Impure Wilhelmina Posts New Song “Great Falls Beyond Death”

Impure Wilhelmina today premieres the first track taken from new album, “Radiation,” which has been slated for release on July 7th. Regarding the new song, Impure Wilhelmina comments:

“We have chosen the opening track ‘Great Falls Beyond Death’ of our new full-length entitled ‘Radiation’ for the first premiere. The song starts with an easy melody line and a massive guitar that both evolve into a more dark and twisted tune.

“The vocals grow steadily more epic until the song coalesces into its melancholic finale – evoking fatalism, fanaticism, ignorance, and the fear of death. We see it as a perfect way to start the journey towards our new album – to take-off and then fall through an uncharted musical radiation.”

1. Great Falls beyond Death
2. Sacred Fire
3. Child
4. Torn
5. We Need a New Sun
6. Meaningless Memories
7. Bones and Heart
8. By Ravens and Flies
9. Murderers
10. Race with You

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Kyy Premieres New Song “Legio Serpenti” From Upcoming New Album “Beyond Flesh – Beyond Matter – Beyond Death”

Finnish black metal unit Kyy premieres a new song entitled “Legio Serpenti”, taken from the upcoming debut album “Beyond Flesh – Beyond Matter – Beyond Death”, which will be out in stores November 4th via Saturnal Records.

Check out now “Legio Serpenti” below.

Says Kyy about “Legio Serpenti”:

“An invocation for opening the gates for the Destructive Forces of the Other Side in forms of ultimate servitude to the Nameless One. Legio Serpenti is indeed a hymn containing the very essence of the band, tied to its very roots – no wonder it was chosen as the most suitable opener for the album. Igne Natura Renovatur Integra!”

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Nocturnal Hollow Streaming New Track “Spawn Of The Possessed”

Today the death metal cult Nocturnal Hollow premieres new track “Spawn of the Possessed” online. The track hails from the band’s third album, “Deathless and Fleshless,” set for international release on May 2nd via Underground Movement.

“Deathless and Fleshless” contains 10 anthems of old school death metal featuring an absolutely crushing production and a mastering job performed by Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity/Bloodbath). The album’s track listing is as follows:

1. Spawn of the Possessed
2. As Blood Flows
3. The Incantation of Astaroth
4. Devilish Blood
5. Necromantial Sin
6. The Crypt
7. The Blackest Sorrow
8. Beyond Death
9. Hammer of God
10. Your Curse…Your Death

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Gouge Streaming New Track “Breath Of The Reaper”

Today the Norwegian death metal upstarts from Gouge premiere the new track “Breath of the Reaper” online. Listen in below.

The track hails from Gouge’s debut album, “Beyond Death,” set for international release on March 24th via Hells Headbangers. The track listing is as follows:

1. Wretched Passion
2. Breath Of The Reaper
3. I Smell Of Rotten Death
4. Blood Feast
5. Putrefaction
6. Butcher Attack
7. Morbid Curse
8. Malady Macabre
9. Uncontrollable Madness
10. Chaos And Horror
11. Devils Debt
12. Beyond Death

Beyond Death by GOUGE

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Tyrants Streaming New Songs Online

Italian black/thrash metal act Tyrants has posted several new songs online for streaming. Head over to the band’s Facebook profile or MySpace music page to check out the following newly uploaded tracks:

Beyond Death

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