. At the end of the month’s festivities, the Lord of Misrule’s throat was cut in sacrifice to Saturn.

Taking its title from this fascinating slice of religious history, Blood Ceremony’s fourth album evokes pagan rites and the bizarre mystical underbelly of rural Britain. Embracing the psychedelic and progressive in their indelible songcraft, guitarist Sean Kennedy, bassist Lucas Gadke, drummer Michael Carrillo and triple threat vocalist/flautist/organist Alia O’Brien have created what Kennedy calls “a very English album,” despite the band’s very Canadian heritage. Recorded to analogue tape with producer Liam Watson at Toe Rag Studios in London, Lord Of Misrule possesses a timeless quality within the rock epoch: It could stand alongside a Shocking Blue or Deep Purple record as easily as it will take its place among 2016’s finest albums.

“Lord of Misrule” conjures a lush atmosphere in which the pastoral horror of “The Wicker Man” and the Scottish ballad of “Tam Lin”-as viewed through the lens flare of Ava Gardner’s witchy turn in 1970’s The Devil’s Widow-are alchemized into songs of seduction and mortality. “There’s no defining concept running through the album, unless one can imagine a lord of misrule offering each song as a different entertainment,” Kennedy says. “The lyrics tend to deal, in different measure, with obsession, love and death.”

“Lord of Misrule” will be released March 25th via Rise Above Records.

The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. The Devil’s Widow
2. Loreley
3. The Rogue’s Lot
4. Lord of Misrule
5. Half Moon Street
6. The Weird of Finistere
7. Flower Phantoms
8. Old Fires
9. Things Present, Things Past

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Death Metal Bird Song Takes Flight

It’s finally happened… we have a death metal project based entirely around the subject of bird watching.

Bill “Cuckoo Braaaaains” Barnes is pleased to announce he has started writing his debut album “Anally Fisting Your Moms With a Bluebird House” with his bird-watching, misanthropic death metal crossover project, Death Metal Bird Song.

He expects to complete the album in the autumn when the bird migration starts. So far he is completing work on gore-drenched songs about carrion eaters, cum peckers, tits (human and avian) nest robbers, the black bird apocalypse, dog attacks, venomous critters, all the while hailing death metal legends such as Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Unleashed, Morbid Angel, Morgoth and many more.

Barnes is cousins with Six Feet Under singer Chris Barnes and learned many of his vocal techniques from this family member. Cuckoo Braaaaains dwells in the back woods of Texas where he enjoys watching videos of humans die (“Traces of Death II” is his favorite film), observing and photographing birds, smoking grass and just communing with nature. He is a misanthrope who only likes birders and metal heads and rarely leaves his hovel, mostly just to buy more pot.

Death Metal Bird Song plays brutal death metal with slammin’ TXDM parts, but also hails other styles of music such as black metal. Barnes loves Norwegian black metal, respecting the artists’ never ending hate for humanity and acknowledgement of nature’s divine wisdom. He is working on mimicking the calls from Texas’ state bird in a schizophrenic mash up of jazz and classical inspired death metal.

Barnes hates humanity for what they’ve done to the earth; however, he hopes his music will appeal to both birders and death metal fans. If anyone calls him a bird nerd, though, he says he will split them down the middle with his buck knife and use their hide for the drum kit he’s constructing.

You can follow the latest on this bizarre project at Facebook here.

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Bizarre Signs With Xtreem Music To Release New EP

The Spanish death metal newcomers from Bizarre have signed to Xtreem Music for the release of their upcoming debut mini CD as well as future albums.

Formed in summer 2015, Bizarre features members Evilead (Elderdawn), Funedëim (Famishgod, Dis Gob), Uretra (Onirophagus) and Obszen (Kuroi Oni). The band recently recorded a demo-track of the song “Moldy and Decomposed” that will be included on 5-song debut EP “Inner Necropolis” to be recorded in January 2016 at famous Moontower Studios in Barcelona, with artwork done by Raúl González.

Xtreem Music comments:”The style of Bizarre is a totally old school driven death metal that blends brutality and melody in equal parts and firmly rooted in the early 90’s Finnish scene with influences from bands like Adramelech, Demigod, Demilich, Cartilage… but adding some extra touches from bands like Anasarca, Intestine Baalism, and Grave.”

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Hail Spirit Noir Inks Deal With Dark Essence Records

Norway’s Dark Essence Records just signed a deal with Greek psychedelic black metal trio Hail Spirit Noir. The label comments:

“Formed in Thessaloniki in 2010, Hail Spirit Noir’s lineup is composed of Haris (Transcending Bizarre) on Synths, Theoharis (Transcending Bizarre, Rex Mundi) on guitars and vocals, and J Demian (Blackdrawn, Dol Ammad) on bass and acoustic guitars.

“The band’s debut full-length album ‘Pneuma’ was released on Code666/Aural Music in 2012, followed by the sophomore album ‘Oi Magoi’ in 2014. Describing their sound as ‘retro, yet modern,’ Hail Spirit Noire is currently working on a 3rd full length album, which will be released on Dark Essence Records on a date as yet to be specified.”

According to the band, the upcoming release will be “a psychoprog black metal album of trippy melodies and satiric ecstasy.” Stay tuned for more details.

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